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42 Best Manly Drinks To Celebrate Father's Day

Best Manly Drinks To Celebrate Father's Day

Father's day is coming up, which means you need to know what type of drinks men would want on the big day. In this blog post, we will go over some of the best manly drinks for father's day.

If your dad likes whiskey, he will love these types of drinks with a bit more kick than usual. However, if your dad has been craving something with a little more spice and flavor lately, then we recommend trying one of these cocktails that will give him just what he needs.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Pop Culture

1. Vodka Martini

Vesper Martini and James Bond

It would be sacrilegious to talk about the best manly drinks and not mention James Bond, the epitome of “manly,” and his favorite drink, the Vodka Martini. 

In the original Ian Fleming novel, Bond orders the drink like this: "Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel." No man can take a sip of a Vodka Martini without feeling like Sean Connery.

Here’s a quick video of how to make a Vodka Martini:

How to Make a Vodka Martini | Cocktail Recipes - YouTube

2. Blue Margarita

Breaking Bad Blue Margarita

This Breaking Bad-inspired Blue Margarita was created by Morgan Eisenberg @hostthetoast (that’s right — her last name is one letter short of Heisenberg). 

She first thought of the drink during the show’s heyday, and it’s still being referenced until today because of its pretty color based on Heisenberg’s famous blue “product”. It even has blue ice chips to resemble exactly that. 

It’s one of the rare times a margarita becomes a manly drink because it’s based on a show beloved by guys all over the world. Margarita is still strong, though, so in the words of Walter white: “Tread lightly.”

3. The Adrenaline Shot

Pulp Fiction Adrenaline Shot Cocktail

Guys love Quentin Tarantino movies, and Pulp Fiction is widely regarded as one of his best, spawning countless references that still exist in modern pop culture. One of these references is the scene where John Travolta had to lunge a needle of adrenaline into Uma Thurman’s heart and jolts her screaming furiously back to life. 

This is the inspiration for The Adrenaline Shot courtesy of Jack Howard and Laura Jackson of Bite Club. True to its origin, this mix of Redbull, cherry vodka, and Amaretto will give even the manliest of men that powerful shot of energy with a fruity twist.

4. The Old Fashioned

 Mad Men The Old Fashioned Cocktail

If you’re a suit-wearing, office-dwelling, decanter-loving man, chances are you’re a fan of the 60s-based drama Mad Men. The fictional high-profile Madison Avenue characters in that show sure love their drink, especially Don Draper, the lead character. 

His cocktail of choice is the Old Fashioned, which went from a relatively unknown to a cocktail superstar thanks to the hit show. The drink has several variations, but the OG version used rye whiskey, bourbon, or Irish whiskey. Later on, it included brandy and citrus, and cherry to enhance its appearance and flavor.

5. The French 75

Casablanca French 75

Casablanca takes place mainly inside a nightclub, and in one of the scenes, a guy shows us how to prepare the now-legendary French 75 cocktail, a name inspired by the75mm Howitzer field gun used by the French and the Americans in World War I. 

The gun was famous for its precision and speed, and its cocktail counterpart is said to have that same effect on the senses, making you feel like a dejected lover a la Humphrey Bogart. You may check out this article for the French 75 recipe, among others.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Whiskey

6. Whiskey on the Rocks

Whiskey on the rocks

Perhaps no other drink can make you look like a real man other than a simple pour of whiskey on the rocks. Mark Twain, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne — to name a few — are historical figures who are certified whiskey-lovers. 

No one is quite certain when whiskey first came into existence, but there are records of the drink in Mesopotamia dating back to 2,000 BC. Then there are monastic records from the 13th century saying that monks made whiskey for medicinal purposes. Fast forward to today: should you drink whiskey on the rocks? Science says yes, not because ice lessens the alcohol burn, but because it strengthens the aroma.

7. Steamroller

Steamroller cocktail

Guys love both beer and whiskey, and whoever thought of mixing them into one drink is a genius. The whiskey-and-beer combo is more commonly dubbed as Boilermaker. 

Its modified version, called Steamroller, adds lemon juice, elderflower (particularly St-Germain), and cherry liqueurs on top of the steam beer and rye whiskey. What you get is a nice mixture of fruitiness and strength. This best manly drink is perfect if you want to chug beer and harness the punch right away.

