Bottle of whiskey in an old box

How To Make An Infinity Bottle: Get Creative With Whiskey!

Bottle of whiskey in an old box

Different types of whiskey offer a plethora of flavors. And if you’re an enthusiast, you must have wanted to mix every taste that you like. You definitely can with the use of infinity bottles!

Infinity bottles are a great way to show off your creativity and get to know this beloved liquor. Learn how to make these awesome bottles so you can enjoy your whiskey even more!

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What is an Infinity Bottle?

An infinity bottle is a way of incorporating different whiskeys into one great container. It's both personal and informative, as it tells the story behind every whiskey in your collection. 

While the infinity bottle is a modern trend, it can be traced back centuries ago. When our ancestors first started transporting wine in ceramic containers, they recognized that mixing newer vintages with older ones made for better-tasting brews and less inconsistency across batches as time passed. 

This is why some people call these bottles a living history.

Why is it Called an Infinity Bottle?

vintage alcoholic bottles in a bar

The word "infinity" can be interpreted simply. You take an empty bottle and begin creating a personal blend by adding the best whiskeys.

Then you keep topping off the mixture with a new blend over time, creating a continuous change in taste resulting in what looks like blending each spirit at once.

With the infinity bottle concept, you get a different taste every moment you need a drink, and the bottle won't run out. If it's done right, no one will ever know someone drank from this infinity blend because there won't even be any remnants!

Things You’ll Need to Create an Infinity Bottle

Different whiskey bottles on a shelf

First, you need an empty bottle, preferably a glass or whiskey decanter. The size of the container will vary depending on your experiment's intended scale. 

Decanters may affect tastes negatively, although they are most often used for special occasions or to make the experience more luxurious.

  • Various Whiskey Types

Of course, you would need various bottles of whiskey for your infinity bottle. You can pick from your collection or new ones. 

Choose one whiskey from each type, such as Irish whiskeys, Japanese whisky, Rye whiskey, Tennessee, Blended, Bourbon, etc. You may also select your favorite whiskeys that have a similar flavor profile.

  • Funnel and Measuring Tools

These tools allow you to pour your liquor into a second bottle without spilling or wasting it in the process. For measuring, you can use a jigger or cups. But, if you don't mind measuring, you can just eyeball it.

  • Seal or Cap

You can prevent your whiskey from losing its flavor by using an airtight seal. The use of stoppers that don't create an airtight seal means your whiskey will lose its vitality and become duller over time.

To minimize flavor degradation, keep your blend properly sealed about 80% full at all times.

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  • Decorative Elements (Optional)

Decorations for your container, such as labels or stickers, would make your infinity bottle more personalized, eye-catching, and glamourous. You can use tags to put necessary information on your bottle too.

How to Make an Infinity Bottle

Initial Output 

Bottles of assorted alcoholic beverages

1. Research Various Whiskey Profiles

One way to add some pizazz and creativity is by using a wide variety of whiskeys to create something unique. The process of mixing whiskey can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

Some brewers use whatever they have on hand, while others work with a particular flavor in mind. To determine how much input you will need, take thorough tasting notes and analyze the intensity levels and their quality ranking.

2. Draft Plans / Pairings

Before deciding on anything, it would be a smart move first to get a notebook and a pen and jot down an idea on whiskeys that you think would go well.

As exciting as it may sound, you can't just pick any whiskey you fancy and add it into your infinity bottle. You may accidentally create a masterpiece, but the flavors would just be in a frenzy more often than not.

Decide on the flavors that are missing from your current bottle and add them in. Then, assess whether or not any aspects need to be lightened up so they don't overpower other flavors when blended with different types of whiskey. 

Finally, think about how smoky your beverage is. Too much smoke will drown out all other tastes!

3. Start with Cheap Whiskeys

It's best to begin with a reliable and inexpensive whiskey that one enjoys already, serving as its starting point. 

This process allows people to experiment more safely by using flavors they're familiar with instead of jumping into something new without having anything solid or dependable underneath their feet.

4. Make Use of Top-Shelf Whiskeys

After choosing what cheap whiskey you will use as the base, you can use expensive whiskey bottles

Good spirits can make or break your drink. Add quality to the mix by choosing quality liquors for an infinity bottle with more complexity and depth.

5. Experiment and Blend

Experimenting with different flavors and adding something out of the ordinary can make your whiskey stand apart from all others. If you feel like adding bourbon to an Irish blend, go ahead! 

Suppose you're having second thoughts, and you're scared to mess up your already extraordinary blend. In that case, you can do a trial and error by incorporating small amounts of your mixture and the alcohol you want to add in a tasting glass.

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6. Taste and Take Notes

Every day, you should periodically taste the whiskey in your infinity bottle to see how it changes. Not only will this let you know if adding more drams of whiskeys is affecting its flavor, but it also gives you a chance for space inside.

You should also note the liquors you've added and what it changed in the flavor profile. Then, calculate what whiskey would be ideal to add next.

Creating the Bottle

Bottles of whiskey

1. Preparing the Container

  • Take out your desired container. Make sure it's clean and dry.
  • Get your funnel and position it in the container opening correctly to avoid accidents and spills.

