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26 Flavorful Cordials That Will Make Any Cocktail Taste Glorious

Best cordial brands

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A great way to relax is to drink the best cocktails. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these drinks because of the many ingredients you can use; one example is the cordial. 

You can easily make cordials at home and do your creative flavor combinations, but if you don't have the time, you can pick among the best cordials below!

For this list, we also included the best liqueurs since it is essentially the same thing as cordials (except in the U.K.). This way, you’ll have more options for your cocktail ideas! Let's get to it!

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Our Top Picks

Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial
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Most Refreshing - Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial

Light and fresh taste
Great floral aromas
Best used with sparkling water

Grand Marnier Liqueur
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Most Versatile for Cocktails - Grand Marnier Liqueur

Unique orange and cognac combination
Pleasantly sweet aftertaste
High-quality ingredients and delicate processes

Thorncroft Rosehip Cordial
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Best Aromas - Thorncroft Rosehip Cordial

Excellent for drinks and food
Great source of Vitamin C
Vibrant look and sufficient sweetness

1. Liber & Co. Blood Orange Cordial

Liber & Co. Blood Orange Cordial

Liber & Co. is famous for its attention to detail in creating delightful flavors. This cordial is no exception with the brand's delicious taste, thanks to the juice from California Moro blood oranges as well as essential oils and natural acids.

With an intense red color from blood oranges mixed with notes of raspberry, this elixir will have your taste buds in great satisfaction! You'll also appreciate a burst of juiciness and tartness that adds depth to every drink.

It goes perfectly with cocktails like Rhyme or Reason, producing a harmony of flavors, which is nothing short of amazing. The rich, spicy rye and toasted almonds are beautifully balanced by the zesty and sweet cordial.

2. Belvoir Ginger Cordial 

Belvoir Ginger Cordial

This ginger liqueur is an all-natural drink that doesn't use artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and preservatives, making it ideal for low-carb beverages. Plus, it's non-alcoholic and can be enjoyed by vegetarians and vegans alike.

It is made with fresh root ginger and real pressed ginger juice, so it delivers a fiery kick that will transform any drink into a true masterpiece.

You can add it to Vodka Tonics, Margaritas, or Moscow Mules for a delicious blast of spicy and punchy flavors. To take it up a notch, try adding some bubbles by mixing it with the best sparkling water or tonic water. You can even make the best Prosecco cocktails with it.

3. Frangelico Liqueur

Frangelico Liqueur

Frangelico is for those who appreciate a little nutty flavor in their life. This light gold-hued liqueur is distilled in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. It is basically a unique blend of alcohol and nuts infusion added with flavor extracts or distillates like coffee, cocoa, and vanilla.

The result is a sophisticated and well-balanced liqueur flavored with hazelnuts. The sweet taste is a delectable backdrop for its intriguing mix of flavors. It’s creamy on its own, but it has also proven to be an unmistakably amazing ingredient for some all-time favorite cocktails.

You can try Frangelico Coffee or Frangelico Martini. The former is perfect for the Christmas season due to its similarity with Irish coffee but with an added nut flavor. And the latter is perfect for vodka lovers with a sweet tooth!

4. Rose's Lime Juice Cordial

Rose's Lime Juice Cordial

This cordial is a tangy treat made with real lime juice, and it is one of the cocktail mixer staples in bars and restaurants. Its sweetness makes it a go-to because it easily blends well in any cocktail.

Moreover, it's versatile enough that you can use it for any non-alcoholic beverage like sparkling water, seltzer, or club soda, and alcoholic beverages like vodka or tequila.

This cordial began when its first maker, Lauchlan Rose, imported lime juice coming from the West Indies, way back in the 1860s. He thought of a revolutionary idea to preserve citrus juice with sugar instead of ethanol.

5. Campari Aperitivo Liqueur

Campari Aperitivo Liqueur

This liqueur's origin dates way back to the late 1800s, in its hometown in Novara, Italy. Amazingly enough, it still stands as one of the most-used liqueurs for iconic cocktails such as the Negroni. That's how you know this product is a classic!

Its nose is an olfactory symphony full of sweet, tart notes. It's characterized by fruity scents such as cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, and bitter orange. Moreover, the recipe for this elixir is a closely guarded secret, but it's believed to be combined with an infusion of herbs.

This is one of the most popular liqueurs for cocktail lovers who like to experiment with their drinks. It goes great in cocktails like Campari Spritz or Boulevardier but also tastes really good mixed with soda water, which decreases the bitterness.

6. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Kahlua is the perfect liqueur flavored with coffee for those who like to indulge in a little something sweet. It's made with rum, coffee, sugar, and vanilla beans from Veracruz, Mexico!

