Gimlet Recipe

Timeless Gimlet Recipe: An Exotic Upgrade To The Prime Cocktail

Gimlet Recipe

In the last few months, we have introduced some of the most amazing cocktail creations ever prepared by mixologists from all around the world. This week, we proudly feature a one of a kind recipe made by the distinguished bartender and social media influencer, @mixologists_life. His Timeless Gimlet, a unique take on the classic cocktail, boasts its exotic and elegant taste.This dark and mysterious concoction will surely change the way you think about Gimlet. 


Timeless Gimlet Ingredients:

Timeless Gimlet Preparation:

  1. Put ice cubes in an empty glass. 
  2. Add the first five ingredients into the glass filled with ice and shake. 
  3. Strain the mixture into a coupe glass. 
  4. Use a dropper to garnish the drink with coconut oil and serve. 
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Recipe Variations

The Timeless Gimlet is an exceptional piece, and is definitely one of the best versions of the Gimlet cocktail. Here are other Gimlet recipes that you can try:
  • Original Gimlet Recipe -Let's go back to the classic recipe, which contains gin, fresh lime juice and simple syrup. 
  • Vodka Gimlet - Gin or vodka are both recommended in preparing the Gimlet. See the difference in taste yourself! 
  • Cucumber Gimlet- Freshen up your Gimlet by adding cucumber to the recipe! Perfect to keep you cool and relaxed. 
  • Rosemary or Thyme-Take out the Simple Syrup and replace it with Rosemary (or Thyme) syrup for a more herbal flavor! 

Know Your Ingredients!

The recipe may sound tricky, but it's actually simpler than you think! Here's a list to guide you with the ingredients-and where to find them.  For the Chinese 5 Spice Syrup:
  • Cloves, Fennel, Cinnamon, Szechuan, and Star Anise -These are all common spices found in any everyday dish or cookbook, so these won’t be easy to grab a hold of. 
  • Simple syrup - An ingredient used in many cocktail recipes, it's called "simple syrup" because it's quick and easy to prepare. 
For the cocktail itself: 
  • Sour mix - A mixer for cocktail made from lime and lemon juice. A sour mix recipe can help you prepare a fresh bottle for your mix. 
  • Elderflower Liqueur - Liqueur made from hand-picked flowers from the elderflower bush.
  • Gin - A common alcoholic drink distilled from malt grains and juniper berries.
  • Celery bitters - An ingredient in making cocktails used to enhance flavor-in this case, the flavor of gin. You can always find celery bitters on sale or create your own bottle of bitters. 
  • Coconut oil - Oil extracted from coconut trees that is used as garnish in several drinks.

Bar Accessories 

Enjoy this exotic drink to the fullest by using these bar equipments! 
  • Drinking glass - This will be used merely to temporarily hold your drink while you prepare it. Any regular glass from your kitchen will do.
  • Jigger - Cocktail ingredients aren’t measured merely in the usual cooking measuring cups, they require jiggers as each component is in small ounces. Check out 17 best jiggers in 2020 here.
  • Shaker tin - Bartenders and home bar owners alike know that cocktail shakers are necessities in mixing drinks, so such products of the best quality are highly recommended.
  • Strainer - A bar accessory especially used for recipes that include ice. 
  • Coupe Glass - The best (and only) type of cocktail glass that you must use to serve this kind of cocktail.
  • Dropper - Used to garnish precise amounts of coconut oil and finish the Timeless Gimlet. 

The History 

The Gimlet itself has an interesting history, as it is believed to be created for the British Royal Navy sailors to drink- as citrus juice was discovered to be effective in preventing scurvy. Eventually, this cocktail became popular not only with the marine officers but also with the British society as a whole. From its naval-related origin, the drink was named Gimlet after the drilling tool used for boring holes in Royal Navy ships. Some sources say that it might have been named after Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, the naval doctor who first mixed lime and gin.

The Rise in Fame

Being one of the world-renowned classic cocktails, Gimlet has understandably maintained its place among the popular alcoholic beverages for several decades, and have not stopped gaining fame. Loyal supporters of the drink come from Iceland, US-specifically those from Vermont, District of Columbia, New York, Massachusetts and Minnesota-Czechia, Canada, and Sweden.  Last October 2018, it was reported that the Gimlet got back on the charts for the UK Classic Cocktails, after being overshadowed by the other classics.

The Perfect Pair

Top Chef Judge chef Tom Colicchio, who is also the founder of Gramercy Tavern and several other restaurants recommends fresh lime juice, juniper cured salmon, beets and lemongrass to go with Gimlet.

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Summer In The City ☀️ [Ad/Werbung] . Summer keeps powering here in Germany and so I wonder: What are YOUR favorite summer drinks to cool down? Let me know! ☝️ . As of today, I’m going to go with a classic, refreshing one: . The “Gimlet”: - 60 ml Gin - 20 ml Lime Cordial - 20 ml Lime Juice . Shake all with plenty of ice and pour into a chilled/frozen Coupe or Nick&Nora glass 🍸 . While the original recipes include only gin and lime cordial, I like to follow my friend @peterwpunkt’s style of substituting some of the cordial for actual lime juice to give the drink an extra kick of freshness - well appreciated with temperatures of over 30°C 😉 Cheers! 🥂

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