Retirement Gifts For Men

36 Retirement Gifts For Men That Will Surely Warm Their Heart

Retirement Gifts For Men

Choosing the best retirement gifts for men can be challenging because you never know what your dad, husband, uncle, colleague, or friend is going to do now that he's got all the time in the world. We created this list to narrow down the special gifts that he'll actually treasure and hold dear, not just keep away in a box somewhere.


Our Top Picks

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless CameraMobile Button

Best for Globetrotters - Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

World's fastest Auto-Focus and Object Tracking
Flip-up, reversible LCD
 External mic jack and headphone jack

SOLE F63 Treadmill
Mobile Button

Best for Gym Buffs - SOLE F63 Treadmill

Safe and durable
60-inch running surface
Tablet holder and a USB port
6.5-inch LCD display

Hello Fresh Recipe Subscription Box

Best for Foodies  - Hello Fresh Recipe Subscription Box

20+ chef-curated recipes each week
Add extra meals to any order
Changeable delivery day or menu preferences
Cancel anytime

LP&NO.1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player
Mobile Button


Best for Audiophiles - LP&NO.1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player

Retro gramophone-shaped
High-quality wooden base
Copper-coated horn
Can also play MP3s and radio
Can connect it to an external sound system via Bluetooth or cable

DikaSun Double Tiered Gazebo with Air Vent
Mobile Button

Best for Barbecue Lovers - DikaSun Double Tiered Gazebo with Air Vent

Sturdy steel frame
Smoke ventilation 
Two shelves with hooks for grill accessories
Super-easy to assemble

For Keeping Up with Modern Times

1. Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis


Your retiring man will now have the greatest luxury of all — the luxury of time. If he's a book lover and doesn't mind going digital instead of a paperback, then he's going to love the Kindle Oasis. 

Why He'll Like It 

It's got the usual Kindle magic, but this one is more eye-friendly. It has a 300ppi flush-front paperwhite display and adjustable warm light to shift the screen shade from white to amber. It's also waterproof so he can bring it in the bath or by the pool!

2. VANKYO Leisure 470 Mini Projector

VANKYO Leisure 470 Multimedia Mini Projector

He may not readily admit it but his eyes aren't what they used to be. To him, even the biggest smartphone screen would be too small for watching videos or browsing through photos. With a mini projector, he can now relive those memories on a bigger screen, anywhere in the house. 

Why He'll Like It 

This projector from VANKYO can connect to a smartphone or laptop either via Wi-Fi or a USB cable. With its vivid colors, powerful contrast images, and native HD resolution, he can even enjoy a whole new mini-movie theater experience right in his living room or bedroom.

3. Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE - Silver Aluminum


If he's an iPhone owner, then it only makes sense to get him the best iPhone companion in the market. It's a breath of modern air when it comes to retirement gifts for men because they usually get a diver watch or some analog utility wearable. Just because he's getting old doesn't mean he can't sport a shiny new Apple Watch.

Why He'll Like It 

You mean aside from the Fitness Tracker, Voice Assistant, GPS, Built-in compass, Real-Time Elevation Readings, Large Retina OLED Display, Heart Rate Monitor, and Swim Proof Design? Well, it also looks pretty. 

Is he an Android user? Get this retirement gift instead.

4. Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera

Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera


You can bet your bottom dollar that your retiring buddy will be traveling a lot and what he will need is a travel camera that's lighter, more compact, faster, and better for video. 

Mirrorless cameras are exactly that, and it's no surprise that people prefer them over conventional DSLRs, which are only good if you require different sets of lenses. But for simple point-and-shoot camera action, mirrorless is the way to go. It's also great for casual photography like walks in the park or capturing moments during special occasions.

Why He'll Like It 

No bad shots. This camera from Sony features one of the world's fastest Auto-Focus and Object Tracking, so he's going to take brilliant photos and videos even while in motion. It's also got a flip-up, reversible LCD where you can watch yourself while taking a video, just like the good old days of camcorders.

