CBD-Infused Cocktail: The Best Drink To Reduce Stress

CBD-Infused Cocktail: The Best Drink To Reduce Stress

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Combining work, personal life, hobbies, and family is quite stressful nowadays. Pandemic has brought strain to everyone, which others deal with by staying under lock and key. Unfortunately, some people look for solace and relaxation in substance addiction.

According to the newest available statistical data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2017, about 20 million Americans won the fight against substance addiction. About 40% of them were struggling to overcome drug abuse. Also, approximately 8.5 million of these individuals had co-occurring mental disorders.

Circling back to different methods of relaxation, it is essential to highlight that the trends change willy-nilly. While vaping was the “flavor of the month” years ago, vape oil has come forward nowadays. What’s more, CBD is getting popular. CBD-infused food has a better record than CBD vape oil because it does not involve vaping, which was proven to be dangerous to your mental and physical health.


What is CBD?

Many doubt the use of CBD when it comes to health. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the components of marijuana. The other name of CBD is medical marijuana, which doctors can prescribe for those in need. 

Nobody can object to the fact that CBD possesses some beneficial features for human wellbeing. The most common symptoms that CBD helps to fight against are anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, and stress. Simultaneously, medicines based on CBD should only be taken after a doctor examines the patient's health.

Where did CBD-infused food originate?Cannabis Coffee - Marijuana Leaf on Coffee Foam

Some people say it came from Europe. The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has always been famous for its "coffee shops,” where one could buy marijuana-infused sweets and drinks. 

Others claim that the best CBD vape juice has become the first step to popularise cannabidiol among Americans. No matter who's in the right, the result is that vaping CBD, eating CBD, and drinking CBD have become some of the most popular activities among those starving for relaxation.

CBD Cocktails for Relaxation

Many people tend to drink after work or have a glass of wine in the evening. In any case, the habit is not good because it was proven that there is no safe dose of alcohol. Even the best CBD vape oil poses some risks because you are involved in the vaping process. CBD-infused cocktails partially solve this problem, especially if you do not use alcohol in them.

As mentioned, CBD should only be used if your doctor allows you to, and his decision will base on a thorough check-up. Here is one of the simplest and delicious CBD cocktails you can prepare for those willing to try it.

“Simple Sweet Joy” Recipe

Simple Joy CBD Cocktail

What can be better than a sip of sweet delight after a hard-working day? These easy instructions will show you how to reach highs in a few simple steps.

  1. Mash some mint leaves with the help of a muddler.
  2. Mix it with syrup and some CBD oil. You also have the option to add bourbon
  3. Pour the substance into a chilled glass. Choose the most beautiful glass you have.
  4. Top it with pebble ice.
  5. Enjoy your CBD experience!

One of the best features of this cocktail is its appearance. Another great thing about it is its sweetness, which launches the relaxing process right after the first sip. 

However, the most important thing is the CBD addition that will naturally calm you after drinking the beverage. Adding CBD in cocktails will not spoil it because this chemical hardly has any flavor. Enjoy your drink!



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