Best Drinks To Mix With Fireball

20 Drinks To Mix With Fireball That Bring It To The Next Level

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Have you ever tasted Atomic Fireball candies? You'll remember its taste when you drink Fireball whiskey. This Canadian flavored whiskey is very sweet and gives a burst of cinnamon and spice flavors. It is often taken as a shot and is a team player with other drinks.

If you're looking for ideas on drinks to mix with Fireball whiskey, look no further. This list has something for everyone to make classic cocktails and new, innovative beverages.

Without further ado, let's discover some amazing combinations featuring Fireball whiskey!

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Our Top Picks

Apple Cider
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Best for Tangy Cocktails - Apple Cider

Spicy, tangy, and sweet
Numerous cocktail variations
Great for fall and winter

Best Spice and Fizz Addition - Ginger Beer / Ginger Ale

Adds bubbles to drinks
Complementary spice flavors
Makes any bold and flavorful cocktails

RumChata Original Horchata Con Ron
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Best Sweet Mixer - Rumchata

Adds a creamy texture
Easy to make
Versatile flavors

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Favorite Mixer for Holidays - Eggnog

Creamy & velvety
Great mixer for Christmas cocktails or drinks

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey
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Best Alcoholic Mixer - Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

Butterscotch and oaky aroma
Long, rich caramel finish
Crafted from the finest ingredients

Drinks to Mix with Fireball

1. Apple Cider - Best for Tangy Cocktails

A cup of warm apple cider with cinnamon and apples
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Adding some alcohol to your apple cider takes it from great to extraordinary! The complex flavors of this drink almost taste like having an entire slice of fruit inside the glass, which is perfect for those warm fall nights.

Apples and cinnamon are undeniably a dynamic duo, so it's not much of a surprise to see both flavors in a cocktail. But if you're still having doubts, try the Fireball Cider Cocktail and see for yourself!

The spiciness of the Fireball is gracefully balanced out by the sweet qualities common in apple ciders. You can also add ginger ale for fizz and added flavor or lemon juice for acidity for this beverage. You can also substitute the apple cider with apple juice for a delicious Apple Pie on the Rocks Cocktail.

2. Hard Seltzer

Glass of Hard Seltzer with a lime twist
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Hard seltzer tastes refreshing and smooth and has enough alcohol content that gets you feeling lively. Most options contain natural fruit flavors like lemon or lime, making it a good mixer for a cinnamon whiskey.

It adds extra flavor, ABV, and bubbles! They're pretty low on calories and carbs, so it's a great option if you want to lie low. A highball spin-off would make a great recipe. Instead of whiskey, try the Fireball and seltzer cocktail!

This version would be sweeter since Fireball and hard seltzers have sweetness in them. However, the fruity flavors in hard seltzers would also smoothen the whiskey's spiciness.

3. Cola

Pouring coca-cola into glasses with ice
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Whiskey and Coke might be an already famous pair, but Fireball takes it up another notch. The heat of the Fireball whiskey cuts through all those familiar flavors in the cola nicely while still leaving its mark on your palate with an effervescent feel.

The Fireball whiskey is a classic drink and so easy to make too! All you need to do is mix Fireball, coca-cola, a couple of ice cubes, and voila! If you want to improve your game during summer, you can always try the Fireball cola slush.

4. Lemonade

Mug of Lemonade with halved lemons by the lake
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Whether you're looking for a vibrant drink to ward off the summer heat or want something special at your next party, the Fireball and lemonade duo never disappoints!

The Pink Lemon Fireball Whiskey is worth trying since it's not your average cocktail if you want a new twist on a favorite. This sweet and spicy whiskey drink has a balance of flavors that will leave you wanting more. The Grenadine adds an extra touch and color, as does the fresh lemon accent for acidity in each sip.

5. Coffee

Coffee cup and sack of coffee beans
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We all know that coffee is a delicious drink alone, but did you know that it can be tastier with the addition of some alcohol, like Fireball whiskey?

