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20 Boozy Cocktail Scented Candles That Elevate Your Senses

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A way to relive a specific memory is through exposing yourself to a particular scent. So if you want to reminisce that night where you were having fun at the club with your friends, these best cocktail scented candles might just do the trick.

No matter the situation, cocktail scented candles are a unique way to enjoy your favorite alcoholic drinks without getting drunk. We listed some of the best booze-scented candles, from wine, whiskey, beer to your favorite mojito, that you can savor at home or give as a present to your loved ones.

Our Top Picks

Jack Daniels Whiskey Candle

Longest Burn Hours - Jack Daniels Whiskey Candle

F*ck That - Sloe Gin Fizz Scented Candle

Most Creative Name - F*ck That - Sloe Gin Fizz Scented Candle

Gilded Muse Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Candle

Best Design - Glided Muse Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Scented Candle

1. Mint Julep Cocktail Scented Candle

 Mint Julep Candle, a plant, and liquor on a wooden table 

The Mint Julep cocktail scented candle is a dream come true for its founder and Chief Candlemaker, Tiffany Boyte Almes. She moved from Tennessee to Kentucky, where she fell in love with the culture and the place.

After receiving a gift of pewter mint julep cups, she had this bright idea to create a candle that combines the traditional Kentucky Derby cocktail and a historical racing item. This candle has a fragrance of rich Kentucky bourbon with hints of woodsy and fruity notes on a vanilla musk background, balanced with a crisp and refreshing mint fragrance.

The Mint Julep cocktail scented candle is also 100% phthalate-free, which means that it is made from all-natural ingredients. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about carcinogens, toxins, and other chemicals that are harmful to your health.

2. Mimosa Cocktail Scented Candle

Mimosa Candle with berries and lemon
Mimosa Candle (Spring Seasonal)

Rewined started because of a guy who realized that the restaurant he used to work at wasted too many wine bottles. So, he came up with this genius idea to recycle the wine bottles and use them to create candles with wine scents. 

Since then, his business has expanded and become a successful company in the present. Mimosa cocktail scented candle is one of their most unique products because of its signature champagne effervescence with a mixture of freshly squeezed orange. 

Aromas are also personalized to imitate your preferred wine varietal and can be enjoyed for more than 70 hours. This candle is handmade from a reused wine bottle and is produced using all-natural soy wax.

Other notable products from Rewined are Sangria, Bellini, and French 75.

3. Brunch Wine Scented Candle

Brunch candle with berries

Brunch is an innovative product made by Wax Cabin to leave a mark in the world. Jennifer Gunn, the company's founder, aims to infuse her art in various things anytime and anywhere. And this wine-scented candle is proof that she can definitely do that!

Wax Cabin wants to light up our rooms with well-crafted products that remind us (through scent) of the things that we enjoy in life, such as wine. Through this candle, you’ll experience the fragrance of chardonnay, fresh roses, grapefruits, and blood oranges.

Besides Brunch, some other bestsellers of Wax Cabin include the Boozy Collection, Cozy Cabin, and Peach Bellini.

4. Mojito Cocktail Scented Candle

Mojito Candle

Malin and Goetz wanted to produce the most effective and healthy products in the market. Using natural ingredients and the latest technology, they created sustainable formulation with the best packaging practices.

One great product from their company is the Mojito cocktail scented candle, a mixture of freshly muddled mint and crushed lime. Lightness is added through the infusion of freesia, jasmine, and lavender. 

Cardamom is mixed to add spice, and there is a warmth of musk from cedarwood and tonka bean. The candle’s aroma will take you back to the time when you can enjoy your mojito under the tropical sun.

Besides this cocktail scented candle, some other notable products are cannabis candle, leather candle, dark rum candle, and other plant scented candles.

5. Scotch Ale Beer Scented Candle

 Lighting of Scotch Ale Candle

The couple behind Damn Handsome had an unquenchable thirst for craft beer. And after knowing the process behind making their favorite drink, they realized how many ingredients go to waste.

