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  • Sale -14% New Star Foodservice 48032 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser with 5 Compartments (NO ICE TRAY INCLUDED)

    New Star Foodservice New Star Foodservice 48032 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser with 5 Compartments (NO ICE TRAY INCLUDED)

    9 in stock

    Brand: New Star FoodserviceColor: SilverFeatures: Commercial-Grade stainless steel body provides the ultimate durabilty to withstand frequent day to day use and is easy to clean Clear, acrylic hinged lid design protects garnishes & allows condiments to stay visible for efficient refilling and drink preparation Works well for back and front of house applications allowing you to store condiments and garnishes in an organized fashion freeing employees to focus on service Condiment garnish center is ideal for storing various garnishes like Maraschino cherries, cocktail onions, olives, and lemon slices at your bar as well as condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo and more Comes with 5 easy to clean food safe plastic pint inserts. (NO ICE TRAY INCLUDED) Binding: Kitchenmodel number: 48032Part Number: 48032Details: Customers all have different tastes, why not keep them all happy by trying one of our stainless steel condiment dispensers. The condiment dispenser comes with removable trays that make it easy to clean. It also comes with 4 compartments to store and organize your products. For individual use or at a restaurant, be sure to try our condiment dispensers to keep organized. Compartments sizes: 4, 5, and 6 compartments available in 1 pint or 1 quart made from polyethylene.EAN: 0639713048032Package Dimensions: 15.2 x 6.3 x 3.9 inches

    9 in stock

    $ 54.99$ 47.49

  • Sale -14% New Star Foodservice 48049 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser with 6 Compartments

    New Star Foodservice New Star Foodservice 48049 Stainless Steel Condiment Dispenser with 6 Compartments

    9 in stock

    Brand: New Star Foodservice Color: Silver Features: Durable 18/0 stainless steel body, food safe plastic inserts and clear acrylic lid Includes a 6 compartment dispenser with lid and 6 pint size inserts Heavy-Duty Stainless steel Construction Open bottom and removable trays for easy clean up and storage, this product does not hold ice. Each condiment dispenser measures approximately 18-inches by 6-inches by 3.5 inches Binding: Kitchen Details: Keep your kitchen condiments organized with one of our stainless steel condiment dispensers. Or put them out on the front counter to give your customers more options. All of our dispensers come with removable trays that make them easy to stock and clean. EAN: 6642526687675 Package Dimensions: 18.1 x 6.2 x 4.0 inches

    9 in stock

    $ 58.99$ 50.49

Garnish centers and fruit trays are a great way to be efficient and organized in your bar area. They're ideal for holding drink garnishes like lemons, limes, cherries, and olives. Most come with a lid to protect your garnishes from outside factors like bacteria, flies, and other unsanitary forces.

There are different types of garnishes available for cocktails. As a bartender, you need to have the knowledge of what kind of garnish you need to use for certain drinks. This will also help you organize your garnish centers for a smooth cocktail-making process.

Types of Edible Garnishes

  • Fruits

These are the most used garnishes when it comes to making cocktails. Their sweet flavors complement the bitterness of alcoholic beverages and add a refreshing taste to the overall drink. Popular fruit drinks are raspberry gin, pina colada, and watermelon sparklers.

  • Vegetables

Most drinks do not have vegetables in them, but they usually taste more savory and salty when they do. One of the most notable vegetable drinks is a bloody mary garnished with a celery stick.

  • Flowers

Edible flowers have graced cocktails for centuries. Their beautiful vibrant colors have led most cocktail drinkers to feel conflicted about drinking or preserving its beauty. Floral cocktails like aviation and hibiscus champagne cocktails are an example of beautiful floral cocktails.

  • Spices

Cinnamon and vanilla sticks are well-known spice garnishes. They add a strong scent and flavor to the drink that enhances the experience. You should try drinks like Apple Pie Moonshine and a Vanilla Old Fashioned.

  • Herbs

This is the second most used cocktail garnish. The mintiness gives excellent contrast to the intense flavors of alcohol; a perfect example of an herb cocktail is a mint julep served in a metal cup.

  • Salt and Sugar

Sweet and salty rocks can significantly enhance a drink. It provides additional flavor and offsets the alcohol's taste; Margaritas are known for their salt rims.


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