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BestHandpicked Gifts For Father's Day

Father’s day is just a few days away and it’s one way to honor the unsung heroes of our homes. Most often, children connect better to mothers since mothers seem easier to talk to than fathers who can be intimidating to their children. Usually seldom seen at home due to their work and other engagements, kids find it easier to establish a good connection to their fathers.

Gratitude and appreciation are two of the most important gifts we can give to our father, spouse, or any significant male in our lives. Knowing what their passions are outside of work makes it easier to pick gifts for them. We grouped these gifts to different possible choices according to men’s passions. 

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For the Handyman Dad

Work is better if you have the right tools. For the handyman dad who loves to putter around the house, a good set of tools will be greatly appreciated. 

Lend a hand without being physically present with this magnetic wristband that is strong enough to hold screws, nails, drill bits, and nuts. Your handyman dad will appreciate this all-around helper that can also be clipped to the belt. 

Helpful review: TV on Your Wall, a very inventive Amazon client loves using this wristband when working on his patio and other projects. He said that the wristband can hold 6 screws, about 5 different screw bits, and over 5 coaxial staples at the same time so he does not have to continue picking these individually from its container. Although it can hold bigger tools like a wire cutter and is especially impressed that it can hold the coaxial staples even with the very small metal part on it. Getting pulled by his metal ladder when using the wristband, he is confident that it can hold smaller tools such as screwdrivers and that the magnets are good enough. 

Show just how complete your love for your dad is with camping tools. This is a serious upgrade to the ubiquitous Swiss knife by adding some very helpful tools such as the hammers, axe, pliers, and wire cutters, especially when camping outdoors or if working on something if your handyman dad cannot get a hold of the regular tools. 

Helpful review: RG, a top 500 reviewer on Amazon said that this tool was a pleasant surprise as he was meaning only to buy a small ax. Although his primary focus was the ax, the additional tools were  very welcome. He had to sharpen the blade of the ax but it was not necessary since it works just fine. He also said not to expect to cut down a whole tree with this small ax or split a log in a single swing. Instead, he had to use another piece of wood to drive the blade deeper into the wood he was chopping. Nevertheless, it did the job and it was a really good tool to have in the emergency bag or if you want to go on a hike. 

Be in style even when stranded and have to do some repairs. The Leatherman Thread Bracelet is TSA-compliant so even when your dad has to cross continents, he can still use his trusty bracelet. 


Helpful reviews: Anthony used the Leatherman tread bracelet as a watch band, although he had to purchase separate treadlinks so he can customize his Samsung S3 Frontier watch without compromising looks and functionality. He has to sacrifice some links that he felt not really important for him in any immediate future. This works great for large guys since you only lose a few treads and not a huge batch of it. 

For the Car Lover Dad

Every dad loves his car and it will always be his pride, especially if it has the right accessories. Get something that will protect your husband or dad while he is out driving so he can come home safe.

Your dad will have nothing to worry about even if he accidentally drained his car battery as long as he has this jumpstarter in his car all the time. Not only that, he can actually check under the hood even if he has trouble at night since it also comes with a 330 lumen LED flashlight, enough to provide him the light he needs. 

Helpful reviews: An Early Reviewer Rewards recipient , Allyven related his experience with the jumpstarter and how it saved him from a dead battery in the middle of nowhere on a dark night. The forgotten jump starter, fully charged but has been sitting in the back of the car for more than 3 months since it was purchased. He was able to hook up the jump starter to the car and the car came to life, with just one dot of charge used from the jump starter. It can be used as a cellphone charger and ironically, the tool that can jumpstart your car can actually be charged in your car! Allyven was so impressed by this tool that he bought a second one and gave it to his parents.

No more messy car, dusty air vents, and smudges on the console and steering wheel with this cleaning gel. What’s more, it can be used multiple times and is biodegradable so you’ll have no issues with it messing the planet. 


Helpful review: Kort recently bought this cleaning gel and said he was glad he tried this product. It worked well in dry, dusty surfaces and removed hair. Although it cannot clean dried-on spills. He further recommended to use a small portion of it and use it in cleaning rather than use the whole batch at once. 

For the Music Lover Dad

Your music-loving dad would want to have music anywhere so give him something for that. A carry-along, all-weather Bluetooth speaker or a vintage turntable can be a good choice. 

For your oldies dad who’s still hung up with vinyl records, give him the delight of his heart by presenting him this wall clock carved out from an old vinyl record. 

Helpful review: An Amazon customer bought this musical instruments wall clock and fell in love with it. She's debating with her conscience if she should keep it for herself or continue with the previous plan to give it as a gift. 

Let your dad stay in the groove even while in the shower with the best-sounding Bluetooth speaker that’s 100% waterproof and submersible he doesn’t have to think of where to put it. 

Helpful review: Always a Mom posted a review and a photo of her Bluetooth speaker installed in the shower. She said that her kids love to listen to their favorite songs while they bathe. Personally, she loves the same as well as taking a call while in the bath as the speaker has that capacity. She can even call the last number on your call list by double-pressing the call button on the speaker. The suction cup is large and able to hold the speaker in place. 

