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Whether you are on the beach enjoying the mighty ocean or at your “spot” binge-watching Netflix, keeping your favorite drinks within your reach is always a plus. 

So, we reviewed the best beverage coolers and included a buying guide. Hopefully, this list will give you a pretty good idea of which product to choose and how to spend your money.

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Our Top Picks

NewAir Beverage Cooler with several bottled and canned drinks
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Best Capacity - NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler

Huge 126 cans storage
Quiet compressor
7 temperature settings

Best Novelty Design - Beistle Inflatable Boom Box Beverage Cooler

Unique 80’s hip-hop design
High quality
Decent size

Best Mobility - Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Beverage Cooler Cart

Keeps any drink cold for 36 hours
4 multi-directional wheels
Good stability

1. Whynter BR-091WS Beverage Cooler

Whynter BR-091WS Beverage Cooler with various canned drinks

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds up to 90 cans
  • Mechanical temperature control 
  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Soft interior LED lighting
  • Makes a bit of noise
  • No back cover; exposed electrical wires

What Customers Have To Say 

According to an Amazon shopper, this beverage cooler is worth the investment with a fun little perk. The cooler has soft interior LED lighting and can hold up to 90 pieces of 12oz. cans. She also likes that she can store various beverages while being able to control the temperature accordingly.

Whynter BR-091WS Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

The Whynter BR-091WS beverage cooler can hold 90 cans of standard-sized drinks. Although it can keep this much, it only takes up a small room and is easy to clean. Moreover, the cooler uses a trimmed glass door so that you can enjoy the view. The door is also equipped with a cylinder lock and two keys. So if you plan to decorate your room with subtle lighting or keep the pressure off your regular refrigerator, this is one of the best beverage coolers for you.

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking to keep your drinks together, this beverage cooler will help you do that with elegance. The Whynter BR-091WS uses a cylinder lock to safeguard your drinks from unauthorized access. The performance is excellent with a modern design. The lighting adds another layer of positive reinforcement. If your checklist contains one or more of these elements, then you should choose this one. 

2. NewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler

NewAir Beverage Cooler with several bottled and canned drinks

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 Pros Cons
  • Huge 90-can storage
  • 7 temperature settings
  • Removable storage racks
  • Freestanding design
  • Makes noise

What Customers Have To Say 

Some of the Amazon reviewers stated that this beverage cooler has a minimalistic look and works great. They also suggested putting beer bottles up at the cooler’s top to enjoy a frosty and fantastic feeling. Another group of reviewers suggested not to put the beverage cooler on the floor as it is a bit too low.

NewAir AB-850 Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

The NewAir beverage cooler has a slick-looking body and LED lighting for that lovely show in your kitchen or bar area at night. This beverage cooler can chill cans and bottles of drinks up to 37 degrees, making it one of the coolest fridges on the market. Moreover, the shelves inside are adjustable and removable to create customized storage for oversized beverages. 

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for the coldest beverage cooler in town, look no further. With its freestanding design, you can use it immediately after opening the box. Just simply plug in the cooler and place your drinks inside. Moreover, the advanced thermostat will provide you with an additional layer of control over your drinks’ temperature.

3. Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Beverage Roller Cart

Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Beverage Roller Cart with drinks

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Pros Cons
  • Stores up to 70 cans or 50+ bottles
  • Keeps any drink cold for 36 hours
  • 4 multi-directional wheels
  • Good stability
  • Made of fragile material that needs extra care

What Customers Have To Say 

Most of the Amazon buyers said that the Giantex 80 is one of the best beverage cooler carts they have ever tried. According to them, it has a beautiful appearance and is lightweight. They also furthered that the cooler has a much larger chamber with more storage space than needed.

Why We Think It’s Great

The Giantex 80 beverage cooler stores up to 70 bottles and more than 50 cans of drinks. The large interior can host wine bottles and other massive bottled beverages. Another great feature about this beverage cooler is that it can keep any drink chilled for 36 hours. 

The ergonomically designed beverage cooler cart has its bottle opener, hat catcher, and drain plug. It also comes with handles on both sides to be carried easily. Its sleek design makes it a must-have at outdoor parties.

Who Should Buy It

This beverage cooler is perfect for those who are fond of small parties or family gatherings. Since it will be a hassle to go inside the house to bring out the drinks, this cooler cart can save you time and energy.

4. Igloo 31377 Sports Beverage Cooler

Igloo Sports Beverage Cooler in blue

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 Pros Cons
  • 2-gallon capacity
  • Sturdy swing up handle
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Leak and spill-free
  • Extended cooling period
  • It can be quite heavy

What Customers Have To Say 

According to the customer review from Amazon, this beverage cooler is very sturdy and most comfortable to carry. He likes it as it comes in various sizes and is widely used to keep team drinks cool for short and long periods.

