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40 Best Wine Making Websites You Should Check Out This 2023

Winemaking web resources

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Making wine at home is quite simple. All you need is a wine making kit, the right ingredients, and a step-by-step process. Sounds easy? Well, if you have access to the best wine making online resources and ask questions to sommeliers, the experience will be even more rewarding.

The good thing is there are numerous wine making websites such as forums, blogs, and YouTube channels available at your disposal. So if you plan to make your wine anytime soon or want to expand your knowledge, this list will make your life easier.

Best Wine Making Forums

Do you want to exchange wine ideas with other wine lovers and enthusiasts? Or maybe you want to learn the first-hand experience of home buddies who tried to make their bottles at home. If you are looking for these types of reads and discussions, the ideal way is to visit these best wine making forums.

1. Wine Making TalkWine Making Talk

One of the best wine making forums is Wine Making Talk. This platform is the go-to guide for those who need to ask any wine-related questions. 

Like any forum, it offers a wide array of topics that everyone can participate in. Some of their discussions include country fruit wine making, which talks about the process of crafting wine using fruit juices and frozen fruits. 

Moreover, one of the highest viewed and read topics is the beginners’ wine making forum. Wherein everyone throws their questions on how to get started on homemade wine. As of writing, the forum has already gained around 18,000 members, with over 800,000 messages on several topics.

2. Wine BerserkersWine Berserkers

Dubbed as the “World’s Largest and Most Active Online Community,” this best wine making forum invites all wine lovers out there to engage in a fun and knowledgeable conversation with co-wine enthusiasts. 

Wine Berserkers features several categories of topics that can spark your interest, from discussing the basics of wine, tasting notes, grape varieties to the travel and restaurants section. They even invite some well-known winemakers in the industry to talk about their experience and share it with the readers.

3. HomeBrew Talk

HomeBrew Talk Forum

HomeBrew Talk is the best wine making forum you need when looking for answers about the technicalities of crafting wine. The discussions include the step-by-step processes such as the ingredients and equipment, fermentation and yeast, and bottling or kegging. 

HomeBrew Talk also features other sections not solely focused on wine, including but not limited to mead, sake, beer, and cider.

4. Tom Cannavan’s Wine-Pages Tom Cannavan's Wine-Pages

Tom Cannavan is a wine journalist and a pioneer of wine discussion on the internet. He started Wine-Pages way back in 1995, and the forum is divided into three categories: UK Wine Forum, Beer Forum, and Spirits Forum. 

All sections are filled with friendly, entertaining, and informative content about wine.

5. WineLoversPageWine Lovers Page

Next on our list of the best wine making forums is Wine Lovers Page. The discussion group is dedicated to all talks related to wine with topics that need a deep understanding. 

Some of the content mainly revolves around several types of wine and how they differ from each other, where they can be bought, and which among them is better.

6. Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator has seven forums dedicated to wine making. The first section is Wine Conversations, which allows the members to talk about their experience with wine, their last trip in a wine country, or even their day-to-day appreciation of the drink. 

In the second section, you’ll find Tasting Notes, where you can share the recent wine bottles you had and the flavors you savored in each sip. Dining and cooking, recipes, restaurants, and food pairings with wine are discussed in the third section. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the sections in this winemaking forum focus on buying and selling wine, entertainment activities, and wine events that the members can plan to organize or attend.

7. West Coast WineWest Coast Wine

One of the best wine making forums is the West Coast Wine. If you are curious about the tasting notes of different bottles of wine based on actual experience, this forum is perfect for you. You can read and learn about the flavors and aromas of reds, whites, and sparkling wines.

8. Bordeaux Wine EnthusiastsBordeaux Wine Enthusiasts

Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts is one of the best wine making forums that discusses a wide range of topics. This forum has the latest content you will want to read from the tasting notes of different wine bottles, vintage wines, and even exciting trivia or facts about wine.

9. The Auswine ForumThe Auswine Forum

Australia’s first and best wine discussion group, The Auswine Forum, is your daily access to information about Australian wine or any wine at all. If you are also a fan of Italian wine, culture, and food, this forum has a separate discussion group where you can find the best bottles made in the city of love.

