You might be familiar with wine decanters, but did you know that there are decanters for other liquors, too? Decanters are glass or crystal vessels that vary in shape and size, which holds alcohol that possibly has sediments. When decanting wine, those sediments separate from the alcohol by letting them sit for some time.

Decanters also enhance the aroma and flavors of liquors. They can also be used to elevate the aesthetics of your spirits and expose them to oxygen, breaking the complex flavors of the alcohol and allowing the drinker to appreciate the authentic tastes.

Wine Decanters

Whiskey Decanters

Types of Decanters

  • Wine Decanters are made to decant full-bodied red wines or vintage wines. They usually have long necks that widen to the base, allowing better aeration to soften tannins and break down complex flavors in the wine. They vary in size, shape, material, and unique features. Unlike whiskey decanters, wine decanters usually do not have a lid or cover because oxygen does not take any part in whiskey decanters.
  • Whiskey Decanters. Whiskey in its original bottle is already ready for serving. They have no tannins to soften and no sediments to separate from the liquid. 

    Whiskey decanters serve no other purpose but provide a sturdier vessel and elevate aesthetics. Whiskey decanters have elegant designs that make the whiskey pleasing to the eyes and give off a sophisticated vibe.

    There is not much effect for whiskey decanters, no matter how long you leave your whiskey inside them. However, crystal whiskey decanters are not advisable because they might cause some alteration to the taste of your whiskey, and they are more fragile. That may take long before happening, so you can still use it if you want.

There are many more types of decanters for different liquors. However, the two decanters mentioned above are the most common. Other liquors don’t need to undergo decanting, so you will not commonly see them.

Other factors to consider when choosing your decanters are:

  • Materials. For wine decanters, both glass and crystal work well. However, glass wine decanters are more prevalent as they are more durable. On the other hand, crystal and crystal with lead are not highly advisable for whiskey decanters.
  • Stopper. For whiskey decanters, make sure that your stopper is air-tight. Although oxygen will not affect the quality of your whiskey, it would be unhygienic to leave them open. Some wine decanters have stoppers for preventing dirt from entering the vessel; However, they are not always used.
  • Surface area. It doesn’t matter for whiskey decanters, but to let as much oxygen as needed for tannins to soften, wine decanters need to have an expansive surface area. 
  • Price. Expensive decanters are always attributed to high-quality functioning. However, you don’t need to go past your budget to get a good decanter. Choose a decanter that suits your needs at a reasonable price.

Drinking is fun and memorable if you have the proper glassware that elevates your liquor's experience, taste, and aesthetics.

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