Why We Think Its Great

The Igloo sports beverage cooler features a cool riser technology that improves its performance. This minimizes the surface contact and allows cooler airflow, making it suitable for hot environments to serve cold drinks to sports players. Moreover, the beverage cooler is not that big, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Who Should Buy It

This beverage cooler will be very beneficial for those fond of going on picnics and enjoying cold and refreshing drinks while enjoying family time outdoors.

5. Igloo Sports Beverage Cooler with Flat Seat Lid

Igloo Portable Sports Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • 5-gallon capacity
  • UV inhibitors and infrared technology
  • Angled drip-resistant spigot
  • Reinforced handles
  • Minimizes trapped dirt
  • Liquid may overflow

What Customers Have To Say 

Most Amazon buyers have recommended the Igloo beverage cooler. According to them, it looks smart, easy to carry, and convenient to clean.

Why We Think Its Great

The Igloo portable sports cooler has handles on both sides, which makes carrying it more comfortable. It also comes with a recessed and angled drip-resistant spigot for easy liquid dispensing.   Moreover, it features a cord holder affixed to the lid to prevent you from listing it.

Who Should Buy It

Sports-inclined individuals would find this beverage cooler helpful during training, games, and practices. Since it can directly hold water and other liquids without the need for bottles and cans, you will enjoy a chilled drink anytime.

6. Igloo 49496 Quart MaxCold Beverage Cooler

Igloo Quart MaxCold Beverage Cooler


 Pros Cons
  • 95-liter capacity
  • Ultratherm insulated lid  
  • Hatch opening
  • Dual snap-fit latches
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Handles break easily

What Customers Have To Say  

One of the customers commented that this is the best value-for-money beverage cooler available right now. He highly praised the cooler’s capacity and was very happy to find chilled beers and fresh food even after 24 hours.

Why We Think It’s Great

The Igloo MaxCold beverage features an Ultratherm insulated lid and body, which keeps beverages cold for a longer time. Moreover, the 95-liter capacity can accommodate more cans, bottles of drinks, and even stacks of ice or fresh food. The hatch opening also adds sophistication, especially suitable for outgoing people who are always on the road. 

Who Should Buy It

If you love parties or hunting but don’t want to see melted ice all over your cooler, the Igloo Quick Beverage Cooler can be the perfect solution for you. And if you’re looking for a beverage cooler with plenty of space within your budget, this is the best portable beverage cooler you can get right now.

7.Coleman Party Stacker Beverage Cooler

 Coleman Party Stacker Beverage Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 2 gallons of liquid
  • Built-in faucet 
  • Wide mouth top
  • Screw-top lid
  • Poor nozzle performance

What Customers Have To Say  

According to Amazon customers, this is one of the best compact size beverage coolers for portability. Most users highly praised that it helps keep their drinks cool for 24 hours, even on a hot summer day.

Why We Think It’s Great

The Coleman beverage cooler comes with a bail handle which makes carrying it easier and more comfortable. It also comes with a secure and screwed top-lid that stays intact no matter how heavy or full the cooler is.

Who Should Buy It

If you are a person who loves parties and looking for a compact size portable beverage cooler, then the Coleman 2-gallon beverage cooler is the ideal match for you. Its small size also makes it suitable for pets who like to enjoy cool drinks.

8. CleverMade Collapsible Beverage Cooler Bag

 CleverMade Collapsible Cooler Bag

 Pros Cons
  • Capacity of 30 to 50 cans with ice
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and handle
  • Can hold ice packs 
  • Leakproof insulation
  • No additional pockets

 What Customers Have To Say  

An Amazon shopper commented that this cooler bag keeps her grocery shopping more efficient than before. She doesn’t worry anymore that her frozen goods would thaw while walking around the mart for 2 hours. She furthered that the cooler bag was able to keep her items cold until she arrived at home. 

CleverMade Collapsible Beverage Cooler Bag

Why We Think It’s Great

The CleverMade beverage cooler bag can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite drinks. It also doubles as a bag where you place your lunch box or grocery items. It features patented SnapHinges on both sides that support the bag when being opened.

Who Should Buy It

People of all walks of life, especially those who travel a lot, should go for the CleverMade beverage cooler bag with a shoulder strap. The collapsible or folding feature helps save a lot of space when it comes to storing it. Also, the nice-looking simple design makes this a real budget-oriented beverage cooler in a competitive market.

