Triple Bourbon Sour Cocktail

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Holidays are coming!  Parties and non stop celebrations call for a sumptuous meal and overflowing drinks. You’ll need a cocktail that can keep up with all the fun, that’s for sure. We’re excited to show you a whiskey sour variation that not only can keep up with the festivities, but can also effortlessly stand out in the feast. It's the simple yet exciting triple bourbon sour cocktail!

Did you know? 
Not all whiskey is a bourbon but all bourbon is whiskey.
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The combination of sweetness coming from bourbon and the orange-flavor of triple sec liqueur creates a festive taste that everyone can enjoy during this time of the year. Here's a recipe that might interest you in creating a magical holiday season! Cheers! 

Triple Bourbon Sour Cocktail Ingredients:

Triple Bourbon Sour Cocktail Preparation:

Let's not make things complicated. Mix everything in a glass.make sure you mix it properly. And garnish with cherry and orange. Done!

Did you know? 
The amount of Bourbon present in Kentucky is greater than the state's population.
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