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We curated top-rated wine accessories on Amazon for wine lovers from keeping it chilled before opening to keeping your leftover wine. We also included some wine totes and travel bags to carry your wine around. For keeping your wine collection, we threw in some wone racks too. Let’s get a rundown of them. 

For keeping your wines cold

Serve your wines cold by sticking it into wine bottle coolers that are elegant enough to put on the table for serving. You can also use the in-bottle cooler stick that you have to pop into the freezer before putting into your wine. Chill your wine in one minute with the rapid wine chiller that’s a real saver when your friends come over unexpectedly. 

For opening the wine bottles

For opening your wine bottles, we have an amazing array of wine bottle opening tools that include foil cutters, corkscrews, and electric wine bottle openers

For serving your wines

Stick your pourer/aerator into the bottle, pour, and drink the wine without decanting. If that doesn’t work well, give your wine a little stir with a wine filter to remove those sulfites and histamines in the wine to give you a pleasant wine experience without the headaches, gases, and other allergic reactions later. 

If you don’t feel so confident with just aerating your wine with a handheld aerator, why not try it in the old fashioned way and decant. We chose a few well-ranked wine decanters and decanter/aerators into this list so go ahead and check them out. 

For keeping the leftover wine

Leftover wine? Worry no more with the wine preservation system and stoppers we listed here. These are all proven effective wine preservation systems using inert gases for all wines and any other liquors you have in your home bar. You can go with a few dollars to a few hundred, depending on the budget and level of sophistication you are going for. 

Organize your wine under the counter, in your cellar, home bar, or even in the kitchen with your wine racks. Choose from a selection of countertop racks, fridge racks, and free-standing racks. 

For traveling with your wine

Travel in style with your stylish wine tote that disguises as a beach tote and large enough for your phone, wallet, and other essentials. You can also go for insulated wine carrier bags that can fit 2 or more bottles of wine so you don’t get thirsty while on the go. This is a great addition to your picnic arsenal. Read a comprehensive article about RTIC vs YETI cooler here.


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