Best Tequila Glasses For Sipping

11 Best Tequila Glasses For Sipping In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

 Best Tequila Glasses For Sipping

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Tequila is one of the elite liquors out there. Tequila is enjoyed in margaritas or as a shot. While the standard practice is to take a tequila shot with salt and lime, tequila can also be enjoyed by sipping.

An exceptional spirit such as tequila equally needs a stylish glass, but not all glasses can do the trick. That’s why we compiled a list of the best tequila glasses for sipping to elevate your drinking experience.

Our Top Picks

Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass
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Best Value - Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

 Simple design but fancy enough for special occasions
• Low price
• Thick glass

Godinger Dublin Shot Glass
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Most Durable - Godinger Dublin Shot Glass

 Heavy for its size
• Can hold more than 2 oz
• Reasonably priced

JoyJolt Halo Crystal Scotch Whiskey Glass
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Most Unique - JoyJolt Halo Crystal Whiskey/Scotch Glass

• Excellent value
• Classy and beautiful design
• Nice feel and weight

    1. The Oaxaca Tequila Glass

    Oaxaca Tequila Glass with tag


    Pros  Cons
    • Goes well with an ice ball or whiskey rock
    • Unique and stylish design
    • Designed specifically for mezcal
    • Heavy base
    • Pricey 
    • Reports of broken/chipped glasses

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon customer commented that he bought the glasses because he didn’t have a tequila glass specific for her mezcal. He is pleased with his purchase as the glasses earned a lot of attention at the taco and tequila event he attended.

    The Oaxaca Tequila Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    This tequila glass comes in a unique form and shape. It has a big opening making any size of ice cubes fit easily. Furthermore, it can hold the right amount of liquid.

    Who Should Buy It

    The Oaxaca tequila glass is ideal for hosting formal parties, or you can give this as a gift to someone who loves tequilas. If you want to be a little extra with your tequila glasses, this is also perfect for you.

    2. 5 O’Clock Rocks Glass

    5 O’Clock Rocks glass


    Pros  Cons
    • Ideal for whiskey with or without ice
    • Stable to hold
    • Ideal design for holding the drink’s aroma
    • Free mixologist recipe book
    • Uneven base
    • Bubbles forming on the rim
    • Some found it a bit cloudy

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon shopper stated that the glasses were excellent, and they were of high quality. He uses it when drinking his tequila, and it does a pretty good job of making his drink richer in taste and smell.

    5 O’Clock Rocks Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The 5 O’Clock tequila glass is made with durable and versatile glass. It does a good job holding not only tequila but other drinks as well. It looks sophisticated and straightforward. It is perfectly architectured, and by the looks of it, can last you a long time.

    Who Should Buy It

    This tequila glass is perfect for people who want a more straightforward glass that is high quality at the same time. It would also make a wonderful gift for friends or family. 

    3. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass

    Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass with liquor


    Pros  Cons
    • Ideal weight
    • Solid and thick glass
    • Easy to wash by hand or dishwasher
    • Packaged nicely in a stylish box
    • Fits well in your hand
    • Some found the packaging cheap
    • May have visible imperfections like bumps

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An avid Amazon shopper loves this tequila glass as it fits well in his hand, even if he is left-handed. Meanwhile, another buyer bought this glass while looking for the right bourbon glasses to purchase. When he received the package, he was amazed by how the glass looked and felt.

    Venero Crystal Whiskey Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    This tequila glass for sipping feels comfortable in your hand, giving you that perfect fit. You can wash this conveniently in your dishwasher without having to worry about breaking the glass. Its design screams elegance and the packaging is pretty also.

    Who Should Buy It

    The Venero Crystal whiskey glass has more of a manly touch and weight to it. If you find that a bother and opt for a lighter glass, you might want to skip this product. It is sturdy. It is perfect for long-term use. For those who love his liquors on the rocks, this can be a great all-around glass.

    4. Godinger Dublin Shot Glass

    Godinger Dublin Shot Glass


    Pros  Cons
    • Heavy for its size
    • Can hold more than 2 oz.
    • Reasonably priced
    • Sturdy and elegantly designed
    • Made with thick glass

    What Customers Have To Say 

    A tequila lover stated the glass was beautiful, and she liked how it was quite heavy. Moreover, she appreciates how the glass could hold up to 2 oz of her favorite tequila. Another customer also likes that the glass has the right size to hold her drink. She furthered that even if the tequila glass is made of high quality, it is still reasonably priced. 