This dark brown drink isn't creamy or cloying at all, and many popular cocktails use it with Irish cream or other creams. The first thing you notice when drinking this full-bodied Kahlua is the coffee flavor, which tastes sweet and robust.

It's also richly textured with vanilla notes on your tongue as well as caramel at the end of each sip. Kahlua has been and continues to be an essential ingredient for cocktail bars across America. Some of the most famous Kahlua cocktails are White Russian and Mudslide.

7. Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

Chambord's versatility will make it the perfect addition to any drink you prepare! It's made from the finest ingredients in France, including blackberries, black currant, black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, and XO cognac.

It has a deep, passionate red color with violet undertones. The flavor of sweet berries dominates and tantalizes your taste buds as it sweetens up any cocktail! It’s medium-bodied but still packs some serious punch - so much so even brown spirit-based cocktails will benefit from this rich fruitiness.

It also has a rich history of success in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Since they earned their first medal there, this French raspberry liqueur has been getting ratings from other organizations that have come to appreciate Chambord's quality and taste. You can add this for a tasty raspberry cocktail like Razzmatazz!

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8. Cointreau Liqueur

Cointreau Liqueur

Cointreau Liqueur was made first made in 1875, and it can be found in some of the world’s most beloved cocktails, such as the Classic Sidecar, Margarita, and Cosmopolitan Cocktail. Compared to other orange-flavored liqueurs, Cointreau has a more refined taste of orange peels and oils.

This triple sec liqueur has notes of bitterness and sweetness from oranges that make it stand out. Its fragrance has been reported to have notes reminiscent of clove, anise, or even lavender! The smooth finish lingers pleasantly in your mouth too!

To this day, Cointreau is still one of the most popular brands in mixology. It has many applications in cocktails because of its versatility and classic taste.

9. Disaronno Originale Amaretto Liqueur

 Disaronno Originale Amaretto Liqueur

From the distinctive flavor to its decanter-shaped bottle, Disaronno Originale is one of Italy’s most iconic and easily recognizable liqueurs. It was originally known as Amaretto di Saronno, but the company changed to its name in 2001.

This almond-flavored liqueur offers an intense, rich flavor that's reminiscent of marzipan and Battenberg cake. It smells like fresh cherries and hints of vanilla sweetness as well for added complexity. Moreover, it has a sweet, nutty finish that leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.

This mixer adds an extra layer of boldness to cocktails that will be awesome for your next night out! Furthermore, Disaronno Amaretto is a key ingredient for Amaretto Sour, Almond Joy, Alabama Slammer, and more.

10. Benedictine D.O.M. Liqueur

Benedictine D.O.M. Liqueur

You may have had the opportunity to try Bénédictine, but are you really acquainted with this unique liqueur? It can be difficult to explain its taste since the flavor won't be something that's common to your taste buds.

Bénédictine is a French elixir that is crafted from 27 different herbs. The brand hasn't revealed to include any other ingredients besides angelica and saffron in their product. However, some enthusiasts deduce lemon balm, arnica, juniper, hyssop, aloe, and cinnamon.

Furthermore, its herbal overtone is complemented with some notes of sweet honey accented by stone fruit and holiday season flavors. Add it with some fruit juice and/or your alcohol of choice, and serve it with your best cocktail stirrers.

11. Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is one of the most famous brands of mixers. In fact, it is the original and best-selling liqueur in its category.

Surprisingly, this Irish cream was made through an accident in the 1970s, but it turned out to be a happy one since it's still significant today. It is now found in many different alcoholic drinks, from cocktails to shots such as Baileys Irish Ice, Snickertini, and Girl Scout Cookie Shot.

This liqueur offers a creamy mouthfeel and whiskey base with flavors of roasted chocolate and fresh vanilla, giving it a rich, decadent taste that will leave you wanting more. Whether you buy a bottle or make a DIY Baileys Irish cream, you can never go wrong with this liqueur.

12. Jagermeister Liqueur

Jagermeister Liqueur

Jägermeister is a unique German digestif liqueur that’s been around since 1934. It has an ABV of 35%, which makes it one of the more potent drinks you can get in terms of liqueurs.

It has 56 different herbs and botanicals inside, which give it a much more complex flavor than others of its kind. Plus, it has a thick and syrupy mouthfeel that coats your taste buds with an herbal complexity.

There are strong notes of anise or black licorice on the finish, which is like the same thing with an Italian amaro called Amaro Nonino. It can be consumed in many ways, but it is best known for mixing with Red Bull which creates the Jagerbomb.

13. Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur

Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur

Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur is a globe-trotting liqueur that's difficult to categorize. The bottle doesn't come with any recommendations as far as cocktails go, but it does say on the back of its label that some good old-fashioned tonic or soda will do nicely with it.

