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8 Best Mead Making Kits In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

 Mead Making Kits

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One hobby you can learn at home during quarantine is mead making. It may seem challenging, especially when you know nothing about fermentation and distillation equipment. Thankfully, the best mead making kits are available to make your learning experience fun, smooth, and hassle-free.

Most mead making kits include all the basic tools you need to get started, such as instruction booklets, recipes, and materials. And since the tools required to make wine are similar to those with mead, we also included a couple of mead making alternatives to widen your selection.

Our Top Picks

Shepherd Made Mead Making Kit
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Best Value - Shepherd Made Mead Making Kit

• Durable material
• Decent quality
• Affordable

Most Complete Set - HomeBrewStuff Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Making Kit

Includes honey and oak chips
Each item is packaged neatly
Reasonable price

Must Bee Mead Making Kit

Most User-Friendly - Must Bee Mead Making Kit

• Easy to follow instructions
• Well-packaged
Great value

1. Homebrewstuff Nano-Meadery Mead Making Kit - Best Starter Kit

Homebrewstuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Mead Starter Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Great for first-timers
  • Additional items make the process more fun and educational
  • Great gift idea
  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • The bucket seal doesn’t close tightly

What Customers Have To Say

An Amazon shopper commented that the mead making process was tremendously fun with this kit. She further suggested that a video tutorial should supplement the included instructions. Another buyer shared that her husband’s first batch of mead turned out perfectly. They found the process easy, and they are eager to try different mead recipes using this mead making kit.

Homebrewstuff Nano-Meadery Mead Making Kit Customer Image

Why We Think It’s Great

This mead making kit includes sanitizers and tools that make the process more efficient to enhance your experience. With this almost complete bundle, you only need to buy your honey of choice, saving you time.

Who Should Buy It

This mead making kit is perfect as a gift to give anyone who’s always up to explore and try new things. The absence of honey can be advantageous because you can freely choose your preferred brand.

2. Shepherd Made Mead Making Kit - Best Value

Shepherd Made Mead Making Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Durable material
  • Decent quality
  • Affordable
  • Directions are complicated
  • You need to buy other tools separately

What Customers Have To Say

One Amazon customer said he was happy with this kit because it had everything he needed to make mead, and he had fun doing it. At less than $20, he thought that this was a steal, so he’s going to buy more. Another shopper shared that the first time he made mead using this kit, it came out perfectly. He added that he has been fermenting juices in bottles and balloons, but using this mead making kit was much easier.

Shepherd Made Mead Making Kit Customer Images

Why We Think It’s Great

Despite the other tools that this mead making kit lacks, it contains the essential things, such as a glass carboy with a lid, rubber stopper, airlock, yeast, and yeast nutrient. All of these come at a great price compared to buying each tool separately. 

Who Should Buy It

The Shepherd Made mead making kit is a great purchase for beginners as it will make a sufficient batch for first-time mead drinkers and makers. Some tools are missing, so you still need to purchase the other items needed, but this kit is great for the price and quality.

3. HomeBrewStuff Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Making Kit - Most Complete Set

HomeBrewStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Each item is packaged neatly
  • Includes honey and oak chips
  • Reasonable price
  • Some customers received missing items
  • Misleading instructions

What Customers Have To Say

One Amazon shopper commented that this is a great beginner’s mead making kit, and she has successfully made her first batch. Since then, she has replenished her ingredients and consumables and made more batches because she’s hooked on mead making. Another customer said that this is a cool start for mead making at home because it includes all the necessary tools and ingredients.

Why We Think It’s Great

This set is similar to the other HomeBrewStuff mead making kits on the list, but it includes honey, oak chips, isinglass, and potassium sorbate to enhance the quality and give more character to the finished product. The honey is raw and unprocessed, and it comes from Treasure Valley, Idaho.

Who Should Buy It

If you're in a hurry and want to make mead at home right away, this kit is perfect for you. It contains every essential aspect in mead making and more, including the most important one: honey. So if you're having a hard time choosing which honey to use, just let this mead making kit pick for you!

4. HBS Nano Mead Making Kit - Best Glass

HBS Nano Mead Making Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Great for both experienced brewers and beginners
  • Worth it for the price
  • The glass is sturdy and thick
  • It doesn’t include honey

What Customers Have To Say

An Amazon customer said this mead making kit has a simple and basic setup. The included glass gallon container is thick and works well. The pamphlet for instructions helped a lot, too. On the other hand, one customer commented that he had come a long way to purchase this kit, and he recommends it to first-time brewers.