The distinct qualities in the alcoholic beverage contribute spices, especially cinnamon flavoring, to the coffee's strength and make for an exciting flavor profile.

The Fireball Butterscotch Coffee is a famous "Fireball and coffee" duo among caffeine lovers. You'll need four ingredients to develop this drink: Fireball Whiskey,  Butterscotch Schnapps, French Vanilla Creamer, and Coffee. For garnish, you can use whipped cream and a cinnamon stick.

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6. Cream Soda

A glass of cream soda fireball cocktail with cream soda can
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The combination of Fireball Whiskey and cream soda makes a magical liquid that imitates your favorite cinnamon rolls' rich, creamy flavor profile in a sudden burst. The alcohol adds warmth to sear off all those excess calories from this perfect treat!

To create the Fireball Shot recipe, you'll need Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, cream soda, whipped cream, and grated nutmeg for garnish. Fill a shot glass with Fireball and cream soda, about 3/4 ounce of each, top it with whipped cream and add some nutmeg for finishing touches.

7. Tea

Ice tea fireball cocktail beside iced tea
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Whiskey and tea may not seem like the peanut butter and jelly in the world of Fireball cocktails at first, but perhaps that's just because you haven't tried them together. Whisky and tea actually go together like well-aged lovers.

The Fireball Hot Toddy is a testament to this fantastic combination. Using sweet iced tea would make a refreshing take on this nighttime drink. You can also use bottled ice tea and add freshly squeezed orange juice to come up with the Fireball Orange Sweet Tea.

This tasty cinnamon-laced cocktail is a refreshing cold drink perfect for summer and fall. It tastes just like the delicious sweet teas you love!

8. Root beer

Mug of root beer cocktail with root beer can
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When you want a spicy, flavor-packed cocktail that will wake up your taste buds and make them tingle with delightfully chilly satisfaction, combine Fireball and root beer. This mix is trendy among bar patrons and clubbers where Fireball Whiskey reigns as king.

The Fireball Root Beer cocktail never fails to satisfy Fireball and root beer fans. Aside from being delicious, it doesn't take a lot of effort to make. The recipe is only composed of two ingredients already mentioned in the name!

9. Orange Soda

Orange soda beside an orange cocktail
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Whiskey and orange soda go together like bread on toast because of the natural sweetness in both. The fruity flavors from a juicy segment of this fruit help balance out some bitterness from your drink while also adding another layer for taste buds to explore!

Orange may be the more popular mixer for Fireball, but adding club soda is another way to enhance the flavor! Try pouring a shot of Fireball into a glass and top it with an equal amount of club soda and orange juice.

10. Cranberry Juice

Glass of cranberry juice with a cranberry juice bottle
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Cranberry and cinnamon are two flavors that scream holidays! Cranberry is a good source of astringency if you want the said quality in a Fireball drink. It would also make the cocktail look as lively as it tastes because of the red color.

If you want to enjoy a Fireball and cranberry drink by yourself, you can always try the Fireball & Cran, which is very easy to make. If you're serving a group of people, maybe you'd like the Thanksgiving Punch, which is made with apple cider, cranberry juice, ginger beer, triple sec, and you can add Fireball whiskey.

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11. Eggnog - Favorite Mixer for Holidays

Christmas eggnog drinks on a wooden tray
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Another fantastic Christmas drink to mix with Fireball is eggnog. The famous cinnamon whiskey is a fantastic base for this classic holiday drink. It gives eggnog more warm spices and sufficient sweetness to make your holiday more festive.

The Fireball eggnog is an easy recipe with less than ten ingredients needed, so it's worth making at Christmas! If you have these ingredients, then you're good to go: Fireball, eggnog, amaretto, vanilla schnapps, ice, and ground cinnamon to use as garnish. Pair it with apple pie for a lovely afternoon snack.