2. Pour the First Few Blends Planned

  • Prepare the whiskeys you wish to mix for your blend and make sure they are measured correctly.
  • Start with your chosen base, and the other whiskeys will follow.
  • Give your bottle a slight swirl to make sure all the components are mixed.

3. Store the Blend in the Bottle and Seal

  • After you've combined all the whiskeys, it's time for you to seal the bottle.
  • Make sure the seal is tight to avoid oxygen from making your blend dull.

4. Add Your Own Flair

  • Decorate the bottle however you like. You can add stickers, a label print, tassels, or anything that can signify your bottle as your own.
  • Take your blend to a safe place where the temperature is cool and stable.

5. Record the Whiskeys

  • Have a small notebook dedicated to your blending records.
  • Each time you add something to your recipe, jot down the newly added whiskeys and their corresponding ABV, type, and flavor profiles.
  • Also, write down the changes you've observed with your blend's flavor spectrum.
  • You should also take note of the total ABV of the mixture after adding new whiskeys.

Tips in Making an Infinity Blend

Two glasses with whiskey pouring in over a wooden table

Learn About Different Whiskey Types

Don't dive into the hobby without any knowledge about the types of this liquor. There are different whiskeys based on style and region.

There are straight whiskey, bourbon, rye, wheat, malt, single malt, corn, and light when it comes to style. On the other hand, whiskeys based on regions include Tennessee, Irish, Japanese, Canadian, and Scotch.

Try Contrast Flavors

Think of it as an orchestra. You need the right balance between various instruments, just as you would with spirits in your whiskey blend.

If one instrument is too aggressive or loud, others will struggle to be heard over its melody and vice versa. They must work together if there are going to create a beautiful symphony instead of cacophony on stage!

Expand Your Whiskey Options

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. There are thousands of various whiskeys you can find in the market, including whiskeys inspired by celebrities

Don't just stick to those you've tried before or you're familiar with, although they make a great base. Moreover, don't be scared to mess up because mistakes are bound to happen. Every drop of whiskey is a stepping stone to an invention that is far greater.

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Keep a Record of Flavor Profiles

You should keep a database of all the ingredients you've put in your infinity bottle, especially if you're using a new whiskey. 

Some people label the outside of their bottle, while others prefer keeping a notebook that records everything in their beautiful concoction.

Choose whichever way works out in your favor. Just remember one thing: record all ingredients so if something remarkable happens, you won't have to worry about how to recreate those flavors again.

Avoid Wastage

Suppose you feel like throwing away your infinity bottle because you messed up your blend - don't! 

There are ways to avoid wasting your whiskey blend. You can still save your infinity bottle by mixing a younger whiskey, one or two-year-old, as this can neutralize flavors.

Assess the flavor of your newly blended whiskey and analyze what it needs to taste less chaotic. You can also try a single bottle at a time so you can focus on it more.

Know Certain Limitations

If you've come to a point where you have created your favorite blend yet, it's okay to stop yourself in your tracks and save what you have concocted. You can then start creating another infinity bottle with a different flavor profile.

Be Patient

It might sound exciting to taste a different whiskey flavor every time you add something, but one thing you should know with infinity bottles is it will take some time before you reach an iconic blend.

Things like infinity bottles require patience, so you wouldn't want to throw tantrums every time you get the blend results wrong. The flavors also take time to blend, so don't be discouraged if the initial taste is not how you wanted it to be.

Infinity Bottle FAQ

Liquor in decanter and glass on a black background

Is an infinity bottle worth it?

If you have a deep appreciation for whiskeys, then an infinity bottle is worth it. It is a pretty expensive activity but such a fun experiment. 

Who knows? You might discover that you're a talented master blender along the way!

How long does an infinity bottle last?

You can't really call it an infinity bottle if you're planning to empty it, can you? That would defeat the whole concept! 

An infinity bottle should last an infinity, as its name implies. You’re supposed to top it up with more whiskey if you're drinking from the bottle. It will only stop being endless if you stop adding to it.

How do you keep an infinity bottle?

To avoid spoiling your infinity bottle, you need to make sure the seal or cap is tightly sealed to prevent oxidation which can change (usually not in a good way) the whiskey’s flavor.

You should also store the infinity bottle in a cool place where the temperature is stable and doesn't fluctuate. Avoid placing your infinity bottle in an area that can be reached by sunlight, as it can degrade the flavors in your blend.

What are the solera system and a solera bottle?

The solera system is the process of aging spirits or wine where the oldest liquid sits at the bottom, and a new product goes in to replace what's been removed. The barrels are arranged in a pyramid to allow the fluids to keep refilling and pouring.

The barrels are never fully emptied. They provide an opportunity for different products from past years to be mixed over time so that each sip contains unique flavors created by decades worth of production.

This system is used for whiskey and other liquors like sherry, rum, and brandy. Some say that infinity bottles are derived from this system; the difference is that you can make it at home in small batches.


Making an infinity bottle is a fun activity for whiskey lovers because they get to explore the endless spectrum of flavors when combining different whiskeys.

For those who are not in a hurry, it can be a very relaxing process that leads you through all sorts of delicious combinations from an ever-changing whiskey blend before landing on your favorite one. 

So, are you ready to make your iconic whiskey blend?

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