Bar Caddies

Bar caddies are essential in keeping your items arranged and organized. They provide a convenient and efficient way to quickly access tools and ingredients that you may need in the bar.

Traditional bars can be traced back to ancient Babylon, where high-priced beverages were served in alehouses. As time went on, alehouses became taverns to saloons to what we know today, and the only constant fact is that they are a business. Businesses need to be organized to function correctly, or you wouldn’t be as effective.

Having an organized workspace can give a good flow, be more productive, and keep your customers happy and quenched. There are different kinds of bar caddies that serve a purpose: fruit trays, napkin caddies, and glass rimmers.

Garnish Centers / Fruit Trays

Napkin Caddies

Salt / Sugar Glass Rimmers


Why do you need bar caddies?

Garnish Centers or Fruit trays. These are containers that can keep your sliced fruits in one area. They can be made of plastic or metal, and they can be used to store or serve fruit and vegetable slices.

It’s essential to have a garnish center in your working bar. The fruits and vegetables are in one area, so there’s less of a chance that they’ll get contaminated. In addition, you can use these to store a plethora of sliced fruit in the fridge rather than have them in individual baggies. 

Having fruits pre-prepared can save you time and energy for the day when the schedule and the number of customers become hectic. This is especially useful for events, holidays, and special occasions.

Napkin Caddies. These are containers or racks that keep your napkins organized, and it lets customers know where they can get their clean napkins. They can be made of metal, acrylic, or plastic.

Napkin Caddies are a bar essential. It eliminates the need for customers to approach the bar for napkins, and it encourages customers to clean up after themselves to minimize your cleaning time when the day or night ends.

Keep in mind that some customers will take extra napkins with them, so be sure to keep your napkin caddies in an area where you can see them. Not only it’ll discourage customers from taking all your supplies, but it will let you know when you need to restock or refill your caddies.

Salt/ Sugar Glass Rimmers. These are containers to help you rim or line your glass with sugar or salt. It’s a cleaner way to dress your drinks with sugar, and you don’t waste any ingredients since it’s a container exclusively for glass rimming.

Even though salt and sugar is an affordable item, saving every penny can help your business grow. It also lessens food wastes which in turn can slow the process of global warming.

You can use glass rimmers for other ingredients such as chocolate, sprinkles, and other powder-like garnishes. This helps with creativity, and you don’t need to wash as many plates since you can just put the glass rimmer away in a safe and secure area.


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