Drinkware is a bar essential since you can’t serve beverages without a container. They can be made of glass, plastic, polycarbonate, copper, or stainless steel.

The types of drinkware available are club, novelty, plastic, polycarbonate, fun, tiki mixology, or professional drinkware, depending on how you want to represent yourself as a person or your bar as a business.

Shooter Gear & Club Drinkware

Novelty Drinkware

Plastic Cups

Polycarbonate Drinkware

Fun Drinkware

Tiki Mixology

Professional Drinkware

Different Types of Drinkware To Get For Your Bar

Shooter Gear and Club Drinkware. Have you ever watched those cartoons and seen your favorite character gain superpowers by drinking from a test tube? Well, with this drinkware, you can have a fun and safe recreation of that scene.

Toy test tubes are not necessarily the traditional kind of drinkware, but they make an excellent container for themes for parties or your business. Many people tend to enjoy themed bars, and it can lead to free publicity through social media.

Novelty Drinkware. These are perfect for nightclubs and parties, and it’s an excellent gift for people who love to go out partying with their friends. They can add playfulness to the event compared to regular drinkware.

One particular drinkware that people might enjoy is the glow-in-the-dark cups. They look fantastic in nightclubs and look fabulous in pictures.

Plastic Cups. If you’re hosting a big casual party, getting plastic cups in bulk can help you serve as many drinks as you can without worrying about washing the dishes later on. It’s also great for people who are often clumsy and need a less fragile container to use.

Red solo cups are the most notable of plastic cups. Movies and tv shows always show red solo cups as the primary drinkware for college parties and football game night.

Polycarbonate Drinkware. This is another drinkware that might interest your accident-prone friend. Polycarbonate is a glass-like plastic built to be strong and durable. They’re designed to look like professional glass, so your friends will never know.

You can treat your friends and yourself with this drinkware and never have to worry about broken glass in your kitchen.

Fun Drinkware. This type of drinkware is catered to children. They come in fun designs, and they’re made of plastic. It’s perfect for keeping children engaged and hydrated with this amusingly styled drinkware.

Built-in straws also help in avoiding spills and keep your house clean. They may not be easy to store, but they can go a long way with a picky-eater.

Tiki Mixology. In ancient Polynesia, tiki carvings are done to represent a Polynesian god. They’re a significant part of their culture, and now you can appreciate the intricate designs with this drinkware.

Most tiki drinkware is designed without a handle, so keep that in mind when purchasing one for your home. They also come in different pop culture designs for those who like to engage in nerd culture.

Professional Drinkware. These are mainly designed for specific drinks such as Moscow mules or mint juleps. Copper mugs are used to keep drinks cold for a long time with their effective thermal conductivity.

Julep cups are traditionally used for special occasions and to serve mint Juleps. They’re made of stainless steel, and they have a detailed design on the seam.


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