Burning cigar in ashtray and cognac

Which Drinks Pair Best With Cigars? An Introductory Guide

Burning cigar in ashtray and cognac

Cigars are complex and delicate pleasures. If you're going to enjoy one, pair it with the perfect drink. But which drinks go best with cigars? 

Many people will tell you to consume whiskey, while others suggest wine, beer, or mixed drinks. In this blog post, we'll look at 11 beverages that pair well with cigars. 

This is by no means a complete list of all the drinks that may be enjoyed while smoking your favorite cigar. But it should get you thinking about what to try next!

The Best Drink and Cigar Pairings


Burning cigar in ashtray and cognac

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Have you had the pleasure of pairing your favorite cigar with whiskey? They are magical in their ability to enhance each other's tastes and aromas for a truly unforgettable experience that will change how we view these two forever!

Pairing a delicious cigar with your top whiskey brand is like pairing wine and cheese. There are so many flavor options, especially when there are various types of whiskey

You can also check out famous whiskey inspired by celebrities, making this liquor an excellent choice if you want to find new tastes or experiment in general.

Both cigar and whiskey share similar tastes, such as oaky, spicy, earthy, smoky flavor, full-bodied or medium-bodied, taking you to a new world of flavors!


Cigars beside the glasses of gin

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If you know the correct combination, gin and cigars go together like fine wine. The process requires more patience as you need to experiment and find the proper gin to pair your cigars. 

Remember, not every gin and cigar can be a good match. A stronger smoke will help balance out the spirit while allowing both ingredients in equal measure.

For those who prefer milder smokes, find a gin bottle with less strength, if possible. Milder cigars paired with gin may not give you the best experience as the liquor may drown the cigar’s flavors.

While it’s important to enjoy yourself and have fun with what you are drinking, be sure to have a backup plan whenever you have a spirit-cigar pairing.

If you plan on having your first ever gin and cigar experience, here's our suggestion: Brooklyn Gin. It makes use of fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper to give it that signature taste! 

You can enjoy your bottle straight up or mix it with some ice if needed. This adds just enough flavor without diluting all those rich tastes found within this lovely elixir.


Cigar and beer in a vintage setting


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An excellent way to start a cigar-beer pairing is to match the essential characteristics of each. This will help you understand what type, intensity, or flavor profile might be best suited for each other.

As a rule of thumb, lighter beers work best with milder cigars, and heavier beers will be the perfect accompaniment for stronger smokes.

IPA lovers can enjoy their favorite ale with medium-bodied cigars. If you don't know where to start with your beer and cigar pairing, here's a tip: Look at the color of the cigar wrapper and the beer. 

If a cigar uses a light-colored wrapper, that means it has mild flavors. Likewise, if a beer is light-colored, that means it is mild.

A full-bodied cigar is a thing of beauty, but it needs an equally strong drinking buddy to go with it. And what better choice is there than the darkest beers like Stout or Porter? 

My Father Le Bijou has been one of the favorite choices when paired with porter beer in this scenario. Its bold flavor works well for balancing out intense tastes from both the smoke and drink.

Also, those thick black sticks look classy around some ice-cold draft! It works because it has robust, complex flavors of leather, dark chocolate, and coffee - the kind of taste combinations that complements the darkest beers.


Glass of rum beside a cigar on an ashtray
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The delicious flavors of Cuba are not just found in cigars as the island also produces some amazing rum. Matching cigars and rum are not often thought of, but the two make for a sweet-tasting pairing.

Both ingredients hail from similar regions if you're smoking the best ones by renowned cigar makers. Pairing cigars with rum is a bit tricky because there are so many factors to consider. 

For example, darker spirits are best paired with full-bodied smokes with sweet and smoky notes. In contrast, spiced rums go perfectly well with medium-bodied cigars with hints of spice and wood. Lastly, light rums should be paired with mild cigars.

For a start, try your favorite full-bodied cigar and a nice glass of Flor de Cana. This best-selling Nicaraguan rum offers quality and luxury best enjoyed with a nice cigar with rich and dark flavors. This complex and sweet spirit has chocolate notes and woody undertones.


Man holding a Glass Of Wine and Cigar
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There are many reasons why wine perfectly pairs with cigars. For one, it has lower alcohol levels, making the cigar taste more balanced and smoother. In comparison, spirits can sometimes overpower your sense of flavor or leave you feeling like smoking something else.

White wines are an excellent choice for those looking to make an impression with their lighter cigar. As it balances acidity and a fruity finish, this alcoholic beverage is an ideal match for these types of smokes. 

Sweet wines or a fruitier wine are a great companion to the right cigar that gives off fruity and floral notes. On the other hand, dry wines stand up best for darker flavors like leather or earthy.

When you want to drink wine while smoking cigars, start with red wine. Generally, reds are a great choice when paired with medium to full-bodied cigars. Aficionados agree that red wine is best served at room temperature. 

The aromatic nature of this particular type of alcohol makes medium-bodied or full-bodied cigars a perfect match for it, complementing their bitter flavors while also forming an elegant experience from start to finish.

Many options are available for the adventurous palate for the perfect cigar and red wine pairing. Light-bodied wines like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir will complement most mild-medium body smokes without overwhelming them.

Meanwhile, medium-bodied Zinfandels and Merlots are perfect if you're looking for something fuller in flavor but still manageable.