10. Wine Press

Welcome to WinePress.US

Last on our list of the best wine making forums is Wine Press US. The website boasts not only an active forum but also blogs and merchandise. “Where wine makers and grape-growers share their knowledge,” this forum stays true to its promise, which is to become an accessible source of everything related to wine making.

The discussion boards are divided into sections such as Kit Winemaking, Mead Wine Making, Grape Growing and Vineyard Management, and Wine Cellar Construction. 

The forums are not only limited to talks about the guests’ favorite wines, but it also tackles how you can effectively create your own bottles at the comfort of your home. 

Best Wine Making Websites & Blogs

Reading articles or blog posts is a must if you want a more profound knowledge about wine making. Written by skilled and well-known authors, the pieces of information presented in these best wine making blogs will further expand your know-how. 

Meanwhile, the best wine making websites is beneficial, particularly when researching topics you are not familiar with. This is especially true for wine lovers who want to know all the procedures, ingredients, materials, and tips in winemaking.

11. Wine Folly

Wine Folly blog

Wine Folly allows you to navigate the world of wine through timely and relevant articles.

  • Tips and Tricks - Includes quick tips, tutorials, and sound advice on finding the correct type of wine for you. Tasting challenges include Greek Xinomavro, Italian Prosecco, American Cabernet Franc, and Travel Rose. 
  •  Food and Wine - Food pairings with wine based on dining advice from cuisines worldwide. Some content includes The Best Wines for Spaghetti, Wine and Middle Eastern Pairings, and Wine and Grill Food Pairings.
    • Lifestyle - Lets the readers explore articles on travel, culture, people, and everything that revolves around through the lens of wine making. 

    Aside from the blogs, Wine Folly is designed explicitly for winemakers who are just starting their venture. Some of the topics you can learn from include: The Beginners’ Guide to Wine, Wine Regions, Varieties of Grapes, Regional Wines, and Wine Terms.

    12. Wine & Sommelier

    Wine and Sommelier Blog

    One of the best wine making blogs is Wine & Sommelier. It is an informational site dedicated to bringing in-depth topics related to wine. The people behind the articles came from various backgrounds consisting of journalists, business owners, winemakers, programmers, craftspeople, and sommeliers. 

    While they all differ in their profession, they have one thing in common: creating a space where informative articles about wine can be shared. 

    Their collection of articles feature a wide array of topics: 

    • All About Wine - Focuses on the basics of wine. Topics include but are not limited to the definition of wine, different styles of wine, how to taste wine, wine vocabulary, and grape varieties. 
    • Food & Wine - Features the basic food and wine pairings. It also discusses how to find the right bottle to accentuate the meal.

    13. Sip on this Juice

    Sip on this Juice blogs

    Sip on this Juice is a project of Amy Lieberfarb, a well-known personality among California’s Wine Country. She is known for her bubbly personality and superb knowledge of wine, making her an influential person to wine enthusiasts. 

    While she is busy with her own business venture, Amy found a way to develop her website, Sip On Juice. Here, she writes and shares blogs about wine, food, travel, and lifestyle. 

    This best wine making blog is divided into several sections. You can either check out articles on Wine Tasting, Food & Drink, Events, Trip Planning, and Wine Tips. Some of her notable content include elevating the nuances of wine with food, wherein she featured a restaurant at Sonoma County that offers one of the best wine and food pairings.

    14. Tim Atkin

    Tim Atkin blog

    Tim Atkin is an award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine with 35 years of experience. He writes for several well-known publications such as Harpers, Decanter, The World of Fine Wine, Gourmet Traveller Wine, and The Drinks Business. 

    Aside from gracing these publications, he is also known for his website, where he shares his knowledge about wine and the process of making such a delicate spirit.

    With his team of writers, Tim Atkin features different stories of winemakers and various places worldwide where wine is considered a special beverage. But aside from wine talks, the blog also has content revolving around the messages about life that the writers want to impart.

    15. Wine TurtleWine Turtle Blog

    Another best wine making blog on our list is Wine Turtle. It is named after the founders’ love for wine and how it should be treated. The people behind this website and blog share the same passion for wine and enjoy it at a turtle’s pace: No rush, just slowly but surely. 

