Why Bartenders Prefer Muddler Spoons Over Other Bar Spoons?

Why Bartenders Prefer Muddler Spoons Over Other Bar Spoons?

Why Bartenders Prefer Muddler Spoons Over Other Bar Spoons?

A muddler spoon has a long spiral handle that gently mixes the drink and a grooved muddler that crushes herbs and other ingredients. This is an essential bar tool to have if you want to achieve that beautifully layered margarita or mojito. Still, not convinced? Here is everything you need to know about this classic bar spoon that every bartender or cocktail lover should have.

Brief History of Muddler Spoon

Before the muddler spoon became a staple in every bar, its origin can be traced back to the French apothecary spoon the cuillère medicament in the 1700s. The muddler in the spoon is used to crush medicines into their powdered form so they can easily be dissolved in liquid. Also, the slightly curved design of the spoon is used to scoop or hold a certain amount of liquid.

This bartending tool resembles an iced tea spoon but with a smaller head. Also known as a “cocktail mixing spoon”, the long spiral handle that comes with a muddler spoon makes reaching the bottom area of the glass easier. It is essential to get to the deepest area to thoroughly blend the cocktail.

Additionally, the twisted handle assists in creating that layered or stacked effect of drinks or shots. Pouring additional liquor into the glass with the use of the muddler spoon makes a smoother and spill-free transfer.

Muddler Spoon Vs Other Bar Spoons

Muddler Spoon Vs Other Bar Spoons

The muddler spoon falls under the European bar spoon category. A European bar spoon is characterized by its disc or muddler endpoint which is used to crush certain ingredients. For your layering, mixing, and crushing needs, this type of bar spoon is perfect.

The Japanese bar spoon and American bar spoon have a more stylish design on their ends. However, compared to the muddler spoon’s tip which is used to muddle ingredients, the other bar spoons’ ends are not very functional. To learn more about other types of bar spoons, click here.

Uses of Muddler Spoon

Every bartender owns at least a piece of a muddler spoon and the reason behind this lies in the several benefits it offers. Here are the best uses for a muddler spoon. 

Since the muddler spoon comes with a muddler on its end, you can use this to crush cocktail ingredients such as sugar cubes and mint among others. Although a separate cocktail muddler does the “crushing” job more efficiently, a muddler spoon can be an alternative when a muddler is not around.

Stirring and Mixing

The muddler spoon perfectly mixes your drink without getting the ice cubes and liquor to move in different directions. These two ingredients must move as one to come up with a well-balanced and diluted drink.

The process begins by taking the muddler spoon in your dominant hand and placing it in the glass. Make sure that the bar spoon is placed carefully against the glass. Mix the drink following the circular motion of the glass. The spiral handle should rotate between your fingers as it moves around.

Layering Drinks

One of the job descriptions of a muddler spoon is to beautifully layer drinks and shots. Layering drinks is not an easy job to perfect, but the result is something that can surely impress your guests or customers. The method is inspired by the oil and water layering process. Lighter spirits such as whiskey and vodka are placed on top over syrups.

Using the spiral handle of the muddler spoon, pour the liquor halfway to the stem. The slightly curved spoon at the end will assist in running down the liquid before it thoroughly lays flat on the glass. 

Sometimes a cocktail recipe calls for “1 bar spoon” of a certain ingredient. Usually, a muddler spoon is calibrated at 1ml or roughly around 0.035 oz. This measurement is ideal for ingredients such as amaros and flavored liqueurs.

Garnishing Cocktails

A muddler spoon is a great tool to place some garnish on your drinks. Instead of using your hands, which is highly unsanitary, a muddler spoon is a good alternative. This is especially effective when garnishing olives, cherries, and other fruits. 

Although you can use a “trident” style spoon, this may pierce through the ingredient which can alter its appearance. The muddler spoon, on the other hand, can maintain the original size and shape of the garnish.


The cocktail you enjoy so much does not magically appear in front of you. Bartenders have practiced the technicalities and art of mixing drinks to satisfy the wants and needs of their customers. The muddler spoon has been part of every bartender’s journey and it is one of the secrets to your beautiful and tasty drinks. If you enjoyed this article, share it or leave your comments below.


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