Novelty shot glasses are quirky and cute gifts you can give to your alcohol-loving friends. They have fantastic and eye-catching designs that can make anyone smile. Some of these designs can be used for other things, such as the mason jar shot glasses.

Other Uses of Novelty Shot Glasses

  • DIY Souvenirs
  • You can make some pretty souvenirs for your party. All you need are shot glasses, ribbons, fabric, glue, candles, and stickers. Make a sensible fold on a small piece of cloth and place it at the bottom of the shot glass. Let the candle sit on top of the material and wrap it with ribbons.

    Use the glue to secure the ribbons and place a sticker of your event on the shot glass. You can also use beads, toys, or candy instead of the candle. These souvenirs can be used for parties, events, and special occasions.

  • Home for Succulents
  • Fill ¾ of your shot glass with dry sand and lightly spray with water. Sand provides aeration and drainage for your succulents. Create a hole in the middle of your sand for your soil and fill it.

    Plant your succulent, and cover the soil with rocks. The rocks help keep your succulent properly hydrated. If you want a silly pot design for your plants, then our novelty shot glasses can provide.

  • Store Food
  • Mason jar shot glasses can be used to store homemade jam, baby food, and other tiny ingredients.

  • Giveaways
  • Since mason jars have an airtight seal, you can use them to make giveaways for your party. You can make jam, candy, or candles as a giveaway, just place them in the mason jar and add a creative design.

  • Measuring Cups
  • Some of these novelty shot glasses come with measuring lines. You can use them for cocktail making, baking, and other activities that require measuring. They’re useful and fun to have.