    Godinger Dublin Shot Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Godinger tequila glass, although it is smaller in size than other glasses, is still heavy, durable, and thick. It also doesn't break easily, and it can hold enough liquid. What makes this glass a good buy is that it can hold any liquor aside from tequila. Because of its beautiful etched design, it is ideal to be used in gatherings and parties. 

    Who Should Buy It

    Those who prefer smaller glasses to big ones without disregarding other features such as durability will find this product ideal for them. If you are also quite the type to invest in stylish glasses, this is an excellent choice to have around.

    5. Juvale 4-Piece Whiskey Glass Set

    A glass included in the whiskey set


    Pros  Cons
    • Hold various types of liquor
    • Lead-free
    • Made with a thick and sturdy base and stem
    • Up to 13 oz. capacity
    • Thin glass
    • Some say it feels too light

    What Customers Have To Say 

    A customer found the glasses excellent for etching. She used it for her client’s wedding, and they love how an elegant looking glass can level up their celebration. Meanwhile, another customer stated that the glass has excellent quality. He admires how he can use the glass for almost any drink while maintaining that “cool” vibe to it.

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Juvale whiskey glass is designed to enhance the taste of cognac, whiskey, tequila, beer, and other types of liquor. It is also lead-free, making it a healthy option, especially for those who are quite bothered with the material their drinking glass is made of. Moreover, the Juvale whiskey glass features a crisp rim and clear construction for a more precise swirl to aerate tequila’s taste and aroma even more. 

    Who Should Buy It

    Those who prefer to use a glass with a stem, specifically a short stem, should consider this item. It gives off that classy and sophisticated vibe that goes well with any occasion. So if you are the type to show off, this tequila glass for sipping should be included in your line-up.

    6. Libbey Craft Spirits Tequila Glass

    Libbey Craft Spirits Tequila Glass with liquorButton

    Pros  Cons
    • Made with a thick and heavy base for easy handling
    • Made with a wide-body to allow tequila to breathe
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Lead-free
    • The packaging is not that neat
    • Some glasses arrived broken

    What Customers Have To Say 

    A customer loves how the product has a solid base, nice weight, and a right-center waist. This tequila glass for sipping fits his hand perfectly. Meanwhile, a satisfied customer commented that the glasses she received were precisely like what they look like in the photos. Plus, they came in good condition.

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Libbey Craft tequila glass is entirely made with a design that’s appropriate for sipping tequila. Moreover, it can accommodate even large-sized ice cubes because of its large opening. The glass’s shape makes it comfortable to be held and enhances the nosing experience even better.

    Who Should Buy It

    This is perfect for all tequila lovers out there. The design is pretty simple, but the simplicity makes it so elegant and does a pretty good job handling tequilas.

    7. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass

    Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass with liquor


    Pros  Cons
    • Aerates whiskey and other liquors
    • Gravity-defying design 
    • Great feel in the hands
    • Made with lead-free crystal
    • Dishwasher and freezer safe
    • Some glasses have scratches
    • Feels too light

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon buyer stated that the glass was fantastic and cool-looking. He described the glass as having prime, durable, stable, and comfortable in the hands quality. Furthermore, it holds aromatic flavors and the color of your beverage well.

    Meanwhile, another customer purchased similar-looking glasses from a different brand, but he wasn’t satisfied with what he received. However, with the Dragon Glassware tequila glasses, he automatically loves them since they are durable and thicker. 

    Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Dragon Glassware tequila glass for sipping has an attractive geometric design pleasing to the eyes and would make a great display. But aside from its aesthetics, the 50-degree angle design is also intended to have an anti-rocking and spill-free feature.

    Moreover, the lead-free glass is thick enough that it can withstand the pressure from the dishwasher. You can just put these in your dishwasher and expect them to be clean and intact.  

    Who Should Buy It

    If you are looking for an excellent sipping glass with an exciting and different design, this can be the type of tequila glass you are looking for. It is a glass of high functionality and aesthetics all in one. 