Moreover, it is a textured mix of light citrus and exotic fruits on the start with dry spices that gradually transitions into a warm spice at its conclusion. Accentuating this familiar flavor profile are hints from juniper berries that ground all other components together in harmony.

14. Vedrenne Crème de Cacao Dark Liqueur

Vedrenne Crème de Cacao Dark Liqueur

Vedrenne Crème de Cacao Dark Liqueur is a rich and complex liqueur that features an unforgettable sweet flavor. This taste can be best appreciated if made in cocktail recipes such as Chocolate Martini, Bushwacker, Grasshopper, and Golden Cadillac.

In terms of color, this liqueur has a warm brown shade. On the nose, you can smell cocoa beans that have just been toasted for your enjoyment. The taste buds come alive with flavors like molten white chocolate as soon as this liquid reaches the mouth.

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15. Drambuie Liqueur

Drambuie Liqueur

Drambuie Liqueur is a luscious, golden-hued liqueur with an incredible depth of flavor that makes it one of the most complex yet easy to enjoy drinks out there. The base for this extraordinary elixir comes from Scotch whisky and is added with flavors such as honey, spices, and herbs.

The liqueur has notes that range from perfectly sweet to delightfully spiced. The taste won't be easy to forget, too - notable among these are honeyed anise alongside hints of orange peel and oak. It works best in cocktails like Rusty Nail, Bent Nail, and Whiskey Zipper.

16. Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis Liqueur

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis Liqueur

What's not to love about a black currant liqueur? The Crème de cassis de Dijon from Gabriel Boudier is one of the most well-known and supreme examples in this category, founded in 1874. They're perfect for an ice-cold cocktail, especially with Kir Royal or Vermouth Cassis.

Traditionally, quality has been a top priority for Gabriel Boudier. They are committed to using natural products in their liqueurs, unlike many of its cheaper counterparts which use synthetic ingredients that could possibly contain colorants and chemicals!

The bright magenta color of the Crème de Cassis Liqueur is reminiscent of dark-aged ports. The first sip of this liqueur is like drinking jam. The taste unfolds in waves, with dark currants that coat your mouth and fill it up before rolling over again for more flavor.

17. CapriNatura Limoncello Liqueur

CapriNatura Limoncello Liqueur

CapriNatura Limoncello Liqueur is a delightful drink that originates from Campania, Italy, and is made only from premium ingredients. This luscious liquor has notes of citrus and wildlife in every sip thanks to its handmade methods, which follow traditional recipes perfected over time.

It's easy to see why this natural liqueur with excellent digestive properties is so popular. It is crafted by macerating peels taken from lemons, which allow Capri Natura to embody its original recipe's authenticity.

This drink is as refreshing and aromatic in taste and has been infused with pure alcohol to showcase the true flavors of its source. It enhances harmony while showcasing sharp citrus notes from zesty lemons, which make it a refreshing drink.

18. Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial - Most Refreshing 

Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial

Belvoir Farm is a hidden gem in the Leicestershire countryside, surrounded by trees and wild shrubs. The Belvoir elderflower cordial is a taste of home in the Vale and is one of their best offerings.

The refreshing and floral flavor is made on-site by Peverel Manners, who has been making it for almost 40 years by following the family's traditional recipe. It is created with hand-picked elderflowers and added with pure spring water and lemon juice.

Belvoir Fruit Farm Elderflower Cordial will delight your nose with its refreshing and light flavors while mixing seamlessly in cocktails or spritzing on still mineral water to make it even more enticing! You can also add it to some white wine, gin, or vodka.

19. Midori Melon Liqueur

Midori Melon Liqueur

Midori is a liqueur that is ideal with your favorite summer cocktails! Its prominent flavor is melon which goes really well with citrus flavors. Its other noticeable feature is its bright green color that pops out when a glass of it is put on a neutral surface like a bar mat.

Suntory produces it in Japan, and it made its debut in 1964 under the name Hermes Melon Liqueur. It was rebranded when it hit international markets and has been very popular since then. The melons used for this liqueur are Japanese Yubari and Musk melons, which are usually given as gifts in Japan.

For each sip, a sweet and sour taste will send your senses on a journey. Midori is rarely enjoyed straight out of the bottle; instead, it's fabulous combined with fresh lemonade or lime for an extra burst of happiness on hot days. You can try making a Midori Sour with it and see how it balances out the flavors.

20. Chartreuse Yellow

Chartreuse Yellow

Chartreuse is a unique French liqueur that has been around for over 250 years. It is quite an easy ingredient to use to make drinks. You can simply add ice using your best ice scoop or ice tongs into a glass and mix in the liqueur and your favorite sparkling water.