    While the team doesn’t consider themselves experts in this field, they have gained enough experience in tasting different types of wine from various geographies and regions. Having said this, they are confident to share their wine knowledge and information in the most fun and innovative way to spark interest. 

    Some of their articles include:

    • Homemade Pumpkin Wine Recipe
    • How to Choose The Best Dessert Wines
    • Which Wines Go Well With Cheese?
    • Cheese and Wine Pairings

    16. Wine SpectatorWine Spectator blog

    While Wine Spectator has a forum dedicated to wine discussions, it also has blogs divided into several sections.

    • Wine IQ - These articles are focused on informing and educating you about wine. Some of the topics include (1) knowing different kinds of grapes used in wines; (2) tips for opening bottles of wine; (3) tips to achieve the perfect serving temperature; (4) wine storage basics; and (5) how to match wine with food. 
      • Wine and Culture - This section features articles on how wine impacts our culture and lifestyle. Some of the topics include (1) wine players of the NBA; (2) wines featured in entertainment shows and awards night; and (3) celebrities who launched their wine line.

      17. Dr. Vino

      Dr. Vino blog

      Dr. Vino’s blogs are always with a personal touch which makes them more relatable. Tyler Colman, aka Dr. Vino, teaches and writes about wine. He has already written two wine books which have gained numerous applause from critics. 

      But despite being a notable author, he came up with his blog to share his knowledge with more people. This best wine making blog has content about wine recommendations, as well as looking at the world through the wine glass. 

      The result of Colman’s strategy is a blog that has diverse perspectives and lively reader contributions. Some of his notable articles include comparing various wine brands, wine tariffs, wine books, and home winemaking, among others.

      18. Wine Explorers

      Wine Explorers blog

      Wine Explorers is one of the best wine making blogs that allows you to jump into the world of wine with all the essential information you will need. 

      The team behind this website are wine enthusiasts who want to accompany anyone to the “new wine horizons.” Their blogs are divided into country or continent categories, particularly in Europe and France area.

      Some of their articles include:

      • Most stunning wine destinations
      • Favorite French wineries
      • Dominican wine paradise
      • Oldest vineyards in Europe

      19. Rockin Red Blog

      Rockin Red blog

      Rockin Red is a blog website by Michelle Williams, an award-winning freelance wine writer. She is one of the 15 Most Influential People in Wine and 10 Best Wine Accounts to Follow. 

      Williams has been featured in several publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Wine Searcher, Forbes, Snooth, Planet of the Grapes, The Daily Meal, USA Today’s 10 Best Eat, Sip, and more. 

      Besides informing her readers about the art of winemaking, Williams also shares wine articles that impact society. Examples of this include the following:

      • Forbes Article: Willamette Valley Wineries Take Action on Social Justice Issues
      • Forbes Article: A Conflicted Land Produces Consistently High-Quality Wine
      • The Buyer Latest: Building Vineyard Diversity to Combat Climate Change
      • Off-Target Herbicide Drift Threatens Vineyards Across U.S.

      20. 1 Wine Dude

      1Wine Dude blog

      1Wine Dude was created to help anyone learn more about wine in the most entertaining way possible. The articles featured on this website let you access wines, producers, and regions. It also includes independent commentary on wine happenings and trends. 

      One of their best creations is the article series of the wine industry in the time of COVID-19. Here, the author highlights the different wine brands or vineyards and how they cope with the pandemic.

      21. WineMaker Magazine

      Wine Maker Mag website

      WineMaker Mag is a leading American wine magazine that reaches over 100,000 readers in every publication. Its main content revolves around the process of crafting wine, particularly in a home-based setup. Other topics included in their website are wine recipes, how-to-projects, and advice columns.

      22. El Dorado Home Wine Making

      El Dorado Home Wine Making website

      The equipment and the process of crafting your own wine can be confusing to beginners. However, the free access to the El Dorado Home Wine Making website’s resources will assist you in “mastering” the craft and let you ferment wine in no time.