For Old and New Hobbies

5. HackerBoxes Monthly Subscription

HackerBoxes Monthly Subscription

You know the old saying, "Everybody needs a hobby"? That's a million times truer for retired folks. Sure, they'll spend their first few retirement years traveling and doing new stuff, but after that, they're going to need a regular hobby that's not a one-off thing. 

Hobby boxes are one of the best retirement gifts for men because it keeps them busy regularly and they can choose what they want to work on. For instance, HackerBoxes is great for those who enjoy tinkering with electronics and computer technology.

Why He'll Like It 

Each month, he'll receive a box that generally includes a project or two and a cool assortment of electronic components, modules, tools, supplies, and promotional items. There's also an online community forum for sharing projects with other subscribers.

6. Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Organizer

Samsonite Expanding Golf Trunk Organizer


Even if he's not an avid golfer, chances are he will be once he's retired. This organizer is a great retirement gift for men because it can keep their golf gear, shoes, and even snacks in place.

Why He'll Like It

It's made from polyester and it's got two levels that expand and collapse for easy trunk storage. Plus, it has a ventilated mesh front door that provides visibility, easy access, and aeration — very important for storing sweaty shirts, socks, and shoes.

7. GIGALUMI Heavy Duty Gardening Tools Set

GIGALUMI Heavy Duty Gardening Tools Set


Who says gardening is just for women? A nice set of new tools is a great retirement gift for men as they will find gardening a relaxing hobby.

Why He'll Like It

This set consists of 11 tools, including six hand tools, a carrying tote, a plant rope, a pack of plant tags, a pair of gardening gloves, and a sprayer. They're made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy with a high degree of sturdiness, so no need to worry about rusting and breaking during use.

8. REXBETI 169-Piece Premium Tool Kit

REXBETI 169-Piece Premium Tool Kit


If he's a DIY kind of guy, then he probably can't get enough of his garage tool collection. They’re going to have a lot more time on projects and home repairs now once they’ve retired, and that’s why a brand new toolset would be a great retirement gift for men.

Why He'll Like It

This is a 169-piece set; that alone should take his breath away. He'd be like the James Bond of carpentry. And they're all made out of high-quality steel and are finished in chrome to ensure durability and strength. It also includes a large tool bag with 19 pockets for when he needs to bring the tools out of the house.

9. Seagull 2018 Original Model Acoustic Guitar

Seagull 2018 Original Model Acoustic Guitar w/ Hard Case


These guys grew up in a musical era that we can only imagine. A classical guitar is a wonderful retirement gift for men as it can bring back memories of the old days, especially for your musically-inclined retired husband, father, uncle, or colleague. 

If he's been itching for another pluck and strum of an authentic classical guitar, you can never go wrong with the Seagull brand, as most guitarists would agree.

Why He'll Like It 

Aside from the solid cedar top, silver leaf maple neck, wild cherry back and sides, and incredible sound, he will also love the Acoustic Hardshell Case Dread and the Single Tube Style Stand that come with this guitar.

10. Antique Medieval British Army Handmade Chess Set

Antique Medieval British Army Handmade Chess Set


Give him the gift of an active mind by keeping alive his passion for chess (or by introducing the game). With all the renewed interest in chess that's going on, he's totally going to dig this present. 

Why He'll Like It 

As the lengthy product name suggests, this is no ordinary chess set. All of the patterns are handcrafted, combining natural solid wooden rose, mother-of-pearl, and other materials. The board itself serves as a sleek storage for the Medieval British Army pieces. Way to play chess like a grandmaster!

11. Hello Fresh Recipe Subscription Box

Hello Fresh Recipe Subscription Box

Perhaps your retired buddy has always wanted to go back to his passion for cooking but hasn't got the energy to go shopping regularly. If that's the case, then this Hello Fresh Recipe Subscription Box is the perfect retirement gift for men. This service takes the meal planning and grocery shopping off his plate so he can enjoy the cooking part with pre-measured ingredients delivered to his doorstep.

Why He'll Like It

He can choose from 20+ mouth-watering recipes each week, crafted and curated by professional chefs. He'll just let Hello Fresh do the leg work for him. Apart from receiving weekly recipe boxes, he can also add extra meals to any week's order, change the delivery day or menu preferences, skip a week, or cancel anytime.


