The Timeless Gimlet Cocktail Recipe

Gimlet Cocktail Recipe

For the past few months we’ve been introducing unique and amazing cocktail recipes from various social media influencers. This week, we are proud to feature another Instagram- worthy creation from @mixologists_life. Fittingly named Timeless Gimlet, this dark and elegant concoction is not your ordinary cocktail. Read the recipe to find out why.

The Ingredients

The secret ingredients to this mysterious drink are sour mix, Elderflower liqueur, gin, and a dash of celery bitters. But what gives this cocktail its seductive black color is the creator’s homemade Chinese 5 spice syrup with squid ink made up of cloves, fennel, cinnamon, Szechuan, star anise, and simple syrup. Follow the steps to recreate this exotic and enchanting drink.


Add ice cubes in a mixing glass and sour mix. Pour homemade Chinese spice syrup, Elderflower liqueur, and gin one after the other. Add a dash of celery bitters and shake well. Finally, strain the mixture to a coupe glass and garnish with drops of coconut oil.

Cheers and enjoy!


  •         1oz Sour mix
  •         0.75oz homemade Chinese 5 spice syrup with squid ink
  •         0.5oz Elderflower Liqueur
  •         1.5oz Gin
  •         1 Dash celery bitters
  •         Coconut oil


  1.   Put all 5 ingredients into a glass with ice
  2.   Shake
  3.   Strain the mix into a glass
  4.   Garnish with coconut oil using a dropper

Homemade Chinese 5 spice syrup with squid ink recipe preparation:

Add equal parts of cloves, fennel, cinnamon, Szechuan and star anise in a blender. Pour simple syrup and let it infuse overnight.

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