8. The Manhattan

The Manhattan

We know, we know. It just doesn’t look manly at all. And the cherry garnish doesn’t really add to the macho appeal. But don’t let the Manhattan fool you — it is made entirely of alcoholic ingredients, which means no diluting of fruit juices or even seltzer water

The base alcohol presence is strong as it uses whiskey, sweet red vermouth, and bitters. It also requires slight modification; no ice, no water, and no sugar. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it’s not manly. Plus, it has “man” in the name!

9. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

You can count on the Irish because they know how to booze up just about anything. Take Irish Coffee, for example. It’s one of the best manly drinks out there because, well, it’s coffee. 

So, what happens when you mix caffeine with whiskey? You might think the two ingredients will negate each other and confuse your system, but not really. A good amount of alcohol in your Irish Coffee will improve your mood. Use French-pressed ground coffee beans for the full effect, and don’t forget to top everything with heavy cream. Check out this Jameson Whiskey Irish Coffee recipe.

10. The Little Italy

The Little Italy

The Little Italy is a mixture of rye whiskey and sweet vermouth along with cherries. People call it “New York in a glass,” and the drink was the brainchild of Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club bar in New York City.

It’s a variation on the classic Manhattan but a bit more bitter due to the Italian liqueur, Cynar. It’s reasonably easy to make as it only involves mixing all of the ingredients with ice and then straining into the coupe glass.,

11. Whiskey Sour

 Whiskey Sour

Whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. The Whiskey Sour is a pretty basic, shaken drink that can be served either on the rocks or straight up. You will need syrup for the sweetener, just like most cocktails. 

How is this a manly drink? It may not look badass, but it’s very refreshing, especially in the summer, making it more of a home drink for men. 

It’s still whiskey. The taste is a little bit like lemonade, and the lemon makes the whiskey taste a bit more interesting. Sure, it’s bright and colorful, but you’re a sophisticated drinker who values taste more than aesthetics. So go ahead, order one, and flex your muscles on your first sip.

12. Rob Roy

Rob Roy

Another iconic New York City cocktail, the Rob Roy, was first concocted in 1894 by the barkeep at the world-renowned Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. The moniker comes from the operetta Rob Roy, based on the Scottish folk hero, Rob Roy MacGregor, their version of Robin Hood. 

Just like the manly Manhattan cocktail, the Rob Roy is made of Scotch whiskey, sweet vermouth (or dry vermouth), a dash of bitters, and cherry on top.

13. Manly Temple

Manly Temple

Manly Temple is the masculine version of the Shirley Temple but replaces ginger ale with whiskey (that’s right — Shirley, meet Jack) and then mixed with grenadine and Sprite

It’s a stiff drink, despite the misleading pinkish color and Maraschino cherry. Some people use club soda instead of Sprite and garnish it with a lime wheel instead of a cherry. Whichever your preference is, make sure to drink it with lots of ice.

14. Frisco Sour

Frisco Sour

Originally a Prohibition-era drink, the Frisco Sour is a dry yet invigorating cocktail that combines Benedictine with rye whiskey and adds lemon juice. 

It requires a near-perfect balance of rye’s spiciness, the sweet liqueur, and the citrusy taste of lemon to tone the sweetness down. Some mixologists add half an egg white or bitters to give it more texture and flavor.

15. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a super easy cocktail that they used to call in D&S back in the day for its two ingredients: Drambuie and Scotch whiskey. Drambuie is a gold-colored scotch-based liqueur that contains honey, herbs, and spices.

If you think of all the manly whiskey drinks, Rusty Nail would be pretty high on the list and is considered the ultimate Scotch cocktail. Best served on the rocks in a Scotch glass; it is meant to be a sophisticated, slow-sipping drink that's also an excellent after-dinner companion.

16. The Godfather

The Godfather cocktail

Another easy-to-mix manly drink is the Godfather, containing equal parts of amaretto, a sweet Italian liqueur, and Scotch whiskey. It is served on the rocks in — and this is important —  an old-fashioned glass. Best suited for slow sipping, this drink has a smoky flavor that blends perfectly with the sweet and somewhat bitter almond taste of amaretto. 

