Four Must Have Glasses for Your Home Bar

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Once you have a few cocktail recipes down pat, it’s time to invest in some fine glassware. Show off your knowledge of art of mixology and the traditions behind the glassware and the cocktails they enhance.


  1. Rocks (Double Old Fashioned)

This truly is a must for all lovers of tan liquors. The double old fashioned (which also comes as a single and even a triple) is a staple gentleman and ladies looking to tip a glass back with sophistication.

The rocks glass is best for drinks that you build within the glass. By this we mean without using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass to mix the ingredients. A nice set of these makes a fantastic Christmas, graduation, or 21st birthday gift.

Cocktails you can serve in this glass are:

  • Old Fashioned
  • Sazerac
  • Negroni (when served on ice)


  1. Collins (Highball)

Would a cocktail by any other glass taste as sweet? Debatable. This stemware is known by many names from the Collins, Delmonico, and the highball. Each glass has a slightly different capacity but they all have that characteristic “chimney shape”. These are great for cocktails that require lots of ice.

Some of our favorites to serve in Collins glasses are:

  • Gin fizz
  • Gimlet
  • Tom Collins (the cocktail that named the glass after all!)


  1. Coupe glass (this works double duty as a martini glass)

Couple glasses were originally the trendy apartments where champagne lived and was served until the higher end flute came along. Drinkers found that the coupe glass released bubbles to evaporation before the sparkle reaches the mouth. Thus the coupe was refashioned as a lovely, less shaky alternative to the martini glass. Ever notice how easy it is to spill a martini after a little too much celebration? No need to give up the fun. Just use this stemware instead. The coupe has a charming old Hollywood feel to it and is a wonderful option for serving.

Cocktails that live in this glass are:

  • Martini
  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Daiquiri
  • Sidecar


  1. Copper Moscow Mule mugs

This is one of our favorites. Cold, shiny, and recognizable, this mug is the perfect container to keep a refreshing drink and make a statement. The Moscow Mule also laid the foundation for Instagram (sort of). One of the inventors of the Moscow Mule was Smirnoff owner John Martin. He always kept his finger on the pulse of new trends and bought one of the newest inventions in 1947, the Polaroid. After the birth of the Moscow Mule, Martin photographed people drinking it in these mugs at his friend’s bar, the Cock N’ Bull, and began circulating the photographs to spread the word. Here’s the whole story.  

No matter what kind of glass, be sure to raise it for a toast. Each of these glasses were selected specifically to complement the cocktails they served and to celebrate the people drinking from them.  

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