      23. Home Winemaking

      Home Wine Making website

      Home Winemaking lets you practice your hobby of homebrewing without the need to spend much money on resources. While the process of crafting wine is quite challenging, it doesn’t have to be that stressful. This website offers the following content you can use: 

      • Wine Kits
      • Country Wines
      • High Alcohol Kits
      • Equipment
      • Wine Books
      • Wine Circles

      24. Adventures in Homebrewing

      Adventures in Homebrewing website

      Adventures in Homebrewing is a resource center where wine enthusiasts can access various ways of making wine, either from grapes or fresh juice. There are also procedures in crafting mead, kombucha, and even pickles. 

      Aside from that, the website also has all the necessary equipment for fermenting wine, so you don’t have to look for a store to get the items you need.

      25. Wine Cooler DirectWine Cooler Direct website

      “To make wine lovers out of wine drinkers.” This is the mission that Wine Cooler Direct continues to work on through its website. 

      They offer the largest selection of specialty wine refrigeration and accessories to create the “wine lifestyle” in your home. Whether you are looking for refrigerators, cellar cooling systems, icemakers, glassware, and other tools, this website got you covered. 

      Aside from the equipment and materials, the website also has helpful articles to get you started in winemaking. Some of the content you can find include: 

      • What to consider when starting your wine cellar
      • The ultimate guide to corkscrews and wine openers
      • Perfect wines for summer
      • How to buy the best wine cooler

      26. World’s Best WinesWorld's Best Wines website

      Everybody loves a good glass of wine after a long tiring day. But what could be better than enjoying a glass of your homemade wine? This website does exactly that. 

      World’s Best Wines allows you to find the most helpful information to make a delicious bottle of wine, from the vineyard, varieties of grapes to the fermentation and aging process. 

      Plus, this website also provides content on some of the best wines in the world, so you know which bottle to choose for your next dinner.

      27. Wine Making GuidesWine Making Guides website

      Wine Making Guides is intended for those who like to make wine out of fruit juices. While they have a step-by-step process for winemaking using grapes, they are more known for their recipes involving fruits such as apple, carrot, and ginger. 

      Moreover, they have a list of the essential winemaking equipment and ingredients you will need for various recipes.

      28. Wine Makers Corner

      Wine Makers Corner website

      Wine Makers Corner is one of the best wine making websites dedicated to home winemakers and brewers. It features a wide array of recipes, articles, and tips on properly coming up with a tasty bottle of wine. Some of the content you can find include:

      • Best Pinot Noir winemaking kits
      • Best wine fridges
      • Concord grape wine recipe
      • Strawberry wine recipe

      29. Wine BagsWine Bags website

      This list of the best wine making websites will not be complete without Wine Bags. They specialize in custom printed promotional products for wine, beer, and other spirits. 

      They also have a special section featuring articles about wine and lifestyle. Some of their topics include:

      • Food and Wine Pairings
      • How Good is Red Wine For Us?
      • How To Grow Concord Grapes?
      • Wine Classification
      • Awesome Reasons to Drink More Wine

      30. HomeBrew AdviceHomebrewadvice website

      Last on our list of the best wine making websites is HomeBrew Advice. The founder and creator of this resource center has always been in love with making things from scratch. It is managed by a group of “brewing nerds” who aim to share their knowledge about brewing and fermentation.

      This website will give you access to structured information to improve your brewing skills, personal tips for a better experience, finding the right equipment, and fun facts about winemaking.

      Best Wine Making YouTube Channels

      Nothing beats visuals when learning a new skill. Since the attention span of most people is short, learning winemaking is better utilized through videos. And what better way to learn than to watch informative and crafty videos on YouTube.

      31. GuildSommGuildSomm

      In this list of the best wine making YouTube channels, GuildSomm holds a place in the top 10. The brand is a non-profit organization of wine professionals that promotes education and community. 

      They feature podcasts, articles, and videos of all topics related to wine. While access to their contents is free, those who avail of the membership will have access to exclusive and in-depth educational materials, forums for discussions, and events.

      With over 30k subscribers, their YouTube channel releases videos of the different types of wine in different regions. Wine sommeliers would taste and explain to the viewers the technicalities of the bottles and how they differ from those from other countries or continents. 

      Aside from this, the videos also educate people about winemaking through creative animation.

      32. CS Mead and MoreCS Mead and More

      One of the best wine making YouTube channels that goes above and beyond is CS Mead and More. The creative minds behind the brand aim to teach the methods their ancestors used to make wine, cider, and mead. 