For the Alcohol Aficionado

12. “The Legend Has Retired” Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glass with "The Legend has Retired" label


Let’s start with the classic retirement gift for men: whiskey glass with an inscription. It may be a bit of an old hat when it comes to gifts, but it’s not without value. If he has a home bar, this could serve as one of the main attractions. Plus, it’s pretty cool to see him drink from it during his retirement party and in all parties after that.

Why He'll Like It 

Although it has an elegant and classy design, it’s not just for show — this lowball 11 oz. whiskey glass offers excellent clarity for showcasing a range of beverages, not to mention it will fit effortlessly in his hand. If he’s more of an ale chugger, give him the best beer glass instead.

13. Whiskey Decanter Set with Antique Ship

Whiskey Decanter Set with Antique Ship


This intricately handcrafted whiskey decanter set with an antique ship is always a great retirement gift for men as it will bring their decanter game to the next level. It’s the perfect gift for a whiskey lover, but it can be used to dispense wine, rum, and other liquor as well.

Why He'll Like It 

Whiskey decanters are generally for aesthetic purposes, and nothing says beauty more than an impressively-made ship decanter dispensing whiskey to friends and guests. One look at this beauty and he’ll make sure to have it displayed in the house for everyone to see.

14. Homecraft Stainless Steel Tap Mini Kegerator

Homecraft Stainless Steel Tap Mini Kegerator


We all like to keep our beers fresh, cold, and carbonated. This tap mini kegerator allows you to have a rotation of craft beers on tap at home, just like you would at your local brewpub. If your retired husband, father, uncle, or colleague is a craft beer enthusiast, this is a no-brainer.

Why He'll Like It

This kegerator works with standard threaded CO2/N2O cartridges that keep beer fresh for at least 30 days. Plus, it has a LED adjustable temperature gauge that ranges from 36 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit and will chill the beer within 24 hours.

15. Vinebox or Wine of the Month Club Subscription

Vinebox or Wine of the Month Club Subscription

Whether he's a seasoned or a casual wine drinker, there's always a monthly wine club subscription that will satisfy his vino needs. Case in point: Vinebox will send 9 of the current best wines by the glass to your designated recipient, as well as credits for full-sized bottle purchases. 

On the other hand, Wine of the Month Club (WOMC) sends two pre-chosen wines delivered in a linen burgundy box with a personalized gift card along with a 24-page information-packed newsletter.

Why He'll Like It

It's a great retirement gift for men and it’s all about flexibility. Vinebox sends new wines by the glass, so it's for people who hate committing before they do their research. WOMC is for the truly picky wine drinkers who know their wine well enough to pick on their own. Either way, it's good wine every month!

16. Modern Mixology 23-Piece Bartender Kit with Stylish Bamboo Stand

Modern Mixology 23-Piece Bartender Kit with Stylish Bamboo Stand


Retirement can pave the way for revisiting an old passion or fulfilling a new dream, and sometimes that dream is to become a professional bartender. He can go full-mixologist even at home with this 23-piece bartender kit. It’s got everything: a 24oz leak-proof shaker, professional-grade mixology tools, a hardcover cocktail recipe book, and even a hip bamboo stand.

Why He'll Like It

These bar tools are high-grade and seriously heavy-duty, we’re talking about SS304 & SS430 stainless steel alloy. Also, they’re dishwasher-safe so he doesn’t need to worry about wear and tear even if he creates a flurry of cocktails every night.

17. Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor

Glass Top Handcrafted Cedar Humidor


If he loves spirits, there’s a pretty good chance he smokes the occasional cigar, too. But if he is a cigar connoisseur, then he’s going to need a humidor for his Arturo Fuentes, Padróns, and Ashtons. This glass-top handcrafted cedar humidor is considered the best humidor of 2020, and it’s easy to see why.

Why He'll Like It 

It's the father of humidors with built-in hygrometers to make sure that his cigars are adequately humidified. It also holds moisture better than other humidors because of its Spanish cedar coaming and inlay. And of course, the glass top lid was designed to properly show off his collection of fine smokes.