9. Beistle Inflatable Boom Box Beverage Cooler

 Beistle Novelty Inflatable Boom Box Drink Beverage Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Unique 80’s hip-hop design
  • High quality
  • Decent size
  • Perfect for themed parties
  • The material may tear easily 

What Customers Have To Say  

Most of the reviewers on Amazon praised this beverage cooler highly because of its unique, appealing 80’s party décor. They added that it could blow any party-loving teenagers’ minds due to its superb build quality.

Beistle Inflatable Boom Box Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

The Beistle Novelty beverage cooler is aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of space to hold your beverages. Moreover, this product is convenient and easy to carry. In a word, Boom Box Beverage Cooler is the ideal choice for party lovers.

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for a fancy eye-catchy beverage cooler, the Beistle Inflatable Boom Box is the right choice. You can draw people’s attention to themed parties with this product. Not to mention the amount of space it provides for preserving goods.

10. NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler

 NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Hold 126 cans
  • Quiet compressor
  • Cools up to 37 degrees
  • 7 temperature settings
  • Reports of not cooling properly

What Customers Have To Say  

About 80% of Amazon customers claimed that this beverage cooler has a unique durable stainless steel body for long-term use. They also like that it’s relatively easy to install as it doesn’t need to be mounted or assembled. Plus, the bigger storage allows them to store more than a hundred drinks a single time.

 NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler

Why We Think It’s Great

The NewAir beverage cooler proudly houses 126 cans and bottles of beverages. Its temperature can also go down up to 37 degrees for chilled drinks. It also comes with removable and adjustable storage racks to fit oversized bottles.

Who Should Buy It

This large beverage cooler can suit up at any corner of your house, office, or bar. Different temperature settings will allow you to control the cooler’s power according to your preference. Overall, those who want a beverage cooler with an impressive capacity should invest in this one. 

11. Igloo Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler

Igloo Ice Chest Beverage Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • 24-liter capacity
  • Thermoelectric cooler function
  • Made of Polypropylene plastic
  • Cools drinks without ice 
  • Works in 12 volts outlet
  • May stop working after some time

What Customers Have To Say  

A truck driver who purchased this beverage cooler said it functions well in keeping his beverages cold enough. He likes this item as he always had a hard time during summer due to the heat, but the cold drinks kept him refreshed.

 Igloo Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

Igloo Ice Chest beverage cooler is lightweight, more efficient, and easy to use. Additionally, it brings a traditional thermoelectric power option that helps the compressor keep the cool temperature longer. Its small plastic cover is compatible with camping or outdoor activities, wherever you have the key to control it within the 12-volt outlet. 

Who Should Buy It

Consumers who are always peeping for getting the best small thermoelectric cooler should go for the Igloo Ice Chest beverage cooler. And if you are entirely on a budget but still want to have your portable beverage cooler, this is your best pick.

12. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Beverage Cooler 

Nutrichef PKCWC 120 Beverage Cooler with bottles of wine

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 12 wine bottles
  • Touch button display
  • Ultra cooling technology 
  • Integrated led lighting
  • No dual temperature zones

What Customers Have To Say  

A customer commented that the beverage cooler functions as advertised. Perfect for her home bar, it can hold 12 bottles without them bumping into each other while looking elegant and sophisticated.

Nutrichef PKCWC120 Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

If you are running out of space in your home bar, don’t hesitate to choose the Nutrichef PKCWC120 as your cooling partner. The appealing accomplished design quickly catches anyone’s attention. Moreover, it can hold and chill 12 bottles of red or white wines. It also features an accurate precision compressor technology, adjustable temperature control, integrated LED lights, and a built-in circulation fan.  

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for a beverage cooler that specifically chills wine bottles, this is the one for you. It also has a sleek design making it perfect to be squeezed in small counters or corners. 

13. Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Cooler

 Danby Beverage Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Stores up to 95 cans
  • 2.6 cubic feet
  • Auto defrost
  • Great temperature control
  • 3 adjustable shelves
  • Poor packaging

What Customers Have To Say 

Some Amazon shoppers stated that the beverage cooler features excellent temperature control. They also like that it can hold and cool about 95 cans. It is easy to operate, has three adjustable shelves, and the automatic defrost technology is a huge plus.

 Danby DBC026A1BSSDB Beverage Cooler review

Why We Think It’s Great

The Danby beverage cooler can maintain a temperature range between 43°F and 57°F. But with some additional hacks, you can lower the temperature even further. The cooler is incorporated with a blue LED Illuminated lighting interior and an attractive tempered glass-door that beautifully showcases your favorite drinks.

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for an easy to operate solution secured with an official warranty, the Danby Beverage Center is one of the best beverage coolers out there. It will serve its purpose elegantly for a small party or storing your drinks.