The couple then realized that they could reuse those ingredients in other products. Thus, the Scotch Ale Candle was born. This beer-scented candle is an excellent mixture of allspice, tobacco, and vetiver that provides a warm, rich smell. 

It is made from 100% soy, which is an all-natural carbon material. To help the environment, we recommend reusing and recycling the candle and its packaging materials.

Besides the Scotch Ale, their other best-selling candles are Future F**king Planter, Holiday, and Hearts Club, all made from carbon-neutral resources.

6. Champagne Brunch Scented Candle

Champagne Brunch

Every creation of AYDRY & Co is based on appreciating artistic craftsmanship, landscape, nature, and beautiful moments in life. It is an inspirational gift denoting the elegance of mindfulness, love, and self-care.

One of their top products is Champagne Brunch, which offers a clean, long-lasting burn and a fascinating experience through amazing fragrances. It is made using 100% natural wood from trees in the USA. Whenever the candle is not being used, you can store it in its black tin container with a lid to protect the wax from dust.

The champagne-scented candle’s coconut and sparkling wine heart notes will make you feel like you're on vacation. Meanwhile, its peach and strawberry top scented will let you imagine that you are happily squandering time at an afternoon picnic.

Champagne Brunch is handcrafted and can brighten up a small room for about 20 hours. Other must-buy candles of AYDRY & Co are White Tea and Japanese Yuzu.

7. Vintage Merlot Wine Scented Candle

Vintage Merlot Wine Candle
VINTAGE MERLOT Scented Brew Candle (jammy + rich + bright)

This wine-scented candle came from humble beginnings. The founders of Swag Brewery were two Minnesota-born, beer-obsessed friends who decided to build their own company instead of working for someone else. 

The Vintage Merlot Wine Candle is one of their best products, and it is the perfect gift for all wine lovers. It is crafted with a lead-free wick and a soy wax blend. The company is also helping Mother Nature by using recycled beer bottles as containers for the candles.

Check out some of Swag Brewery’s other fantastic candles, such as Kentucky Bourbon, Hard Cider, and Vanilla Porter. By purchasing their products, you will help small businesses and support American-made goods, such as craft wine, beer, and whiskey culture.

8. F*ck That - Sloe Gin Fizz Cocktail Scented Candle

Sloe Gin Fizz Scented Candle

Yeah, that’s really the name of the cocktail scented candle made by Whiskey River Soap Co. This witty company aims to provide quality products that can make you laugh. 

This handmade candle has a Sloe Gin Fizz scent and was created using 100% soy wax that can burn for up to 40 hours.

The company also has other best-selling candles that you should try, including A Candle for Cat People, A Candle for Dog People, A Candle for Zero Fucks, Salty Bitches, and I Fucking Love You.

9. Jack Daniels Whiskey Candle

Jack Daniels Whisky Candle

Marcie Manfredonia-Siciliano’s family suffered from asthma and allergies and needed non-toxic, eco-friendly, and long-lasting candles. But they cannot find a particular candle that fits their needs, so she decided to build Custom Candle Co.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Candle is their top seller, and it is due it having top-notch qualities. It has a whiskey or bourbon scent and is made from all-natural soy and paraben-free, making it entirely safe to use.

Unlike other candles on this list, this whiskey-scented candle is available in a 1L size and can brighten the room for about 200 hours. Another fantastic feature about this candle is that you can personalize it based on your favorite scent, the color you prefer, and the wick type you like.

Custom Candle Co. has other fantastic candles that you should try, some of which are: Zodiac, Ceramic, and Musical.

10. Aged Whiskey Scented Candle

Whiskey Candle

Makers of Wax Goods aims to create high-quality and handcrafted candles in California inspired by nature and life's simple pleasures. Each fragrance is chosen for its high quality and ability to provide an exceptional aromatic experience.

This booze-scented candle has a fragrance of aged whiskey with hints of mossy woods and sweet ripened fruit. It can enlighten up your home for about 36 hours. 

Other fantastic scents from the Makers of Wax Goods that you should are: On The Rocks, Cold Brew, and Cigar Lounge.