It’s not clear whether the name has anything to do with the Godfather movies. However, some claim that the cocktail was a favorite of Marlon Brando, who brilliantly portrayed Don Vito Corleone, and that’s good enough for us.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Vodka

17. White or Black Russian

White or Black Russian

The Black Russian is a mix of two parts vodka and one part coffee liqueur. The traditional practice is to pour the vodka over ice cubes or cracked ice in an old-fashioned glass, followed by the coffee liqueur. 

The addition of cream makes it a White Russian and has spawned several iterations. The fact that vodka is its base alcohol is why it’s called “Russian,” even though its origin has zero connection to Russia.

18. Bloody Mary

 Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary cocktail is a mixture of tomato juice and vodka, served in a highball glass. Although it’s a trendy cocktail, it does not appeal to everybody, giving room for many Bloody Mary recipe variations to suit one’s taste. 

Other flavorings and garnishes typically added to the cocktail include but are not limited to salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. These variations make it a rather complex cocktail and one of the best manly drinks based on vodka. It’s an excellent cure for hangovers, too!

19. Blue Kamikaze

 Blue Kamikaze

Kamikaze means “divine wind” in Japanese. It’s made of equal parts lime juice, triple sec, and vodka. Historians claim that the recipe originated with American GIs at the Yokusuba military base during World War II. 

The name alone is very machismo, and just a couple of shots while remaining on your feet is a truly manly task. Why Blue Kamikaze? Because it’s blue, and it’s way cooler. Use 1 part of blue curacao to achieve the color. Serve the drink either in a Martini glass or a highball and garnish with a slice of lemon.

20. Bloody Bull

 Bloody Bull

Here’s a weird one for all the tough guys out there: the Bloody Bull. It mixes vodka, tomato juice, lemon, and lime with — wait for it — beef bullion. That’s right. 

It’s basically a Bloody Mary enriched with beef broth and can make for an exciting and unique experience. Use pickled string beans and cracked pepper for garnish. The drink is rumored to have originated at the legendary Brennan's in New Orleans.

21. Greyhound


A Greyhound is a combination of grapefruit juice and vodka (or gin) mixed and served over ice. The recipe first appeared in The Savoy Cocktail Book, a 1930 cookbook by Harry Craddock. 

It wasn't until 1945 that the drink was affectionately dubbed a “Greyhound” in print by Harper's Magazine (the rumored reason for the name is because it was a famous cocktail at Greyhound bus terminals). It has then become one of the best manly drinks around the world. If the glass’s rim has been salted, the drink becomes a Salty Dog (see #27 on this list).

22. Fuzzy Navel

Fuzzy Navel

A Fuzzy Navel is made of half peach schnapps and half orange juice. Turn it into a manly drink; just add vodka (which some people then call Hairy Nave). The name "fuzzy" refers to the tiny hairs found on a peach, and the "navel" refers to navel oranges

It’s like the Screwdriver cocktail, only peach-flavored. There are varying accounts concerning who gets the Fuzzy Navel credit, as it only emerged in prominence in the 80s when mixed drinks became a crazy hit.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Gin

23. Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees

Credited to Austrian-born Frank Meier, bartender of the Hôtel Ritz Paris during the 1920s, the Bee’s Knees is a simple modification of the classic Gin Sour (gin, lemon, sugar) that uses honey instead of sugar. With honey, the drink becomes richer and, in some cases, can mask the taste of substandard gin that was everywhere at the time. 

Today, different modern gin variations, especially those imbued with citrus and florals, will bring out the lemon and honey notes of the cocktail. There’s a reason why the expression “bee’s knees” means “of excellent quality.”

24. Tom Collins

Tom Collins

If you’ve heard of Jerry Thomas, considered by many as the “father of American mixology,” you’ve probably also heard of Tom Collins. It is a popular manly drink with gin as the base alcohol and includes lemon juice, sugar syrup, and carbonated water. 

Tom Collins is typically served in a Collins glass (hence the name) and often garnished with a lemon. This cocktail has seen its fair share of different versions; most of them simply involve changing the base alcohol. For instance, Vodka Collins uses vodka, while Jack Collins uses applejack.

25. Gibson


The Gibson is a popular manly mixed drink made with gin and dry vermouth. It is typically garnished with pickled onion and is considered a cousin of the ubiquitous Martini, which is the same thing only garnished with an olive. 

