Best Copper Mugs For Gin And Tonic

5 Best Copper Mugs For Gin And Tonic In 2023: Top Choices Reviewed

Copper Mugs For Gin And Tonic

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Gin and tonic is something made up of gin and tonic water which is altogether poured along with ice. The ratio of gin to water varies and depends on individual’s taste, strength of the spirit or other cocktails added. Such a concoction is usually served in a highball glass, but you can also use Moscow mule copper mugs.

Gin and tonic is originally served and garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. This cocktail has its roots in India where the east India company introduced it. In this article, we shall get to know about the best copper mugs which are best to serve gin and tonic. You can serve this cocktail in a ceramic container but the flavors come out better when you have it inside a copper mug.

Our Top Picks

Advanced Mixology Gift Set of 4 Copper Mugs

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Best Overall - Advanced Mixology Gift Set of 4 Copper Mugs

Premium Choice - Alandia 2x Premium Copper Mugs

Best Budget-Option: Advanced Mixology Copper Mugs with Vodka shot glass

The Best Copper Mugs for Gin and Tonic

1. Advanced Mixology Copper Mugs

 Advanced Mixology Copper Mugs
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Probably the finest copper mugs in the market. These Advanced mixology copper mugs are among the highest rated copper mugs and the reason is very simple, they provide their users with the highest quality copper mugs. All the copper mugs are very well suited to serve gin tonic. Each mug goes through a 32 point quality check to maintain the best standard quality.

Each copper mug is made using 22 gauge, 100% copper sheets and there is no filler metal added or a metal lining inside the copper mug. These copper mugs are mastered to precision by hardworking craftsmen that have been doing this since last 10 years. Each of this mug takes around 72 hours to design.

This can be one of your finest gifts you can give to your near and dear ones. All the copper mugs come with a lifetime warranty and are one of the best in class value for money items available online.


  • High quality material used and 32 point quality check
  • Made using 100% copper sheets
  • Added bonus of 2 straws and 1 shot glass
  • Lifetime guarantee

2. A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

A29 Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
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When you pour gin and tonic into a copper mug, the content inside the drink reacts with the copper metal to create a unique taste. These copper mugs by A29 are perfect for enjoying a gin and tonic. These mugs are made from 100% food grade copper which is totally safe to consume. All the copper mugs go through a rigorous testing process to ensure top notch quality.

These copper mugs are handcrafted and hammered by hand to get a beautiful shape. The whole structure is supported using a brass handle and if by any means the user is not satisfied then they refund you your money. The whole set has 4 copper mugs, 4 pure copper straws, a shot glass and a recipe booklet with a gift box.

This set can become a very beautiful gift box and can be given on any occasion. Each mug comes with the original capacity of 16 oz. and you can use them serve gin and tonic.


  • Made from food grade 100% Copper
  • Original holding capacity of 16 oz.
  • Comes with copper straws, a shot glass and free recipe booklet
  • Comes in a beautiful box

3. Advanced Mixology Gift Set of 4 Copper Mugs

Advanced Mixology Gift Set of 4 Copper Mugs
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There are various copper mugs options on the market but many of them have impurity in terms of addition of materials like nickel, tin or other materials. This set by advanced mixology comes in a set of 4 copper mugs, a bonus shot glass and 4 copper straws all at a value for money price. These mugs come in the original capacity of 16 ounces and have a hammered design.

These mugs come with a lifetime warranty which also established a trust among potential users. These mugs are a great way to serve gin tonic as the purity of copper metal is important for the drink to react and create a unique flavor. All these cups have a lacquer coating that protects the copper mugs from any tarnish.

As an ongoing offer, along with a set of 4 copper mugs, you receive free 4 pure copper straws, 4 coasters and a shot glass for the same price. So go ahead and order yourself a beautiful set of Advanced mixology copper mugs that are suitable for gin and tonic, Moscow mule and other cocktails drinks. They also make for a really cool gift irrespective of the occasion.


  • 100 Pure copper mugs without any added alloy metal
  • Coated with food grade Lacquer
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Original holding capacity of 16oz

4. Premium Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

Premium Copper Mug for Moscow Mule

The copper mug by Alandia is not pure copper but made from copper plated stainless steel. The copper mug has a filling capacity of 13.5 oz. and can be used for a lot of drinks like Moscow mule and specially for gin and tonic. These copper mugs make for a great gift since each set of such copper mugs come with a protective and decorative brown paper packaging.

Once you look inside the mug, you can find a beautiful logo engraved. The mug has a food grade plating which is very important as it ensures safety. This copper mug is also safe for the purpose of hand wash and regularly taking care of it ensures its longevity.

When guests come over, you can be very proud of yourself by serving them gin and tonic in a copper mug and be ready to hear compliments as it looks really surreal serving them in a copper mug.


  • Durable Copper plated stainless steel mug
  • Not 100% copper as it may be allergic to a few
  • Engraved Logo at the bottom
  • Suitable for hand wash

5. Alandia 2x Premium Copper Mug

Alandia 2x Premium Copper Mug

Alandia’s premium 2x premium copper mug set comes with two high grade copper mugs, once ice cube mold that is BPA-free and makes for a great bar accessory. You can use this for serving gin tonic and Moscow mule and other cocktails. These XXL ice cubes will be of enough size to cool down your cocktail drink. They are of size 2x2 inches.

You may have often pondered over the fact that gin tonic always tastes better at a bar. The reason is simple, at bar they simply add more ice cubes. At home, people worry that they may end up watering the whole thing down but you shouldn’t worry. Use bigger ice and the drink will taste similar like at a bar.

One thing that makes this copper mug different from other is the way it is packaged. These copper mugs come in a nice brown paper box and the entire look seems very beautiful, especially if you are gifting this to someone on an occasion.


  • Food Grade copper plated steel
  • Top notch packaging using brown paper box
  • Mug engraved with logo at the bottom
  • XXL Ice Cube mold


Gin and tonic is a drink that's very easy but making it perfect may take some time. You can use many different ways to serve this cocktail drink but the only way for you to impress your guests will be to serve it in a copper mug. The reason is pretty simple, gin and tonic is a classic cocktail drink and if you serve it in a metal like copper, the alcohol will react along with lemon to create a unique flavor that can be tasted in this metal only.


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