    8. Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass

    Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass with liquor


    Pros  Cons
    • Perfect median size 
    • Rim has a wide opening
    • Can be used for daily drinking
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Made with fine crystal glass
    • Glass is thin
    • High price
    • Some found it smaller than they expected

    What Customers Have To Say 

    A customer likes how huge the glass is because he would have more room to swirl his tequila. He found this glass to be better than the rest of his glasses. He also commented that the glasses are quite fragile, so he washes them carefully by hand.

    Meanwhile, another customer said that this glass is his favorite out of all the glasses he has. According to him, the glass has a perfect size for everyday drinking. Even if it is relatively small, this tequila glass can perfectly hold ice and other garnishes on top of the liquor. 

    Why We Think It’s Great

    Made of fine crystal, the Riedel Bar tequila glass for sipping looks classy. It also has a wide opening that allows more room to swirl your liquor and release its flavors and aromatics. It can fit any size of ice cubes and can hold much liquid. Another great thing is that it comes at an affordable price considering its good quality.

    Who Should Buy It

    The Riedel Bar Ouverture is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable and elegant tequila glass. If you are the type to break things easily, this glass will not work for you because of its thin quality. But if you like getting more flavor and aroma to your tequila, this one is a good investment.

    9. Glencairn Whisky Glass

    Glencairn Whisky Glass


    Pros  Cons
    • Made with transparent and lustrous crystal
    • Durable and sturdy
    • Plenty of room for proper measure
    • Fits your hand perfectly 
    • Box isn't presentable
    • Some say the glasses are too small
    • Reports of receiving broken items

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon shopper likes how the glass was shaped. He furthered that it is purposely designed to give more life to the tequila. Another customer commented that this tequila glass does a great job of concentrating his drink’s aroma optimally. He furthered that the glass’s design is specifically made to enhance malts, tequila, and whiskey’s drinking experience.

    Glencairn Whisky Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Glencairn tequila glass is built entirely for sipping tequila because of its wide mouth and short stem. This design makes an excellent feature to swirl the liquor more professionally to release its flavors and aroma. Moreover, it has an exciting tulip design that can add sophistication to your bar counter. 

    Who Should Buy It

    This tequila glass for sipping is excellent for everyday use. And if you are looking for glassware that is elegantly designed, something that resembles a contemporary-looking drinking glass, this one is the best pick.

    10. JoyJolt Halo Crystal Whiskey/Scotch Glass

    JoyJolt Halo Crystal Whiskey/Scotch Glasses


    Pros  Cons
    • Made with 100% lead-free crystal
    • Handmade to ensure quality 
    • Nice feel and weight
    • Tulip design allows the liquor to aerate properly
    • Small air bubbles in the glass
    • Some found it too thin
    • Not suitable for large ice cubes

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon buyer found the glass so pretty that he used them as soon as it was delivered. Another customer stated the glass looked and felt excellent, but it also felt fragile. Moreover, the glass is sold at a reasonable price, making it a good purchase.

    JoyJolt Halo Crystal Scotch Whisky Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Joy Jolt Halo tequila glass is made with 100% lead-free crystal and a sturdy base. Moreover, the glass design is specifically made to allow air to reach the liquor and release its flavors and aroma. Plus, for its price and quality, the product is already a great deal. 

    Who Should Buy It

    The Joy Jolt Halo is an excellent item for those looking for tulip-shaped tequila glasses, but it needs extra care because it's on the thinner side. And if you are eyeing a tequila glass for sipping that can double as a whiskey glass, this one is a good choice.

    11. Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass

    Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses with liquor


    Pros  Cons
    • Simple design but fancy enough for special occasions
    • Low price
    • Thick material
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Heavy bottom
    • Size might be too small for some
    • Imperfections in the glasses

    What Customers Have To Say 

    An Amazon shopper said this rocks glass has the perfect size for sipping liquors. She furthered that the glass is classy and elegant, an ideal addition to her home bar. Meanwhile, another buyer loves the glass as it has a sturdy feeling. Plus, it looks exquisite and sophisticated for its affordable price.

    Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Customer Images

    Why We Think It’s Great

    The Rock Style tequila glass screams elegance plus functionality. The sleek and modern design is perfect for casual drinking sessions and gatherings. It also has a steady heavy base to avoid tip overs when being held or placed on counter tops. Moreover, the glass is versatile to be used with any type of liquor. It is also sturdy and thick that it can be washed in the dishwasher without worrying if it will break or get scratched. 