12. Lemon-lime soda

Lemon-lime soda with fresh lemons and limes
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Mixing Fireball with limeade and lemon-lime soda may seem like an unlikely combo, but once you try it for yourself, we bet that this unique combination will become one of your favorites. The result will be a drink that's spicy, sweet, and fits the summer vibe!

You can try the Fireball Whiskey Punch at your home bar with Fireball Whiskey, Lemon-lime soda, and apple juice concentrate.

13. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey - Best Alcoholic Mixer

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey
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Both Fireball and Buffalo Trace bourbon belong in the whiskey family. In addition, Buffalo Trace is also owned by the same company that owns Fireball—the Sazerac Company!

Anyone who has tasted this bourbon says it's smooth on the palate and has well-balanced qualities. Moreover, this spirit is crafted from premium ingredients such as corn, rye, and barley.

Buffalo Trace's brown sugar and spice notes meld beautifully with Fireball's cinnamon sweetness. Together they make a great team. Make the "Buffalo Balls" cocktail and see for yourself!

14. Pineapple Juice

Glass of pineapple juice beside a whole pineapple
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Fireball is a well-loved whiskey. On the other hand, pineapple juice has been a favorite of juice sippers around the world. If you've wondered what mixing these two iconic drinks tastes like, take this as a sign to do it!

A cocktail with Fireball and pineapple juice is something you shouldn't miss! The acidity and vibrancy present in pineapples would add extra layers of elements to the drink.

One cocktail you should most definitely try is the "Sunset Fire." It's made with white rum, pineapple juice, grenadine, and Fireball.

15. Chila Orchata

Chila Orchata

Chila Orchata is closely similar to Fireball whiskey. Both drinks are dominant with cinnamon, plus both have spicy qualities. But since Chila Orchata is creamy, mixing it with Fireball will result in a smooth, sweet drink.

The "Cinnamon Toast" is a Chila Orchata and Fireball concoction served chilled and poured in shot glasses. You can also make it a cocktail by adjusting the proportions and adding ice.

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16. Energy Drink

Glass and cans of Energy Drink
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An energy drink and Fireball mixture is one sure blasting way of waking your spirits up! It will double the energy you never thought you had, and it'll make you ready to take on whatever challenge.

The high doses of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks alone are enough to make anyone feel euphoric. Imagine the adrenaline if it's added with the whiskey intoxication!

If you want to have a blast for a Friday night party, the "F-Bomb" is what you need! In a glass of energy drink, drop in a shot of Fireball and drink up!

17. Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer - Best Spice and Fizz Addition

Glasses of ginger beer with lime and mint
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There are many delicious ginger beer cocktails because of the drink's nice spice flavor profile. You can also add ginger beer to your Fireball experience for an extra kick of spice.

The two make a passionate combo that hits all areas from the head, neck, and down into our stomach, where they'll stay long after each sip! You can also make homemade ginger beer for a more intense ginger flavor.

If you're not all about the spiciness, you can try to mellow out the Fireball with ginger ale. The whiskey and ale go together like two sides of a coin because the ale's lightness and sweetness offset the spiciness from the alcohol.

18. Hot Chocolate

Pouring tasty cocoa drink into a mug on a table
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A warm mug of hot cocoa cannot fail to get your day started right. But when you add in a spicy cinnamon flavor, it takes it to a whole new level! This is one of the many drinks that is considered a wintertime classic!

For this combination, there are two cocktail recipes we suggest you try - Fireball Hot Chocolate Recipe and Fireball Whiskey White Hot Chocolate.

You'll need milk, half & half, semi-sweet chocolate, nutmeg, and Fireball whiskey for the former. You'll need whole milk, white chocolate chips, whipped cream, cinnamon, and Fireball whiskey for the latter. Enjoy!

19. Carrot Juice

Two glasses of carrot juice with fresh carrots
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It may sound odd when you think of mixing Fireball with carrot juice. But if you’ve forgotten, Fireball also contains sweeteners and spices that can complement carrot juice flavors.