Why We Think It’s Great 

For something as complicated as mead making, this set makes it possible for the mead maker or brewer to make the process easy to follow with its informative instructions. This mead making it makes your honey obsession fun and exciting!

Who Should Buy It

Anyone new to mead making needs to hear about this kit. It’s the perfect product for beginners. The items included are basic and enough. You just have to fetch your honey and start your mead making adventure.

5. Must Bee Mead Making Kit - Most User-Friendly

Must Bee Mead Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Well-packaged
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Great value
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Some reports of broken items

What Customers Have To Say

One buyer commented that this kit makes a great gift for someone who wants to jump-start their mead making. He furthered that even if it’s not a complete bundle, you can get the components cheaper individually. Another customer said that she ordered this mead making kit for her brother, and he found the instructions easy to follow and enjoyed making his first mead recipe.

Why We Think It’s Great

All the components of this mead making kit work great. The simple tools included are ideal for beginners who are still learning how to make mead. Unlike other bundles, the Must Bee mead making kit’s instructions are easy to comprehend.

Who Should Buy It

If you or someone you know is thinking of learning the mead making ropes, this would be the ideal gift to kick start their new hobby. The Must Bee mead making kit is a good basic set, so keep in mind that it doesn’t contain every tool you’ll need to perform the process.

6. HomeBrewStuff Nano-Meadery Premium Mead Making Kit - Best for Home Use

HomeBrewStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Premium Mead Kit

Pros  Cons
  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient kit
  • Packaging is clean and intact
  • Some reported missing items
  • Vague instructions

What Customers Have To Say

An Amazon shopper said that this a good starter kit for making traditional mead. Overall, he found it simple to set up and easy to use. Another customer said that he found this mead kit incredibly convenient and much easier than buying the tools individually as a beginning brewer.

Why We Think It’s Great

Not all mead making kits come with honey. Luckily, this one does. Minus the oak chips from the HomeBrewStuff Deluxe kit, the HomeBrewStuff Premium can still make a delicious and simple mead. The sanitizing tools, the tubes, and everything else included also make the process easy, efficient, and clean.

Who Should Buy It

If you want to experience how to make mead, give this kit a try. It has the necessary supplies to make a simple batch of mead and a great way to start your mead journey.

7. Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit - Best Alternative

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest One Gallon Small Batch Fruit Wine Making Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Great alternative mead making kit
  • Includes essential tools needed to make mead
  • Fun and interesting gift idea
  • The instructions are not well-written
  • Some reports of missing items

What Customers Have To Say

An Amazon customer used this kit to make her first batch of mead, and she recommends it to beginners. Furthermore, she suggested reading through the instruction manual beforehand. It took some time for her, but she still found the process fun and exciting. 

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit Customer Images

Why We Think It’s Great

Because of limited mead making kits on some online stores, one has to make do. One option is to purchase a winemaking kit instead. After all, mead is “honey wine,” so the process and tools are somehow similar.

Who Should Buy It

If you’re looking for a kit that makes mead, go straight for the best mead making kits. But if your options run thin, this winemaking kit will come to the rescue. You can then buy the other tools and ingredients needed with less effort.

8. Home Brew Ohio Wine Making Kit - Best Gift

Home Brew Ohio Upgraded 1 gal Wine from Fruit Kit

Pros  Cons
  • Includes most of what is needed 
  • Affordable price
  • Items can accommodate more than one batch
  • It doesn’t include a hydrometer

What Customers Have To Say

An Amazon customer ordered this kit to start making wine. Among all the other kits on the market, this has all the basic items. It was shipped quickly, and the buyer received it earlier than the expected date. However, when the product arrived, one item was missing, but the seller acted quickly and solved the issue.

Home Brew Ohio Wine Making Kit Customer Images

Why We Think It’s Great

This kit has all the basic tools if you’re new to wine or mead making. All the items are of nice quality. The mead recipe book contains many ingredients and instructions that you could totally try one after another. Not to mention, the price of the whole kit is worth it.

Who Should Buy It

If you’re new to mead making and want to perfect your skills, this product is a good way to practice this craft. The instructions might be vague for newbies, but there are always video instructions for visual aid.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mead Making Kit

  • Durability

One way of being smart when spending your money is to think about the equipment’s long-term use. Once you start learning how to make mead, you will be hooked, so you need sturdy equipment that will last for another batch.

