7 different Glasses filled with beer

5 Reasons To Start Using Different Glasses For Various Beer Types

7 different Glasses filled with beer

The rising popularity of craft beers has bought more people into the beer-drinking hobby. Along with that, drinkers are becoming more discriminating when quaffing their favorite hops. One of the many quirks among beer drinkers is using different glasses for different types of beer

Nowadays, you’re not a beer fan if you use the same glass for different beers. Some people think using other glasses for drinking different types of beer is pointless. But there’s art and science behind it. Here are the reasons why matching beer glass to beer type is crucial:

1. More Appealing Presentation 

When it comes to food styling, chefs and foodies use different plates. Just like food, beer requires excellent visual presentation. Drinking beer would be a lot more enjoyable if the beverage in front of you looks enticing. Like eating, drinking involves not just the taste buds but also the eyes. 

That said, there are many types of beer glasses for different beer types. No glass can perform as an all-around beer container. The shape of the glass can affect the appearance of the beer. For example, glasses with wider mouths cannot retain the beer head or froth on top, so your beer will look dull like an ordinary beverage.

2. Maximize Aroma

Your sense of smell plays a vital role in how your palate will react to what you put in your mouth. The smell of detergent or dirty glasses can ruin your drink. The same is true if the beer’s smell has dissipated. The scent is mainly trapped in the froth. The more bubbles you have, the more aroma lingers in your drink.  

The shape of the glass can impact the way your beer smells. For instance, if you’re drinking hoppy beers with intense aromas, it would be best to use a tulip-shaped drinking glass. It will trap more of the beer scent and make your drinking experience more stimulating to your senses. 

3. Durability 

You want a glass that’s durable enough to survive the occasion. If you’re all alone drinking at home, you can choose a goblet or even a tulip glass. But if you’re drinking lager or ale in a pub where rowdy, celebratory toasts are often made, then you need a sturdier container. 

Some drinkers can’t avoid banging their glasses on the bar or table after raising their glasses. Hence, the typical containers in bars are tankards and mugs with thick glass, which became the standard when pouring lagers and ales.

4. Easy Grip and Handling

Friends using beer glasses

Apart from the glass material, you want a beer container that can be easily gripped or held in your hand. Suppose that you’re at a party where only English-style beers are served, and you need to go around to meet different groups of people with beer in your hand.

Further, assume there are no loud celebratory toasts to make, so you don’t need heavy glass mugs. An affair like this would call for Imperial pint glasses

These are conical glasses with a noticeable outward bulge about one-third down from the mouth of the glass. The bulge allows for a comfortable non-slip grip when carrying the glass around. It also makes it easy for drinkers to tilt the container when pouring so that the beer will hit the glass sides. It prevents the beer from becoming too frothy. 

5. Temperature Control 

There’s a reason why champagne is served in flutes or stem glasses. The shape of the glass helps maintain the fizz and the right temperature. The same is true for beers. Bold and strong beers generally don’t need to be served ice cold. 

On the other hand, it may be preferable to drink pale lager beers or fruity ales cold. Serving such beers in a stemmed glass prevents your hand from unintentionally raising the beer temperature. Another option may be insulated or double-walled pints.


Matching beer glass to beer type is not just a minor quirk among beer drinkers. On the contrary, the right glass will improve presentation, aroma, and taste. It will even prevent you from spilling your drink.

The right beer glasses are essential to turn an ordinary beer night into an unforgettable experience. Did we convince you to start using different glasses for different beers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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