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Beer is the third most popular alcoholic drink in the world. It’s most commonly fermented from malted barley, and the taste is described to be bittersweet. The drink is made from breweries through the process of fermentation.

It’s also one of the oldest known fermented drinks, with records of it dating back as early as 8500 BCE. The first brewery in America opened around the early 17th century in New Amsterdam, later renamed New York.

Now, beer has become a staple in most bars. And while drinking from a bottle is widely accepted, different beer accessories can help you improve and enhance your beer drinking experience. Pitchers, towers, stoppers, and mugs can help boost the beer’s flavor and quality.

Beer Pitchers

Beer Towers

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What do these beer accessories do?

Beer Pitchers. These are containers with a built-in spout used to serve beverages such as beer, cocktails, soda, and non-alcoholic drinks. They’re usually made of plastic, glass, or acrylic material.

Older pitchers were called ewers, and they were used to carry drinking water. They had intricate textile designs that depicted culture and history throughout the years. Pitchers symbolized good news, which is why pitchers are a fitting container for an all-around alcoholic beverage.

Serving beer by the pitcher can be beneficial for both bartenders and customers. Beer is known to cause intoxication, and the effects can cause poor judgment, loss of coordination, and inhibition. This could lead to broken bottles, and using a pitcher reduces the risks of such accidents.

Beer Towers and Beer Taps. Beer towers, much like the pitcher, are used to carry beer and serve it to customers with its built-in tap. The classic beer tap has been seen in famous shows and cartoons. They’re used as a tool to distribute beer into a glass or a pitcher.

A beer tower is a portable keg you can serve on the table. It’s whimsical, fun to use, and customers can limit themselves with a beer tower since they’re potentially sharing one source of beer.

Beer taps are attached to the bar. It has a large source of beer, mainly a keg, and bartenders use it as an efficient way to serve beer. Since beer is a standard order among bars, a quick and accessible method can save everyone a lot of time.

Stoppers and Beer mugs. Other accessories or supplies can help serve and preserve beer better. Stoppers are used to seal bottles if you didn’t finish your drink, while beer mugs are used to serve beer. They’re typically designed to be thick to keep your drink cool for a long time.

Stoppers can come in different designs. They can be as simple as a plug, or they can come equipped with a date tracker, so you can tell when was the last time you drank that beverage. It’s great for bottles that were used for cocktails or for people who are not strong drinkers.

The most popular beer mug is the beer stein. It’s thick, has a convenient handle, and it’s known as the symbol for beer. There are novelty-shaped beer mugs that not only function as a beer mug but can serve as a fun gift for your beer-loving friends.


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