11. Lemon Drop Martini Cocktail Scented Candle


Malicious Women Candle Co - The Badass in Me Honors The Badass in You, Lemon Drop Martini Infused with Mutual Respect, All-Natural Soy Candle, 9 oz


Lemon Drop Martini

The story of Malicious Women Co. cannot be expressed in simple words alone because the founder has been through so much. She lost her friend, Laura, due to depression. Her therapist suggested finding a hobby to cope with the loss, so she decided to create the perfect candle to honor her.

Years of discussion with Laura led to the appellation "Malicious Women." The two used to share what they should have said in awkward circumstances if they were just a little more malicious. It was an inside joke between them.

Malicious Women Co. personalizes the experience with their candles by allowing you to choose your preferred label for their Lemon Drop Martini cocktail scented candle that features a blend of tart and sugary-sweet goodness. Laura's appreciation of typewriters is also reflected in the type font on the labels.

To honor her memory, Malicious Women Co. donates a portion of its proceeds to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

12. The Happy Hour Alcohol Scented Candles

Happy Hour Alcohol Scented Candles

“Not On The High Street” is a partnership with more than 5,000 best small creative businesses in the UK that offers one-of-a-kind, sleek, and never-before-seen items. 

One of those creative businesses, The Country Candle Company, offers these boozy candles that are handmade, vegan, and vegetarian with metallic art deco designs. There are various alcohol scents to choose from, including:

No matter what fragrance you choose, you will enjoy the experience because these cocktail scented candles are excellent as home decor, table toppers, and gifts to family and friends.

13. Black Plum Cognac Candle

WW Black Plum Cognac
WoodWick Medium Hourglass Candle Black Plum Cognac

If Custom Candle Co. started because of a mother’s love, Yankee Candle was born due to a son’s love for his Mum. 

He created a candle using everyday materials (household wax, string, a red crayon, and a milk carton) to give his mother a unique and personalized gift. Now, Yankee Candle is a worldwide brand that even expanded in Europe.

One of their top products is Black Plum Cognac, which exudes an earthy scent with blackberry and black plum notes soaked in brandy. It can brighten up a room for up to 50 hours.

14. Gilded Muse Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Candle

Gilded Muse Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco Candle
Capri Blue Muse Tin Candle - 12.5 Oz - Pink Grapefruit and Prosecco

Capri Blue, the creator behind this gorgeous candle, understands that people are different in various ways. The company designs products for all types of moods to find the best one that suits you no matter what you are feeling.

One of their best creations is the stunning Pink Grapefruit & Prosecco candle that allows you to indulge in the aroma of mimosa flowers, violet, and grapefruit. It is placed in an elegant rose gold metallic container, making it a crowd favorite. Plus, the candle can lighten up your home for about 65 hours.

Check out their other unique candles, such as the Volcano and Citrus & Violet Haze in faceted jars.

15. Chardonnay Scented Candles

Chardonnay Candles by Lovespoon Candles

These alcohol-scented candles were made by a company known for producing high-end candles. Lovespoon Candles seeks to create products with lavish packaging designs complemented by the most enticing scents that are likely to enthrall even the most discerning critics.

One of their best-selling products is Chardonnay Candle. It is handmade using the best soy wax available and natural essential oils, making it a fantastic gift for all the wine lovers in your life. This candle emanates rich fragrances for roughly 60 hours with a crisp mixture of berries and white grapes.

Another great thing about Lovespoon Candles is that they donate some of their proceeds to Feeding Children Everywhere, which provides meals to hungry children in America. 

Besides this boozy scented candle, they also offer food-scented candles, such as Red Velvet Cake Candle, Vanilla Bean Candle, and Banana Nut Bread Candle.

16. Chardonnay Signature Scented Candles

Chardonnay Signature Scented Candles by Illuminations

Wally Arnold, the founder of Illuminations, started this company because he desired to share his enthusiasm for candles. Even if the company has a new owner now, they still provide the best quality products that transform rooms into improved working and living areas.

