Bar Supplies

Bar supplies are essential bar items used to make cocktails, serve drinks, and keep the bar running. Whether you’re starting your own business or you just need to equip your home bar, you can find bar supplies that you need right here.

Bar Glassware



Beer Accessories


Bar Caddies

Cocktail Ingredients

Craft Bartending Jars and Bottles


Cocktail Stirrers / Swizzle Sticks

Cocktail Condiments

Cocktail Picks

Drink Coasters

Bar Mats

Ice Tools & Ice Supplies

Absinthe Mixology

Cleaning Supplies

Smoking Accessories


Different Types of Bar Supplies

Bar Glassware and Drinkware. These can vary from wine glasses to copper mugs. It’s essential for every bartender to be familiar with each type and how to use them. There are also novelty glasses for that special occasion where you need a gift or giveaway at a party. They can be made from glass, plastic, stainless steel, copper, and ceramic.

Wine and Beer Accessories. Drink accessories are a bartender's best friend. Corkscrews and wine servers can determine the essence of the wine, while accessories like wine stoppers can help you preserve open bottles for other occasions. 

Pitchers and beer towers can save you a ton of broken bottles, and it makes for a good centerpiece. You can save a lot of money and the environment with one less broken bottle.

Pourers, Stirrers, Ice Tools, and Supplies. These are bar accessories for your cocktail making. Pourers provide a steady stream-like pour to avoid splashes and extract juices needed for your cocktails.

Stirrers are used for mixing drinks more efficiently with their long thin shape helps distribute the flavors more evenly without the risk of spilling and splashing everywhere. Ice tools are used during or at the end of the process to cool your cocktail.

Bar Caddies, Craft Bartending Jars, and Bottles. There are ways to help you keep your bar organized. If you need a station for your fruits, glass rimmers, or napkins, bar caddies can help you arrange them for a more efficient business.

Jars and bottles are mainly used to store cocktail ingredients and provide a specific style and aesthetic to your bartending needs.

Cocktail Ingredients, Condiments, and Picks. Cocktail items are added at the end or during the mixing process to create that extra spice. Cocktail garnishes, bitter, and syrups are known to concoct that desired flavor, while cocktail picks give that finished look.

The most well-known cocktail garnishes are lemon, lime, and cherries, with the picks these can add the finishing touches to make your drinks aesthetically pleasing. Bitters are generally used to balance out sweet or sour flavors with their bittersweet taste, while syrup does the opposite by enhancing sweet and fruity flavors.

Straws. Drinking straws are used to help you consume your drinks quickly and refreshingly. Most restaurants have opted to use reusable or paper straws as an eco-friendlier option. 

Drink Coasters, Bar Mats, Cleaning Supplies, and Smoking Accessories. These items help maintain and clean your bar. The coasters, bar mats, and smoking accessories protect the bar surface, and the cleaning supplies help with the parts that may have received damages or messes during the time it was being used.

Absinthe Mixology. Absinthe is a special kind of drink that not many people go for. It has a unique serving method to disintegrate a sugar cube on one of its special absinthe spoons.


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