For Staying Active and Healthy

18. Gogodance Breathable Ballroom Dance Shoes and Nike Men's Flex Experience Run 8 Sneaker

Gogodance Ballroom Dance Shoes and Nike Men's Flex Experience Run 8 Sneaker


That's right — two pairs. If there's anything your buddy should be doing more during retirement, it's running and dancing. But with his age, his feet are not what they used to be so it's important to bank on durability and comfort. 

These are great retirement gifts for men but before you purchase them, you'll need to use your clever tactics to know his shoe size.

Why He'll Like It 

The Gogodance dance shoes are a popular choice for jazz, tango, and waltz dancers because they're made from premium leather that's smooth and skin-friendly. This pair also provides great breathability. Perfect for walks or running, the Nike Flex Experience Run 8 Sneaker is lightweight with an adaptive knit fabric.

19. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat


You knew this was coming next, didn't you? It's only natural that if he's going to do some running and dancing, he's also going to need a good feet massage now and then. This one from Belmint was dubbed by New York Magazine as the “best giftable electric foot massager” in 2020. 

Why He'll Like It 

It's a powerful deep-kneading massager with built-in infrared switchable heat for comfortable warmth. The heat also helps to ease tension, release tight muscles, and improve blood circulation. It comes with a removable mesh insert to allow the foot to breathe. It also comes with a remote controller so he doesn't have to bend down.

20. TAIMASI 152-Piece Survival Kit Outdoor Adventure

TAIMASI 152-Piece Survival Kit


Being in your 60s may not exactly be the right age to go out there for a little outdoor adventure. But in the long-shot that your retired buddy has always been in tune with nature, then this 152-piece survival kit will come in handy. 

Whether it's for a fishing time with the grandkids or a little hunting and camping trip with the boys, he'll find everything he'll ever need in this toolset.

Why He'll Like It 

Aside from the 22-piece multi-purpose survival tools set and an emergency tent and blanket, it also includes a 45-piece first aid kit and 50 pieces of disposable gloves along with a fishing toolset, all packed in a lightweight camo bag.

21. SOLE F63 Treadmill

SOLE F63 Treadmill


A home treadmill is a dream-come-true for health buffs who no longer feel "hip" enough to hit the gym. No one's going to be lifting weights at 65 anyway, so your retired buddy might as well focus on cardio and leg work instead.

Why He'll Like It 

The SOLE F63 is rated as the best treadmill for seniors in 2020 by Treadmill Reviews. Its best features are safety and durability. It boasts a 60-inch running surface and a powder-coated steel frame built to hold steady at the track's top speed of 12 mph. Plus, it has a tablet holder and a USB port! His workout progress is shown on a 6.5-inch LCD that's synced with the Sole Fitness mobile app.

22. New York Times All Access Plus Subscription

New York Times All Access Plus

Another gift to keep his mind healthy. You could go with any newspaper subscription but The New York Times still heads the pack even with the transition to digital. It’s a unique and useful retirement gift for men, and the good thing about this subscription is that it's not limited to just news articles.

Why He'll Like It

The All Access Plus will give him unlimited articles on and the NYTimes app. It also provides priority access to new programming and subscriber exclusives, special invites and savings on events, and NYT Cooking featuring guides, lessons, and 19,000+ recipes. Not to mention the famous NYTimes Crossword that includes a 25-year archive available on any device.


For Memories and Keepsakes

23. Personalized Wood Engraved Retirement Sign

Personalized Wood Engraved Retirement Sign

An engraved wooden sign represents the hard work and perseverance that the special man in your life put into his career. This elegant indoor or outdoor sign can be fully customized to include the exact number of days spent in his career, a summary of his accomplishments, his name and the date of his retirement, and any other inscription that you want to include.

Why He'll Like It 

The sign is created following your custom text, handcrafted from solid pine wood, and hand-painted with eco-friendly paint. It also comes ready to hang with a keyhole in the back. It’s both a fun and personal retirement gift for men, and they can display it in the living room, the patio, or anywhere they want to look back with pride.