For the Adventurous Dad

For the adrenaline junkie dad, outdoor life will always be his passion. Give him something that he will love using for a long time.

Staying hydrated is a must when your dad’s spending his day outdoors. Now he doesn’t need to lug a gallon of water because all he needs is the 24oz water purifier for global travel and it comes in visibility range so it can be easily spotted when he accidentally loses it.

Helpful review: An Amazon customer and her family spent a month in Kenya with limited water supply from dubious and funky sources. However, they were able to stay hydrated with this water purifier which she refers to as the easiest and the most convenient water purification system ever. 

Whether your dad likes hiking, mountaineering, camping, or fishing, Official EDC Survival Kit is one that he should not go without. Just the tool kit that may spell life and death, especially with the survival blanket that will save your dad from hypothermia in case he gets into the worst situation while outdoors. So many tools to make your trip easier too. 

Helpful review: Cheng, another avid shopper on Amazon said that this is a great survival kit. It comes with the basic tools for the outdoor life but the most important selling point for him is the bonus emergency blanket that will keep him warm even under the elements of the weather. He highly recommends this kit. The knife felt top quality and super sharp, it had a bonus fishing line with small hook and lure, very nice survival cord bracelet with whistle/flint/compass, tactical pen with glass breaking tip, wire saw, multitool card with cord, aluminum whistle, emergency blanket, very decent flashlight, water bottle holder belt loop! All it needed was a topography map to start truly testing all these items.

Don’t let your dad go outdoors without the proper gear especially with the current pandemic and beatdown summer heat with this cooling neck gaiter that he can wear as a mask, headwrap, helmet liner or bandana. It won’t only protect him from the virus, it can also cool him from the scorching sun with its cooling mechanism. 

Helpful review: T Gor, an Amazon customer posted a review of how the cooling neck gaiter saved her day 4 on the hike in the Grand Canyon at a scorching 135 degrees. Her sweat, caught in the gaiter before it evaporated, provided her the cooling effect she needed until she came to a water source where she’d wet her gaiter and used it as a scarf to cool off her body. She said she would recommend it a million times over.

For the Would-be Chef Dad

For the dad who loves to feed his family with his home-cooked meals, these gifts are very thoughtful and well-appreciated, not to mention that the whole family will benefit from it!

Help your dad grow his own herb garden and small vegetables right within his reach, on your counter no less. No need to break his back watering and weeding in this no soil, no mess, no-hassle in-home garden system

Helpful review: Duy enjoyed this garden kit and although the thyme did not sprout the first time, the customer service was very helpful and assured him that he will have the replacement pod for the thyme. Other than the blindingly bright light, he had no issues about this mini hydroponic system. He looks forward to sampling his herbs in the near future. 

The smell of spices after a couple of hours behind the stove is one of the reasons some men don’t take on cooking but for your dad who loves to share good food with you, here’s a bar of metal soap that he can use over and over in the coming years and still remove the scent of garlic on his hands. Talk about awkwardness when he tries to shake hands with his guests only to leave their hands smelling garlicky. 

Helpful review: Action reader, an Amazon customer, thought there is some wizardry in this piece of stainless steel that eliminates the nasty odor of onions, garlic, and shallots. Using the back of the spoon works but this block of metal soap adds allure and magic in the kitchen, not to mention the look of glee on her husband’s face when the smell of onion was gone from his hands in a matter of seconds.

For the Artsy Dad

For the artsy dad, everything is an opportunity to create art. Here are a few suggestions for art lovers like your dad. 

Art really has endless possibilities with this 4-in-1 stylus pen to work with his capacitive screen devices so he can draw anytime inspiration hits him. 

Helpful review: This is a great stylus and is very helpful in the creations of artist Pumibel, a top contributor for drawing on Amazon and she had a good time using it on her sketchbook app on Kindle. Since the parts are within the stylus itself, there is no need to worry about losing some parts. Changing sides when you need the other tool or brush is also helpful and without a fuss. 

No more messy painting jobs even if your dad accidentally drops his anti-gravity paint tray, whether he’s painting your room or an artwork. 

Helpful review: Sameheartbeat, an avid Amazon customer was shocked when he saw the commercial for this paint tray and couldn’t stop himself from ordering one. Turns out, his apprehension was unfounded since he can really hang it on its side while climbing the ladder. It can also be reused many times and the pads can be switched to change paint color. It can also be used with a roller or paintbrush so it is very convenient.

Get into calligraphy and help free your dad’s mind of stress in this fast-paced world. Even if he is new to this art, it does not really matter since anyone can learn it when one puts his mind into it. 

Helpful review: A Kindle Customer who is a pro calligrapher said this calligraphy set is not her usual nib and nib holder but she is very happy to have purchased this. The nibs can make the proper Copperplate scripts of the 19th and the 20th century. The glass pen might be a bit intimidating to use and she wished the ink bottles had droppers that she can use to fill the ink reservoirs. On the whole, she was very satisfied with this set. 