      Considering that many people make their homemade version of spirits, CS Mead and More wants to offer easy and natural methods for crafting fine alcoholic beverages. 

      With over 100k subscribers, their YouTube channel is full of traditional and modern recipes that don’t require complex ingredients or equipment. They also post videos about the most common questions of winemakers. 

      33. JamessucklingtvJamessucklingtv

      James Suckling is known as one of the world’s most influential wine critics. Along with his website, his YouTube channel features videos of key wine figures around the world. 

      The content he usually releases is about tasting interviews wherein the guests will talk about the tasting notes of several brands and types of wines.

      34. Wine & Spirit Education TrustWine & Spirit Education Trust

      Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the largest global provider of wine, sake, and spirits qualifications. They provide the best and in-depth education to beginners and professional winemakers. 

      Since its beginning in 1969, WSET has always delivered the best knowledge and information about the world of wine and liquors. Their YouTube channel provides informative and educational videos to make people more aware of the ins and out of wines and other spirits. 

      They also partner and invite well-known wine professionals to cover topics such as wine production, grape varieties, and wine regions. If you are interested to know about wine at an academic level, this best wine making youtube channel is an excellent resource. 

      35. The ExtractThe Extract

      Another best wine making YouTube channel is The Extract. Their videos are usually patterned in a series where the host interviews wine producers, growers, and makers worldwide. 

      They aim to educate novice and experts about accurate information about wine. Their videos don’t contain fluff nor complicated stuff, just straight to the point and honest content. 

      The YouTube channel was created by The Wine Exchange, which is a unique retail shop that showcases premium wine globally. The team behind the store thought of bringing their award-winning wine selection in the form of videos. Thus, The Extract was born. 

      36. Wine ExpressWine Express

      Wouldn’t it be nice to have a glimpse of what an actual bottle of wine would taste before buying it? Well, Wine Express heard many people’s calls and decided to make videos of virtual wine tasting. 

      This growing YouTube channel lets you discover the tasting notes of different wines through the accurate description of Wine Director Josh Farrell. Whether you are a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or Zinfandel, the videos will inform you of the flavor differences of the same type of wine from various brands.

      So, if you are new to wine drinking or just plain curious about what bottle to buy next, Wine Express will help you pick the perfect wine for you.

      37. The Grape ExplorerThe Grape Explorer

      The Grape Explorer thinks that learning wine can be complicated and overwhelming most of the time. So, they decided to create videos that are easy to understand but entertaining enough to make learning fun. 

      The YouTube channel caters to anyone who likes to expand their wine knowledge. You can expect videos about wine education, product reviews, and wine tasting.

      38. WineOhTv WineOhTv

      Do you want to learn about wine in the most fun way possible? Well, WineOhTv has you covered. This best wine making YouTube channel gives you access to wine reviews, wine news, wine travel, and food and wine pairings in the form of interactive and engaging videos. 

      From visiting well-known vineyards, tasting different wines, and getting to know celebrity chefs and world-class winemakers, WineOhTv will definitely expand your knowledge.

      39. Total Wine & MoreTotal Wine & More

      One of the best wine making YouTube channels, Total Wine & More, aims to share the knowledge and history about wine, beer, or other spirits. 

      Most of their videos have a short time frame to not bore or trigger an information overload to the viewers. This includes how to properly open bottles of wine, wine and food pairing, spotlights on different brands, and many more.


      40. Exotic Wine Travel Exotic Wine Travel

      Exotic Wine Travel is a YouTube channel dedicated to anyone who enjoys wine, wants to learn more about this beverage, and is interested in knowing its complexities. 

      It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. This best wine making YouTube channel will unleash your adventurous side. Some of their content includes a guide on using wine tools and accessories, experiencing and discovering wine brands, and comparisons of types of wines.


      Isn’t this list just loaded with information perfect for all wine lovers out there? These best wine making websites are helpful to ensure that you can craft a bottle of wine in the comfort of your home. 

      Whether you are a newbie or a professional homebrewer, these best wine making websites will refresh your winemaking knowledge or will teach you a thing or two.

      So, which winemaking forum, blog, or YouTube channel do you often visit? Do you know a winemaking website that we should include in this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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