Pumpkin Wine Is Now Available and It Won't Break the Bank

Pumpkin Wine Is Now Available and It Won't Break the Bank

Wines, especially the flavored ones, can get pretty expensive. There are two major reasons for this - the raw materials are costly, and wines are considered as “luxury” goods.

But here’s some good news. A great-tasting wine but reasonably-priced wine is now making its rounds in liquor shops across the country. Pumpkin Wine from a Wisconsin winery for as little as $13 a bottle. Finally, a wine that we can enjoy without us having to spend a fortune on.

Three Lakes Winery

Pumpkin Wine is manufactured by Wisconsin based winery, Three Lakes. Originally intended as a treat for a local annual Pumpkin fest during October, this smooth and sweet pumpkin-infused wine is now being sold all year round because of its popularity. So, no need to wait for autumn to get a taste of pumpkin goodness.

Three Lakes Winery is the second oldest winery in Wisconsin and well-known for its Original Cranberry Wine which they have been making since 1972. This family-owned winery makes unique and delicious wines made from all-natural fruits and berries so you don’t have to worry about any artificial flavorings in your favorite drink.

Pumpkin Wine

According to Three Lakes’ official website, Pumpkin Wine is made from actual pie pumpkins and share similar qualities with Chardonnay. Three Lakes Pumpkin Wine is great for relaxing moments or get-togethers any day of the year. It is so versatile; you can even enjoy it chilled during warmer seasons and a bit warm for colder weather.

Other Products by Three Lakes

Three Lakes take pride in their wide range of all-natural fruit-infused wines. From the original and best-selling Cranberry Wine and other cranberry-infused flavors to the berry-goodness of Blueberry, Rasberry, Blackberry, and even Elderberry wine varieties, there is a Three Lakes bottle that’s perfect for you.

Also, if you love chocolates as much as you love wines, you can also try their ChocoVine-flavored wines in Original, Vanilla, Dark, and Whipped Cream varieties. Check out their entire collection, here, to see which fruit-infused wine you would like to try next.

All-Natural. Affordable.

Aside from its all-natural ingredients and unique flavour, the best thing about Three Lakes Winery’s Pumpkin Wine is, of course, it’s reasonable price. At only about $13 a bottle, you can enjoy great-tasting wine that’s not only delicious but made healthier too, with no added artificial fruity elements.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the nearest bottle shop in your area to see for yourself if this wine is as good as they say it is.

Three Lakes Winery Pumpkin Wine is available in major liquor shops and retailers across the country.  It is also available to order online. Try to score great discounts as well when you order in any of 6, 12, 24, or 36 bottles. Unfortunately, shipping has been restricted in some states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont because of government regulations.


  • I used to make Pumpkin Jack. It was wonderful but then my house burned down and I lost the specific measurements. It was made in whole pumpkin.


    Joyce C. Brannan

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