    Who Should Buy It

    If you are searching for a simple looking yet sturdy type of tequila glass for sipping, this is something to consider. Aside from using this on your spirits, the glass’s overall look and feel is also ideal for everyday use.

    Best Tequila Glass for Sipping Buying Guide

    Picking out the best tequila glass for sipping can be challenging. You need to select which glass can withstand parties, a design that fits your taste, and one with excellent value. Consider these factors before pulling the trigger.

    • Thickness

    When you’re looking for a sipping tequila glass, check the description or reviews section and check how thick or thin the glass is. You wouldn’t want to purchase a thin glass as this would break or chip easily; chances are it won’t last you for a long time. 

    More delicate glasses are also not that easy to clean. Using a dishwasher may cause the glass to break, and you’d have to be very careful when washing the glasses by hand.

    • Volume Capacity

    Different sipping tequila glasses come in different sizes. Some may be too big for your liking, and some are too small. It purely depends on how you like your glasses to be or in what event you're going to use the glasses. 

    Whether you are looking for a glass that can hold much liquid or just an ounce, there is a wide array of beautiful glasses you can choose from.

    • Price

    You need to be smart when purchasing tequila glasses. Make sure the glasses you will be selecting are worth the money. It is not far from possible that you will come across overpriced glasses. 

    Remember that expensive doesn't mean high quality. You will find many great deals at a reasonable price. Another tip is to look for sets that will save you a lot of money. 

    Tequila Glasses for Sipping FAQ

    What kind of glass do you sip tequila with?

    If you want to enjoy your tequila by sipping, the best glass you can use is something on the larger side, especially tulip-shaped ones. The aromatic compounds of the drink can gather in the expansive middle, and the narrow opening will concentrate the aroma of the tequila. 

    Make sure the glass you use is sturdy enough to avoid any incidents o breaking while enjoying the drink.

    How do you drink sipping tequila?

    We’ve all heard of Tequila shots; it’s when you propel the liquid right into your mouth. But how does it differ from sipping tequila? As the name implies, when you sip tequila, you take time to finish the drink. You don’t have to drink the whole glass empty in one gulp. 

    Instead, you can let it sit in your hand while you’re enjoying your time talking to your family or friends. You slowly sip the drink and appreciate its beautiful flavor bit by bit.

    Should sipping tequila be chilled?

    Your sipping tequila doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It’s a matter of preference. You can have it chilled if that’s what you prefer. If you don’t want it chilled, you can always enjoy a glass of room temperature tequila. However, don’t put your tequila in or near direct sunlight, as this can alter its natural taste. 

    What is the smoothest sipping tequila?

    Tequila is one of the most popular alcohols in the world. There have been many tequilas produced by now, and there are currently many types of tequila to choose from, but if you're wondering what the smoothest tequila is, it is Añejo. Añejo means vintage, and they are aged from one to three years. It is labeled as the best sipping tequila because of the smooth flavor. 

    Why is tequila the healthiest alcohol?

    Out of all alcoholic drinks, tequila has been proven to be the healthiest as it can promote weight loss. For starters, the sugar in the agave plant, which tequila is from, is called agavins. This has been noted to help lower blood sugar. 

    Moreover, agavins can make you feel like you’re full. That’s why you tend to eat less, which will result in weight loss. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re planning to trim down some fats.

    Tequila can also improve your digestion. Agave contains high insulin levels, which grow good bacteria. Thus, it can aid your digestion, and it can also boost your metabolism. 

    If you have trouble sleeping, tequila can also help you. It calms your nerves, and it helps relax your body. Tequila can also serve as a painkiller. When you take in tequila, it dilates your blood vessels and aids in transporting your blood to all parts of your body, minimizing the pain. 

    However, it is not advisable to depend on tequila to achieve these health benefits. You should also consider the essential guide to drinking alcohol to consume tequila properly. 


    Although tequila has a good flavor on its own, sipping is one way of making you savor the drink even more. So for an even better experience, choose a tequila glass that suits your liking. If you are quite experimental, you can opt to squeeze other ingredients and enjoy the best tequila cocktail recipes out there.

    Which type of tequila glass for sipping enhances your drinking experience? Let us know in the comments below,


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