For the Trendy Dad

Some dads want to stay in the trend. This shows that they care enough for their appearance so go out of your way to find something that will keep up with your dad’s or husband’s style. 

For the trendy dad who wants to be always on top without being loud, a lovely tie and feather boutonniere set is a great addition to his wardrobe. 

Helpful review: An Amazon client said he used this tie and boutonniere set to a Mardi Gras ball and his date absolutely loved how it complemented her dress. What he loved most about this tie was the faux leather material cinching the tie. The boutonniere was a welcome addition and the wooden box looks great in keeping this set in tip-top condition until next use. 

Rustic doesn’t even begin to describe this ebony wood analog watch. Staying in style comes as a second nature when your dad is wearing this watch. 

Helpful review: When RE/NCP received this watch as a gift, he was a bit skeptical at the wooden parts but after using it, he found it very good. It was also very lightweight compared to other watches. The zebrawood does not have odor issues and he is thinking of buying another watch from Bewell if there are other available colors. 

For the Health-Buff Dad

For the dad who wants to age well, any form of exercise would do them great. Here are a few suggestions you may want to look into.

Relieve body pains with the vibrating massager that your dad can use while leaning on his couch or lying on his bed. Definitely a wonderful gift of youthful mobility and painless existence. 

Helpful review: Gordon V, an Amazon customer said the massager helped relieve the neck and shoulder pain he was experiencing after his PT friend recommended this massager. Spending hours working laptops meant stiff shoulders and neck but after 5 minutes of massage, the pain disappeared. He felt like a new person after massaging his lower back too and he believes that this massager is worth every penny spent on it. 

Offer your dad some relief to plantar fasciitis and other foot problems with these foot wakers. Give him a reason to start each day cheerfully by giving his feet some stimulation exercise as soon as he rises from bed. 

Helpful tips: Ginger toes like to use these foot wakers after her pilates or physical therapy session and she said that this pair provided at home foot therapy. Her feet have been starting some feeling and these are a great way to start or end the day. 

Your dad deserves a pampering for his toes after years of being on the go always. These toe stretchers may be a bit of discomfort at first but better toe alignment and relief from corns and bunions will be worth the effort. 

Helpful review: Phillydiva used this for three months for at least 3-4 hours a day. She had been suffering from corns, bunions and hammertoes on both feet since adolescence but after 3 months of use, her toes had started to be aligned for the first time. Her corns were smaller, her bunions had also shrunk in size and her big toe had been aligned. She said she will continue using the toe stretchers so her feet will continue to heal. 

For the Drinks Lover Dad

For the dad who loves his drinks, whether it’s from caffeine or alcohol, here’s the picks for him. 

Your dad and wine has a  really long-standing relationship that he is not willing to give up soon. Support that love with this stemless aerating wine glass that can also be used for white wines and bourbons on ice. 

Helpful review: Brian A said that this the most effective aerator he had ever seen even if he thought it was just a novelty item. But after using it to decant his older vintage and he was able to drink it out of the bottle without waiting long.

Serve your dad’s favorite whiskey or whiskey cocktails in style with this iceberg glass

Helpful review: Kyla Ferrell, a constant shopper on Amazon, said she was looking for inspiration to recreate Game of Thrones cocktails and found these glasses perfect. The glass may be cumbersome to hold because of its design but she was okay with that, given how it stylizes a cocktail without much effort. 

Celebrate the globetrotting days of your dad with this whiskey decanter set with chilling stones. It’s a perfect father’s day gift that is lead and BPA-free. 

Helpful review: ER said this decanter set was very elegant and the whiskey was easy to decant as it comes with a funnel. His 63-year old father loved the gift set and he bragged about it during his party. It’s also made of borosilicate crystal so there’s is no need to worry about the lead content. 

For the Elderly Dad

For the elderly dad, a massager that he can use any time of the day when he feels some age-related pain is a great gift idea. Try these massagers to treat your aging dad.

No more missed medication in this automatic pill dispenser that you can set up to 6 alarms on. Unless your dad can live with that noisy alarm that will not shut off unless he takes his medicines out, then you are sure he takes his medication at the right time. 

Helpful review: A. Hessong reviewed this pill dispenser on Amazon and she said it greatly helped her mother with vascular dementia to take her medicines on her own. Her mother had been using it for 8 months before the battery gave out and they were not able to change it in time. It worked for a while before it gave out and since there is no warranty notice on it, she does know what to do but contact the seller. Her tip is to always check on the battery.

Extend your elderly father’s reach with this rubber suction grabber by up to 32 inches. No more unreachable objects, even behind the bed with the slim design of this grabber. 

Helpful review: Gena bought this rubber suction grabber to help her while mowing her lawn to grab oddly-shaped objects from the ground without bending over. Saved her a lot of time and back pains. 


Father’s Day or not, fathers deserve a treat for all their sacrifices and hard work. Treat him with a good dinner, a deep-tissue massage, and a smacking kiss and he’ll be charged for the whole year. 

Aside from that listed here, you can also get personalized decanters for your dad or some amazing red wine to go with dinner or to serve to his friends. 

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