24.  Atatat 10” Touchscreen Digital Picture Frame with Wi-Fi

Atatat Digital Picture Frame


You can also go the techie route and give him a digital picture frame. It retains the aesthetic and feel of a conventional picture frame but displays multiple super-HD images from multiple sources, such as APP, Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Why He'll Like It 

For one, it's a perfect blend of old-school and modern. It's also portable without one having to worry about broken glass. Plus, the touchscreen interface makes it easy to configure brightness, colors, and other settings.


25. LP&NO.1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player with Premium Horn

LP&NO.1 Vintage Vinyl Record Player


Imagine going into retirement and being given something that suddenly transports you back to when you were young. Major throwback feels! 

Although there are tons of superb-sounding vinyl record players out there, a vintage-themed one just looks and feels like you're in a different time. If your retired buddy is an audiophile, he's going to look like a dog with two tails when he sees this.

Why He'll Like It 

Well, just look at it. With its retro gramophone-shaped, high-quality wooden base and copper-coated horn, it's an exquisite addition to his living room or man cave. It has built-in speakers so he can also play MP3s and radio, or connect it to an external sound system via Bluetooth or cable. 

While you're at it, throw in some classic records to complete the trip down nostalgia lane. Start with the greatest album ever.

26. The Godfather Vintage Movie Poster

The Godfather Vintage Movie Poster

Here's an offer he can't refuse. It's safe to say he watched The Godfather when he was in his early 20s and if he's like most people, he also considers it a cult classic and one of the greatest movies of all time. Believe us —  it's every mafia wannabe's dream to have a standard scale poster of this movie on his wall.

Why He'll Like It 

Etsy will let you choose the poster size, the type of frame, and its color. You can customize it according to the mood of his interior or the color of his walls. Most of all, he's going to go bonkers on the high-quality print. He's going to stare at it every day while drinking Don Corleone's choice of drink, the Old Fashioned.

For Home Use

27. Reclining Lounge Chair with Massage and Lumbar Heating

Reclining Lounge Chair with Massage and Lumbar Heating


He'll be staying at home a lot while the world waits for the current health situation to improve. For now, his world is inside the house and he will need a throne — a spot where he can rest his body while watching Netflix, chilling, and enjoying other people's company. This reclining lounge chair is perfect for that.

Why He'll Like It 

It's a massage chair! Equipped with 8 powerful massage motors with 5 massage modes, it can take care of important zones like the back, lumbar, thighs, and legs. It also allows a 360-degree swivel and a 100-160° reclining angle, all controllable via remote! Its best feature: a heating function that helps promote blood circulation and full-body relaxation.

28. Danby Compact Fridge With Top Freezer

Danby Compact Fridge With Top Freezer


As soon as retirement kicks in, expect him to build his man cave. Most likely it's the garage, where he'll spend time on his little DIY projects or any other hobby. What a man cave needs is a mini-fridge. At this point in his life, easy access to booze and snacks is a necessity. 

Why He'll Like It

Danby's compact fridge is perfect for garages, basements, and even home offices and patios. It's roomy with 3.1 cubic feet of fridge space and tall bottle storage that is ideal for large drink bottles. It also has reversible door hinges, a full-width tempered glass shelf, and an independent freezer section.

29. Aniva Motorized Tie Rack Organizer with LED Lights

Aniva Motorized Tie Rack Organizer with LED Lights


You might ask, why would you give a tie organizer to a guy who is entering retirement? Well, just because he won't be attending business meetings and conventions doesn't mean he won't be wearing and organizing ties anymore. 

Once he's retired, he's going to be invited to a lot of occasions because they now know he's always available.

Why He'll Like It 

This tie rack is motorized! It automatically rotates in both directions with the touch of a button. It also features built-in LED lights to increase visibility when it's a bit dark in the room. As a sweetener, add this classic Brooks Brothers Navy Blue Tartan Plaid Bow Tie.

30. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill


Backyard barbecues will be one of those regular affairs once he retires, and there is no better time to give him the best barbecue grill in existence (according to Forbes, anyway). It's a natural gas unit, which means it will require natural gas plumbed out to his patio or deck. But it's worth it, considering the grill's 10-year, 100% Weber Guarantee.