14. Okada Beverage Cooler

okada beverage cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 100 cans or 26 bottles of wine
  • 3.2 cubic feet
  • Freestanding
  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Can be noisy

What Customers Have To Say 

According to some Amazon shoppers, this is one of the best beverage coolers for those looking for a modern-style mini-fridge. The glass door is translucent and can change the entire interior of the room. It also works quietly and cools their drinks fast.

Why We Think It’s Great

OKADA Beverage Cooler is perfect for small places. It has an excellent blue-black light, and you can set it up in just 2 minutes. The range of temperature is 40°F to 60°F. The beverage cooler has a double-pane glass door with a sophisticated stainless steel frame. OKADA Beverage Cooler also provides a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

Who Should Buy It

If you are looking for the best beverage cooler for places like a dorm room, go for Okada. For its small size, it has an advanced fan cooling system and a quality compressor. The beverage cooler looks fancy and perfect for your kitchen countertop or practically anywhere else in your room.

15. Igloo 42256 Wheeled Portable Beverage Cooler

Igloo Wheeled Portable Sports Cooler

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 5 gallons of liquid
  • Inset wheels for easy transport
  • Gasketed locking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can have leakage problems

What Customers Have To Say 

Many Amazon shoppers praised this portable beverage cooler as it can keep their drinks chilled for up to 48 hours. Though it has a slight leakage problem, there are ways to counter it, and the coolers give off a positive vibe overall. The capacity is 5 gallons, but users suggested not to fill the cooler up for more than 4 gallons. If you tilt the cooler while transporting, there is a possibility of leakage unless you cover the mouth with plastic wraps or polythene. 

Why We Think It’s Great

The Igloo wheeled beverage cooler works best for beach occasions or a small picnic. The wheels are hard plastic, making it great for rocky and grass grounds. It is also elevated to keep the dirt from getting into the cooler itself.  

Who Should Buy It

The Igloo 5 Gallon Wheeled Sports Cooler is an excellent complement for a day worth enjoying at the beach. Since this comes with a wheel, it is ideal for those who don’t like the hassle of carrying their beverage coolers.  

Best Beverage Cooler Buying Guide

  • Storage Capacity 

According to your demands, beverage coolers differ in size, shape, and volume. If you are planning for a small party or get-together, consider smaller-sized ones. Meanwhile, the more oversized coolers are perfect for indoor use.

  • Portability

An easily portable beverage cooler adds an extra layer of comfort to your gatherings. You can choose to purchase one with wheels, especially if you will be moving on flimsy or muddy grounds. The handles of the beverage cooler also matter to make carrying easier.

  • Noise

A lot of beverage coolers make a considerable amount of noise. To avoid being disturbed by it, check the noise output included in the specifications of each item.

  • Material

While the beverage cooler's capacity matters, its material also plays a significant factor in keeping your beverages cold. If you are using a plastic cooler, make sure that it is BPA-free to avoid health complications. You can also opt for stainless steel beverage coolers for indoor use as they are more durable.

  • Temperature

Since beverage coolers function to make drinks cool enough, it is necessary to purchase one that offers a lower temperature. Some come with a temperature range, so you can decide the level of coolness you want.

Beverage Cooler FAQ

  • Can you put food in a beverage cooler?

No. Different products require different temperatures to keep their freshness intact. A beverage cooler is great for liquids but not so good for food items or meat.

  • Who makes the best beverage refrigerator?

Some of the well-known beverage cooler brands are NewAir, Igloo, Danby, Magic Chef, and EdgeStar.

  • Can a wine cooler be used for beer?

Yes, of course. But there is a crucial factor related to beers and coolers - temperature. The best temperature for keeping beer perfect is 38°F. If you can make sure the right temperature is stable in your wine cooler, then you are good to go.

  • Do beverage refrigerators make a lot of noise?

Usually, no. You might hear some subtle humming from the compressor, but that’s about it. A louder noise may indicate the necessity of maintenance of your beverage cooler. 

  • What happens if beer gets too cold?

If the beer is too cold, it can create multiple problems like flattening the taste, more CO2 in the beer, overfilling the glass, or wild foaming.


During the recent pandemic, everybody is nearly stuck within a confined space. And what better way to spend your monotonous time than open up some cold ones with your buddies.

If you are looking for the overall best cooler with a big storage capacity, go for the NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with a massive 126 cans storage capacity.

You can also choose Beistle Novelty Inflatable Drink Beverage Cooler if your focus is on a more portable and retro style. And lastly, we recommend Giantex 80 Quart Rattan Rolling for its quality, simplicity, and portability.

We hope this article was useful on your journey of finding the best beverage cooler. Please feel free to let us know in the comments which beverage cooler is the best for you and why. 

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