Blood and Sand: A Classic Scotch-Based Cocktail Inspired By A 1922 Movie

Blood and Sand is a classic Scotch-based cocktail inspired by a 1922 movie entitled Blood and Sand. Starring Rudolph Valentino, the silent-movie revolves around a Spaniard (played by Valentino), who struggled with life and became a famous and successful matador. Unfortunately, he met a tragic end.

The cocktail's Heering cherry liquer represents the blood while its orange juice is the sand. Put them together and you have a cocktail with odd choice of ingredients, but exceptionally delicious taste.

Here's how you can make Blood and Sand at home:

.75 oz Blood orange juice
.75 oz Sweet Vermouth
.75 oz Cherry Heering
.75 oz Blended Scotch

1. Add all ingredients to a shaker tin. Then, shake.

2. Double strain into chilled coupe glass

3. Garnish with blood orange slice



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