  • Price

Some would say that you could save money when buying tools separately. But perhaps the greatest thing that mead making kits offer is convenience. Remember, expensive doesn't always mean the product has the best quality, so find something that does the job well without leaving your pockets empty.

  • Sizes

Different kits have different sizes of buckets or carboys, and even the tubings have varying lengths. Check the carboy or bucket’s capacity and compare whether it's enough for what you need.

  • Components

The best mead making kit should contain the most necessary equipment. The package should be complete or has everything you need to get started. This way, you spend less time looking for the right tools, especially when so many are needed to make mead properly.

  • Instructions

Mead making kits should come with instructions that you can follow to put the materials into good use. Mead making is a complicated process; that's why some people prefer video instructions over written ones. Still, some people find it convenient when they understand the procedures in a user-manual. This also makes customers trust the product and the brand more.

Mead Making FAQ

1. What equipment do I need to make mead?

The mead making process is much easier when you have the proper equipment. To get started, you will need the following basic tools:

  • Hydrometer - This is what you use to measure the density of your must and the actual mead. Must is the honey and water mixture before adding the yeast. Comparing the must and mead’s measurements would determine the alcohol content of the mead. 
  • Fermenter - As the name implies, a fermenter is what you use to ferment. For beginners, you will most likely use carboys and brewing buckets. Although between the two, the carboy is the smarter choice.
  • Airlock and Stopper - For the aging process, you’ll need something to stop outside elements from spoiling your mead.
  • Thermometer - You need to determine any temperature changes during fermentation. It’s better to use a stick thermometer for buckets or carboys since this won’t break your airlock while measuring the must’s temperature.
  • Mixing Pot - you can still make your mead without this, but it would be less of a hassle if you dissolve your honey and water in a mixing pot rather than a carboy. 
  • Auto-Siphon and Tubing - This is necessary when transferring mead from the carboy or bucket to a container. Even if you can skillfully pour the drink, it would be a bad idea to oxidize the mead and stir the lees.

2. How long should you age mead?

It would take about 3 years for your mead to taste its best, but it still depends on how you make it. Mead should at least age for 6 months. Sweet meads take less time to mature, and it would then taste their best at 18 months.

For fruit-added meads, the aging time would vary depending on the fruit. For orchard fruits like apples, cherries, or peaches, it takes two years. For berries, it would take two and a half years. If you use raw honey for your mead, expect the aging time to be longer. 

3. How long will mead last?

Classic and lighter meads have different shelf lives. Because classic meads' alcohol content is higher than lighter ones, it's expected that it would last longer. A mead inside a sealed bottle would last for decades, and even after it is unsealed, it would taste the same for months. 

Lighter mead would suffice for a short time. It is advised to finish a light mead bottle as soon as possible. After the shelf life has been reached, it is still safe to drink the mead, but it probably won't taste that good. It is also important to note that wine preservers are not recommended for mead.

4. How to store mead?

Like wine bottles, you need to store your unopened mead somewhere that no sunlight can reach, and the area needs to be dry and cool. And if you plan to keep mead for some time, it's best if you position them on their side. This way, the mead can make the cork stay moist and avoid it from deteriorating. 

For classic meads, you can store them for a long time. You can also keep them in the pantry. It’s okay if they're not always in a refrigerator, but it's better for the flavor if stored in a cool place.

5. How should you drink mead?

There are two ways to serve mead: room temperature or chilled. It depends on the type of mead and how you want your mead to be. You can have chilled dry mead, like a white one. A sweet mead or a fuller-bodied one would be perfect with a meal or as an after-dinner drink. You can even use mead as a base for your favorite cocktail or mix it with some soda water


Choosing the best mead making kit that fits your needs is vital. It should not be overlooked as this will contribute to the drink’s results and act as your partner throughout the mead making process.

If you’re having a hard time choosing, we recommend the HomeBrewStuff One Gallon Nano-Meadery Deluxe Mead Making Kit. Aside from the necessary tools, it already includes honey and other ingredients that enhance the flavor for a more delicious and satisfying finished product. 

If you prefer a simpler kit, try the Must Bee Mead Making Kit. You’ll find the instructions helpful, and you’ll be guided accordingly.

Which best mead making kit did you end up getting? Let us know in the comment section.


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