Wine, as we all know, is a drink made from fermented grapes. They’re served during dinner parties, special occasions, and sometimes big events. Wine can be categorized into five, which are red, white, sparkling, and dessert.

The invention of wine can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia, where yeast stuck to the grapes in a container and accidentally fermented the sugar into alcohol. This happy accident has created a new drink and hobby among the wine community.

Serving wine in a particular manner can affect the taste and quality if not done correctly. To help you present the best service, you’ll need accessories such as corkscrews, ice buckets, stoppers, and champagne glasses.

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How can wine accessories serve the best wine?

Corkscrews or Wine Openers. Wine is sealed with a cork. They’re made of bark which means it’s biodegradable, and they’re malleable to the shape of the bottle, which makes it easy to use as a seal.

Corks are used to help wine age better. Compared to the bottle cap, a cork is porous, which can help the oxidation process for the wine throughout the year. High-quality corks can give an excellent taste to the wine, while a low-quality cork could lead to bad-tasting wine or cork pieces inside the wine.

A good corkscrew can minimize the chance of cork pieces falling into the wine. They are built as a singular tool or equipped on a handy bartender’s pocket knife. Their design is a sharp metal twist that can grab the cork and help you pull it out with the handle.

Ice Buckets or Wine Servers. Putting ice in your wine is unheard of and even frowned upon. Not only will it lose its taste through dilution, but the cold temperature can prevent the wine from adequately airing out, resulting in a lousy glass of wine.

Back then, ice was considered a royal commodity. It was imported from glaciers and served to people who could afford it. Now, we can make our ice and use it to cool our wine bottles with it.

When it comes to ice buckets, the first picture that comes to mind is champagne. They’re served in romantic scenes, and it’s used to celebrate a particular milestone. Ice buckets do an excellent job of keeping your wine cool without destroying the taste inside the bottle.

Wine Stoppers and Champagne glasses. This helps preserve the wine’s quality in its own way. Wine stoppers help seal unfinished bottles of wine to maintain the quality and prevent it from over-aging. At the same time, Champagne glasses are designed to have a small opening to preserve the sparkling bubbles.

Stoppers are designed to seal and prevent air from coming into the wine bottle, but they are not necessarily better than wine corks. This is useful for wines used for cocktails or for people who do not drink wine as often.

Champagne glasses are designed explicitly for sparkling wine. The smallmouth prevents the bubbles from escaping, and the aeration process is slowed down so you can enjoy your champagne a bit longer.


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