A simple carrot juice and Fireball whiskey concoction are good ways to get acquainted with the unique duo. To do this, mix a 1:2 ratio of Fireball and carrot juice, and add one tablespoon of honey, lemon, and a few ice cubes to balance everything.

The fiery Fireball whiskey warms your mouth with spice, while the cool carrot juice soothes it down just enough to make for an enjoyable experience without being too sharp-tasting.

20. Rumchata - Best Sweet Mixer

RumChata Original Horchata Con Ron
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Fireball and Rumchata are two of the most interesting drinks out there. When they're mixed, you get a cocktail called the "RumBall." This drink is also called Cinnamon Toast Crunch because it tastes like cereal.

But, it is potent; that's why people usually drink it slowly or dilute it with ice cubes. Some people also prefer to have it as a shot.

It has all the qualities you'd want in a cocktail—sweet, creamy, not hard on the throat, but intoxicating! This drink is quite delicious and easy to drink despite being heady.

Drinks to Mix with Fireball - What To Look For

If you're a novice in combining Fireball whiskey with different mixers, take note of the following factors, so you know where to start and then proceed to various concoctions.


Fireball is a cinnamon-flavored whiskey with a blend of sweetness and spiciness. Some people describe it as tasting like Big Red gum, Fireball candy, or even graham crackers.  From this flavor profile, you can compare it to the taste of a particular mixer and assess if the combination would work.

Since Fireball bursts with cinnamon flavor, it makes sense why it would go well with chocolate or a creamy mixer. Furthermore, since it is also whiskey-based, it would go well with fruit juices and carbonated beverages. No matter what mixer you choose, remember that Fireball is already sweet, so be careful with your combinations so the final cocktail won't be cloying.

Type of Drink

We can establish two main groups among the mixers above: carbonated and non-carbonated. The former group tends to add sweetness and a bit of flair with their fizzy attribute. On the other hand, the latter provides a deeper flavor and color to enhance the Fireball.

You can also notice that the mixers either have a simple or complex flavor profile. For example, juices and sodas are pretty straightforward compared to bourbon or Chila Orchata. What you choose depends on what drink you intend to make or what flavor you want to achieve.


Most mixers are affordable and readily available in your nearby stores. However, a handful costs more, such as the bourbon. There are also mixers that you may deem to be better when you make them yourself, like eggnog and hot chocolate. 

Making homemade mixers would require multiple ingredients, thus higher costs. Ultimately this factor depends on your resources and the quality you want for your mixer.

Fireball Mixers FAQ

1. What are the best ways to drink Fireball?

It depends on one's taste or the occasion. Fireball is great for sipping either neat or with ice. However, it showcases its versatility when incorporated with mixers such as the ones above, which is why most drinkers use it for cocktails more.

2. What should I know when incorporating Fireball with other ingredients?

Fireball is packed with sweetness, so when mixing other ingredients with it, try to balance the flavors to tone down the sweetness a bit or complement it.

Also, when mixing, practice restraint by incorporating just the right amount of ingredients in a cocktail so no flavor will overlap. You still have to let the Fireball shine since it's the base alcohol. The mixers are added to enhance it and create a delicious mixed drink. 

3. Does adding mixers to Fireball reduce the alcohol content?

Mixers don't necessarily reduce the Fireball's alcohol content, but they can reduce the cocktail's ABV. However, a few studies say that combining carbonated mixers with alcohol increases the rate of breath/blood alcohol concentration, meaning the drinker gets drunk quicker than drinking the alcohol neat.


Many liquors, such as vodka, pair well with numerous mixers. Fireball whiskey is no different, as seen in the list above. With its sweet and cinnamon flavor profile, it is easy to see why this works with so many drinks with surprising flavor combinations.

We hope this has helped you give you new insight into which beverage might be best for your palate next time you enjoy an ice-cold glass of Fireball whiskey!

Which drink do you think is the perfect pairing with Fireball? Which one surprised you the most?  We'd appreciate knowing your opinions in the comments below.

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