Both are often served in a Martini glass. Once the onion is added, it takes the drink to a new flavor profile than the Martini. The first recorded creation of a Gibson is from the 1908 book “The World's Drinks And How To Mix Them” by William Boothby.

26. Negroni


A popular Italian cocktail, the Negroni is made of one part gin, one part Vermouth Rosso, and one part Campari, an Italian alcoholic liqueur. It is considered an apéritif, which means it is intended to be served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. 

The Negroni is stirred, not shaken, and made with ice in an old-fashioned or rocks glass and garnished with a slice of orange. This classic manly drink became popular with US soldiers in Italy during WWII, and they liked it so much that they brought it back home.

27. Salty Dog

Salty Dog

A Salty Dog is made of gin and grapefruit juice. It is usually served either in a lowball or highball glass with a salted rim and garnished with a grapefruit slice. Recipe-wise, a Salty Dog is like the Greyhound, with being the only difference. 

To prepare it, wet the rim of a highball glass and dip it in coarse salt. Fill the glass with ice, add the gin (some people use vodka) and grapefruit juice. The drink is credited to George Jessel when he put a salt rim to the Greyhound sometime in the 1950s to add palatability to the cocktail, making the presence of grapefruit less bitter.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Rum

28. Hemingway Daiquiri

Hemingway Daiquiri

While it is also known as an El Papa Doble, the name Hemingway Daiquiri is more commonly used because of its association with the famous author. A Hemingway Daiquiri is a traditional Daiquiri but uses grapefruit juice on top of the line rum, maraschino liqueur, and lime. 

And because it is more visually appealing, red grapefruit is often preferred. The combination creates an intricate drink that doesn’t have the same excessive sweetness that most cocktails are guilty of, making it one of the best manly drinks based on rum.

29. Mojito


Another favorite of Ernest Hemingway, the Mojito, is believed to have originated in Havana, Cuba. 

Several iterations have emerged, from virgin Nojito to the Korean Sojito, but traditionally, the cocktail consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. The sweetness combined with the citrus and herbaceous mint flavors complement the rum and has made the mojito a classic summer cocktail.

30. Hurricane


The Hurricane is one of the best manly drinks because it is both delicious and potent due to the abundance of rum. One might consider this cocktail an introduction to tiki cocktails such as the Mai Tai, which also have complex and often contradicting flavors. 

The Hurricane is made of light and dark rums, passion fruit, orange, and lime juices, simple syrup, and grenadine. Created at the famous Pat O'Brien's bar in the 1940s, this iconic rum cocktail is New Orleans’s pride and remains the go-to drink for residents and tourists alike.

31. Piña Colada

Piña Colada

Only a handful of drinks say "summer" like a Piña Colada. This legendary tropical cocktail is made of light rum, pineapple juice, and coconut cream

It’s so popular you can buy pre-made Piña Coladas anywhere, but it is so much more delicious when you mix yours at home and create your personal summer paradise. There are multiple versions of the drink, but most of them come from Puerto Rico.

32. Jungle Bird

Jungle Bird

The Jungle Bird is another rum tiki cocktail, but the garnish makes it different. It is typically decorated with a pineapple wedge and a cherry to create a "jungle bird" appearance. It also has the addition of Campari to give it just the right touch of bitterness, mixed with the traditional rum, pineapple, and lime.

The Jungle Bird was crafted by Jeffrey Ong inside the Kuala Lumpur Hilton’s Aviary Bar, hence the drink's name. It was said to have been initially served inside a porcelain bird-shaped vessel. Its first book appearance was in “The New American Bartender's Guide” by John J. Poister.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Beer

33. Black and Tan

Black and Tan

A Black and Tan is when you blend dark and pale beer. Because the dark beer has a lower relative density than the bottom beer, they appear layered in a glass. 

To prepare Black and Tan, the pale beer needs to be added first, and then the dark beer poured slowly on top. To prevent the layers from mixing, pour the top layer over an upside-down spoon. Of course, you will use a pint glass and drink it straight up without ice.

34. Snakebite


Remember in 2001 when former US President Bill Clinton was refused a drink at a North Yorkshire pub in the UK and was told it was “illegal"? The beverage he ordered was a Snakebite, which is essentially a cider and lager blend and is quite common in the States. 

Different regional recipes and names exist; for instance, stout beer may be used instead of lager. If you add a dash of blackcurrant cordial, it becomes a Snakebite & Black or a "diesel.” This drink is unappetizing and banned from many bars, raising its notoriety and making it even more manly.