Why He'll Like It 

With almost 530 square inches of cooking space, each of its three burners produces 10,000 BTUs. It's a breeze to clean and maintain, thanks to its easy-to-remove parts and a grease catcher right underneath the grill. It also has fold-down side tables and tool hooks.

31. DikaSun Double Tiered Gazebo with Air Vent

DikaSun Double Tiered Gazebo with Air Vent


Speaking of barbecue grill, you can also give him a canopy-type gazebo. This gazebo is designed specifically for the usual barbecues in the backyard or patio with family and friends.

Why He'll Like It

Aside from the sturdy steel frame, this gazebo is double-tiered and offers smoke ventilation. It also has two handy shelves with hooks for grill accessories, kitchenware, beverages, or food. The structure may look amazing but it's super-easy to assemble — two people can set it up in minutes.

32. ZEUS Premium Beard Grooming Kit

ZEUS Premium Beard Grooming Kit


A lot of men entering retirement find it an excellent opportunity to grow that facial hair they've been wanting to pull off for so long. He's going to need a lot of help on that front, and this premium beard upkeep set will do the trick.

Why He'll Like It

This grooming kit includes all the essentials for keeping a handsome mustache and beard, including shampoo and conditioner, regular oil and beard balm, a sandalwood comb, and a boar bristle brush.

For Traveling

33. Powecom KN95 Protective Disposable Face Mask (10-Pack)

Powecom KN95 Protective Face Mask (100-Pack) Reusable

We're still very much in a state where traveling to other places puts us at risk of acquiring COVID. However, travel restrictions have loosened up recently and people have gradually returned to travel mode. 

If you have a retired guy friend or a relative who plans to travel alone or with his family, a pack of face masks would be a terrific gift.

Why He'll Like It 

This face mask is included in the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List. It's a multi-layered KN95 mask that has more than 95% particulate filtration efficiency, effective in protection against powder, PM2.5 smog, dust, and pollen.

34. Breo Inflatable Massage Travel Pillow with Heat Therapy

Breo Inflatable Massage Travel Pillow with Heat Therapy


A special person deserves special treatment, even if that means upgrading an ordinary travel pillow to one that has a heating mechanism. It's a practical retirement gift for men and it’s particularly useful for long flights and train rides, especially that he's entered the soreness-prone stage of his life.

Why He'll Like It 

This pillow has 2 pairs of massage nodes working in a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. These nodes target the trapezius muscles of the neck with its 3D shiatsu kneading, relieving muscle stiffness and neck pain. 

Couple that with a pleasant amount of heat from 100 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit (38-47ºC) and off to quality sleep-land he goes. He can even use it while at home.

35. National Geographic World's Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places

National Geographic World's Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places


Since it's not easy planning for cross-country vacations at this point, your special retiree can use the time to read about travel experiences to at least prepare himself and pick up ideas for great spots and activities.

Why He'll Like It 

This broad, general interest travel book will appeal to both active and first-time travelers looking for the next great trip. If he's dreaming of visiting far-flung, idyllic destinations, this is the book for him.

36. Herschel Outfitter Travel Duffel Bag

Herschel Outfitter Travel Duffel Bag


Duffel bags are not strictly for travel purposes only. Any kind of bag is always a functional and suitable gift for men. But if he does travel a lot, it's just a hundred times better to carry a cool-looking bag that's roomy and flexible rather than a bulky suitcase.

Why He'll Like It 

The polyester lining alone is a big plus for this bag, even more so with its U-shaped closure with a two-way zipper and pebbled leather pulls. There's also a zippered mesh storage sleeve beneath the lid. Lastly, it's super easy to carry with its reinforced webbing handles with branded snap fastener and side utility handles.


These recommended products were selected based on overall utility, a certain level of elegance, and the "cool" factor because your special retiree deserves only the best as he enters a wonderful stage of his life.

Did you like our list of retirement gifts for men? If you have more ideas to share, leave us a comment below. Also, if you feel this article is worth sharing, feel free to do so.


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