Chardonnay Signature Scented Candle is one of their best creations. This fruity, unoaked white wine-inspired candle bursts with ripe tropical guava, tangy apricot, fresh pineapple, Bosc pear, nutty vanilla, and citrus lemon zest fragrances.

It is made from pure apricot wax and natural coconut blend, with a high concentration of natural oils and delicate scents. The candle delivers an abundance of aroma and a clean burn with its all-cotton wick. Its clear, frosted glass container holds 10 ounces of wax, which can enlighten your home for about 60 to 70 hours.

17. Patron Tequila Candle

 Patron Tequila Candle

Assia Vanian, the founder and CEO of Cream Candle Co., started her business due to her passion for candles. CREAM stands for Candles Rule Everything Around Me! that definitely shows her love for this craft.

Assia loves to buy soy candles, but she decided to make her own since they are pretty expensive. And her hobby turned into the successful company that she now owns. 

Their Patron Tequila Candle is made with all-natural soy wax that is eco-friendly and burns up to 200 hours. You also have various scents to choose from, from amber, lavender, peach nectar, and vanilla to ocean breeze.

18. Sidecar Cocktail Scented Candle

Sidecar Candle
Wixology Cocktail Inspired Bourbon Candle - Sidecar Scent

Wixology Candle Co. was built by a circle of friends who share a passion for handmade goods, sustainability, and commitment to their community. They started selling candles that have the aromas of Kentucky bourbon-based cocktails.

The Sidecar cocktail scented candle is enjoyable all year long. Its smooth, brandy fragrance balances the intensity of the citrus explosion created by fresh lemon juice and bitter-sweet oranges.

It was created using 100% plant-based wax, a unique mixture of soy and coconut. Your safety is also guaranteed because the candle uses phthalate-free fragrance oils and hemp-core wicks free of lead.

Wixology Candle Co. also offers various cocktail scented candles that you can try. Some of their best-sellers include Whiskey Sour, Nightcap, and Mint Julep. 

19. Boozy Mermaid Cocktail Scented Candles

Mermaid Mimosa Candle

Southern Twist Cocktails was born because of Rochelle Jones’s passion for mixology. She created “The Boozy Mermaid,” a line of handmade drinkware and barware. Rochelle also produced notable cocktail programs and garnered many awards and recognitions.

The latest addition to her Boozy Mermaid line-up is the Boozy Mermaid Cocktail Scented Soy Candles. One scent under this group is Mermaid Mimosa that exudes blackberry, blueberry, orange, raspberry, and sparkling wine notes.

Each candle is placed inside a glass jar with a rose gold PVC lid, and a label with metallic rose gold foil accents. The candle is beautifully decorated with a seashell on its top that includes a lovely handcrafted wine charm.

Besides Mermaid Mimosa, there are other different scents that you can try, which are:

  • Blood Orange Sangria
  • Melon Margarita
  • Southern Paradise Punch
  • Sparkling Rosé
  • Strawberry Mojito

These best cocktail scented candles can be enjoyed for about 40 to 50 hours and are perfect gifts for any cocktail and candle lovers.

20. Bourbon Candle

Bourbon Candle

The initial products of Soap Distillery are soaps, but they decided to offer cocktail-scented variants to stand out from other businesses. And because of their success, they started to provide various other products like the Bourbon Candle.

Perfect for bourbon whiskey lovers, the candle’s aroma is a mixture of smoked oak wood, a hint of sweetness from the vanilla, and a sprinkle of different spices. It also offers a clean-burning experience as it is made from soy wax and cotton wicks. You can savor its scent for approximately 40 hours.

Besides the Bourbon candle, Soap Distillery also offers Lavender Paloma and Beer + Cigarettes scented candles. Both of which have gained favorable reviews from customers.


The best cocktail scented candles are perfect for homes and as gifts for liquor enthusiasts because they bring a comfortable and relaxing ambient. With various options to choose from, we know that deciding which one to buy can be challenging. 

But no matter which one you pick, you will surely love the experience. So, which cocktail scented candle is your favorite? Do you know other liquor-scented candles that should be on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.


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