35. Flaming Dr. Pepper

Flaming Dr. Pepper

When you top a shot of amaretto with a combustible liquor such as Bacardi or Everclear, then ignite the alcohol and dunk it into half a glass to extinguish the flame, it’s called a Flaming Dr. Pepper. 

Why the name? Well, because it tastes similar to the soft drink, despite Dr. Pepper not being one of its ingredients. Make sure to use either high-proof rum, absinthe, and grain alcohol for maximum flaming effect and taste. 

The drink was created by Dave Brinks at the Gold Mine Saloon in New Orleans and has been a regular at frat parties since.

36. Michelada 


A Michelada is made with beer, lime juice, sauces, spices, tomato juice, and chile peppers and is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. 

There are numerous variations of this beverage throughout Mexico, and it is known to be a cheap way to turn stocked beer into a fresh, flavorful cocktail. It’s also popular as a hangover cure, just like the Bloody Mary, but using beer in place of vodka. Just don’t call it a Bloody Joseph.

Best Manly Drinks Based on Other Types of Alcohol

37. Red Wine

Red Wine

The traditional thinking is that women tend to drink more wine while men are more into beer. And statistics can back that up. But that doesn’t mean the dudes can’t have nice and quiet wine nights. 

Men also enjoy wine, especially those who are also meat lovers. We all know that wine and steak go together. If that’s your thing, you’re safe to go with popular steak companions such as cabernets and Zinfandel.

If you’re looking for something stronger (around 13-15% ABV), your best bets are with Argentine Malbec, Australian Shiraz, or the California Pinot Noir. If you’re on a budget, there are excellent cheap wine brands, too.

38. Mimosa - Champagne


A Mimosa cocktail is made of champagne and chilled citrus juice (orange juice is the default). It’s often served in a tall champagne flute at brunch, weddings, or first-class plane seats. 

The bubbly and vitamin-packed orange juice increases the delivery of alcohol, and that's what speeds up the process of getting drunk (be warned), so while it looks like a bridesmaid drink, it’s more suited for men. Mimosa is named after the yellow-flowered mimosa plant, Acacia dealbata.

39. Sidecar - Brandy


The Sidecar is made with cognac (a type of brandy), orange liqueur, and lemon juice. Ingredients-wise, this cocktail is most closely related to the older Brandy Crusta, the only difference being the presentation and proportions.

The Sidecar is credited to the world-class Ritz Hotel in Paris and Buck’s Club in London. Regardless of who thought of it first, it’s one of the best manly drinks as early as post-World War I. Make sure to serve it in a big Brandy glass.

40. Sazerac - Absinthe


The Sazerac uses absinthe, cognac, along with a sugar cube and some bitters. This drink’s most notable feature is its preparation, which traditionally involves using two old-fashioned glasses that have been chilled. 

Crushed ice is also used as part of the preparation, but the final drink is often served straight up while leftover ice is strained. The Sazerac is originally from New Orleans, named for the Sazerac de Forge et Fils brand of cognac brandy widely used as its earliest main ingredient.

41. The Adonis - Vermouth


The Adonis is a cocktail based on sherry and vermouth. It was named after the 1884 Broadway show called “Adonis” by William Gill, often cited as the first Broadway musical. 

While the show was in production, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel created this cocktail in its honor. It uses a base of sherry mixed with sweet vermouth and orange bitters. This manly drink is the most popular sherry-based aperitif cocktails in the world.

42. Margarita - Tequila


Ending the list is a classic date-night drink: the Margarita. It’s perfect for guys who want to show a bit of their wild side. The trick is to make sure it’s made classic-style. 

Most bars and restaurants have the sweetened, extra-flavor Margarita, a waste of opportunity to drink a good cocktail. Here’s the classic version: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice served with salt on the rim of the glass. Serve it shaken with ice, blended with ice, or without ice. It’s that simple.


Did you enjoy our list of the world’s best manly drinks? If there’s anything this roundup has taught us, it’s that these beverages don’t have to look masculine for your dad to enjoy them.

If you know any manly drinks that we’ve missed, feel free to share them in the comments!



  • Seabreeze. Despite it’s girly name, it can knock you on your butt.


    Don Hickey

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