It contains 130 herbal extracts and distilled alcohol to create an appealing, vibrant color that is often used in bartender drinks because it gives them their signature taste without being too strong or overpowering.

The Yellow version of Chartreuse is lower in proof which makes it more approachable. It also has fewer herbal flavors than its green counterpart. Instead, it is sweeter with honey and saffron notes that contrast nicely with various spirits or liquors.

21. Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette Liqueur

Rothman & Winter Creme de Violette Liqueur

Garnishing your cocktail using the best cocktail picks is one thing to make your drink look presentable but to add a bit more class and distinction, try using Crème de Violette. This simple liqueur has been used to add the perfect finishing touch and flavor for any drink!

Rothman & Winter is a delightful bottle full of pretty colors and tastes that captures the essence of two beautiful wildflowers - Queen Charlotte violets and March violets. Aside from their vibrant hues and great tastes, they also offer their unique scents.

This will make cocktails such as Aviation and Blue Moon come alive. But if you're feeling lazy, you can simply mix this liqueur with sparkling wine or soda water.

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22. Grand Marnier Liqueur - Most Versatile for Cocktails

Grand Marnier Liqueur

If you're looking for a premium orange liqueur, you can always rely on Grand Marnier. This high-quality brand starts with its careful sourcing and processes all the way through to bottling.

Grand Marnier is one of the most recognizable names in the bar scene. Its orange and cognac combination goes great with a lot of mixers and liquors. It's also worth noting that this is a potent liqueur, clocking in at 40% ABV or 80 proof which makes it as strong as some distilled spirits.

It has a bold, rich flavor that explodes with orange and vanilla bean flavors balanced by subtle hints of herbaceous note on your tongue. Its alcohol content also drives deep into the composition of lusciously sweet cognac for an ultimate drinking experience.

23. Tempus Fugit Crème de Menthe Glaciale Liqueur

Tempus Fugit Crème de Menthe Glaciale Liqueur

This Crème de Menthe is an excellent choice to take your cocktails up a notch. Distilled from winter wheat, this robust liqueur has real peppermint and spearmint flavoring agents with just enough added botanicals for complexity.

The botanical ingredients are macerated and fully distilled, then it's reduced with cane sugar and spring water. The distillation process is expensive but produces an exquisitely flavored liqueur for those who appreciate minty freshness characteristics.

In addition, this beautiful, sweet drink stands out in the wintertime. The mint flavor really shines through this liqueur, and you can taste all of its subtlety with hints of citrus and vanilla on top to balance things out nicely for any palate.

24. Giffard Blue Curacao Liqueur

Giffard Blue Curacao Liqueur

Giffard Distillery in Avrillé, France is the home of Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur. The name has origins that date back to 1885 when it was founded by Joseph-Émile Giffard with an idea for a better way of making cachaça.

Giffard Blue Curacao Liqueur is one of the most interesting liqueurs in existence. You'll find a deep, rich blue color with notes of sweet and bitter orange peels in it. Usually, it is used to make mesmerizing and cool blue cocktails that are a big hit to drinkers.

It has an enticing, appetizing aroma with hints of candied oranges and a floral bouquet that will have everyone asking what they're drinking!

25. Meletti Anisette Liqueur

Meletti Anisette Liqueur

Take a sip of Meletti Anisette to experience the nostalgia and legend that is Italy. Its creator, Silvio Meletti, is an artisanal producer of Italian liqueurs. One might say this liqueur tastes as good now, if not better than when it was first made in 1870!

The drink is made from anise seeds and a distinct distilling process to create a smooth palate with intensified aromatics.

Additionally, it has been aged for the time required to ensure that its sweet and delectable flavors are fully developed. This leaves room for aromatic intensity with a fruity finish without being too aggressive or overpowering in the nose.

26. Thorncroft Rosehip Cordial - Best Aroma

Thorncroft Rosehip Cordial

During the second world war, the wartime desperation to stay healthy and get the proper nutrition led people to turn towards the vitamin-rich rose hips. Apparently, when import fruit like oranges was scarce, the people collected rose hips from wild bushes, which they eventually turned to syrup.

Thorncroft Rosehip Cordial is one of the most famous brands until this day because not only is it tasty, but it also has many health benefits and applications to drinks and food.

It is a fantastic addition to your cocktails or any non-alcoholic liquid. It has a robust rosy aroma and sweetness, together with some plant-based notes that bring new life to any drink. It's also strong and highly concentrated, so you don't need an abundance of it to add flavor.


When it comes to flavorful cocktails, you can always rely on the best cordials. Whether you’re looking for a sweet, creamy, fruity, or tart flavor profile, there are so many options out there that will be perfect for your drink of choice.

We hope this list has helped you with some cocktail inspiration to share with your loved ones. Which cordial is your favorite? We'll be glad to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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