Vodka and a cigar
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Vodka may seem like one of the unlikely drink pairings with cigars, but you'd be surprised how their flavors blend. And you're not alone with this one, as a lot of people prefer partnering cigars with vodka instead of the usual bourbon or single malt scotch.

Vodka is the ultimate spirit for those looking to tone down the night since this clear alcoholic beverage is an easy-drinking and straightforward alternative. 

There are more than a hundred ways to enjoy it with your favorite cigars since there are many cocktail recipes featuring vodka as its base ingredient or flavoring agent. Plain vodka won't do much with cigars, but you'll find that flavored variants have a taste-boosting effect.


Bottle and glasses of Cognac with a cigar on a holder
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Some people think that cognac and cigars are a perfect match. It is a custom by many enthusiasts of both products to create an enhanced experience with just enough creativity in mind.

The subtler flavors can be heightened through careful selection based on your preferences, while aromas might become more noticeable if you choose wisely!

When you want to enjoy a cognac-cigar moment fully, many factors go into it, including aroma and flavor. You'll have different preferences for mild and full-bodied cigars depending on which cognac best suits your palette. 

The Delamain Vesper XO Grande Champagne Cognac complements any cigar with its mellow and flavorful notes. It has vanilla, underwood, and mushroom scents with dry vine shoots that go well with your favorite mild or spicy tasting cigar.


Cocktail and cigar on a wooden table

It's a well-known fact that cocktails are one of the best drinks for any occasion. There is so much variety in making your cocktail recipe, from classics like Martini and Moscow Mule.

The coolest part about cocktails is that they're constantly changing. For instance, you can try out a new recipe with your favorite cigar and have something different every time. 

You can also play with the ingredients based on your taste, so your cigar will be paired with a drink that genuinely complements its flavor. If you want to indulge in a classic cocktail combination, the Gin and Tonic with cigar will not disappoint. 

Meanwhile, the Old Fashioned is a twist on your whiskey, and it's perfect for experienced drinkers. Pair this cocktail with something special, like an aged cigar or one with spicy notes, to really make its flavor stand out.

Furthermore, mild cigars not only smell great, but they also go well with cocktails that use coffee or Irish cream.

You can also make use of homemade liquors like a DIY infused bourbon, infinity bottle, or Baileys Irish cream, so you'll have more control over which flavors you should include.

Coffee / Espresso 

Cup of coffee, coffee beans, ashtray with cigar

Do you know how to spice up your morning coffee? Drink it while smoking a cigar! Try selecting something mild and sweet for those who prefer their specific coffee light roasted. This way, their flavors don't have to fight for dominance. 

If you like a mild and nutty flavor, then the medium cigar will suit your needs. To make this pairing work perfectly, try it with something that has cocoa notes - like mocha. 

A strong cigar is an ideal match for a full-bodied roasted coffee, as the spice of these two flavors works well together to highlight your favorites. The spicier the smoke becomes, the more leathery it is on your taste buds.

A good cup of cappuccino goes hand in hand with the mellow flavor profile found within mild-bodied cigars. For instance, the Oliva Serie V has just enough spice and smokiness that can be paired well with a good coffee, giving you both an enjoyable smoke and some delicious roast at its finest quality!


Notebook with cigar and cup of tea

The similarities in the growth process for tea and tobacco plants have been noted to make this pair work. Each grows in very sunny conditions before being dried, and there's a natural synergy between them when combined into blends or consumed separately.

As you might expect, tea flavors will vary depending on how strong or mild it is. A darker variety like black or chai tea needs to be mixed with a stronger cigar for maximum effect and flavor enhancement. 

Lighter types like white tea are best enjoyed alongside more subtle smokes not to overpower them significantly. For starters, you can try good green tea with its intriguing complexity that pairs well with Claro or Candela-wrapped cigars.

The color of these smokes comes from their processing, where some tobacco leaves are retained. It maintains the green tea’s taste when smoked, which is why this cigar pairing works so nicely with each other!

Herbal tea is also an excellent choice as it offers a wide range of flavors that will easily complement a specific cigar's flavor profile.


A shot glass of tequila besides a cigar and a chili pepper
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For many cigar smokers, the taste of a fine smoke complements a particular liquor pairing. Another great example would be tequila. Certain tequila brands go perfectly with the best cigars. 

Tequailas come in many different flavors, and some people pair their favorite drink with the perfect smoke every time! Drinking tequila while smoking a cigar goes hand-in-hand because both have something special that makes them cohesive. 

According to experts, they complement each other quite nicely. One factor you need to consider when choosing the best tequila for your cigar is the aging process. 

For example, Resposado tequila takes on a distinct flavor since it's influenced by the oak barrels in which it rests. Some varieties will age them for up to one year and others for much longer. It is much smoother than Blanco yet still retains a solid flavor profile. 

You should pair this spirit with a medium-bodied cigar for an elegant and sophisticated experience that won't overpower your senses like harsher smokes!


Picking the right drink to pair with your cigar is an art form. In the past, smoking cigars was considered a social activity reserved for whiskey drinkers, but this is no longer the case, as shown by our changing attitudes on alcohol and tobacco usage in recent years.

We hope this blog opens your senses to the wide variety of drinks you can pair with your favorite smokes. Tell us about your lovely cigar and drink experience. We’d love to hear from you!


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