Amaretto Stone Sour: A Nutty Sweet and Sour Cocktail

It doesn't matter whether you're hanging out with someone special or enjoying quality time by yourself--a sip of a well-balanced drink is bound to make your day a whole lot better. From sourness to bitterness, with a kick of sweet nutty flavor that only amaretto stone sour can give you-what else can you ask for? 

Did you know? 
National Amaretto Day is celebrated every April 19 in the US. 
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Amaretto is an almond flavored whiskey used in whiskey sour recipes with a hint of bitter flavor that gives its unique taste. We prepared a recipe for you to try and experience yourself. 

Amaretto Stone Sour Ingredients:

Amaretto Stone Sour Preparation: 

With your trusted and reliable shaker, mix the Amaretto and  sweet and sour mix accompanied by ice and pour it in a chilled glass. 

To enhance the zesty taste,  add the chosen lime or lemon - flavored soda and top it off with a cherry and orange wedges.

Watch it here: 

Did you know? 
Amaretto sour is considered one of the ladies' drinks.
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Make your own and tell us what you think-whether if it's manly to drink amaretto stone sour or not. Cheers! 

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