Champagne Vs Prosecco: The Real Differences You Didn't Know Before


You may be thinking there’s no difference between the bottles of wine. If you want to try something new and you want to enjoy your special occasion, we can let you know what can be the best pick for you. 


Champagne is basically a generic term normally used for sparkling wine. Champagne is produced under specific rule of appellation. It is an alcoholic drink produced as a result of particular types of grapes. This a brief introduction about champagne. 

Prosecco is another form of wine produced from Prosecco grape. As far as Prosecco is concerned, only15% of wine is allowed to be there in it. you can make prosecco in sparkling format as well as in non-sparkling format. 

This is a bit of introduction about both Champagne and Prosecco. Both are used on certain occasions and both can be used to enjoy a specific occasion. 

Either we talk about champagne or prosecco, it’s like a glass of heaven for those who drink it. There are significant differences that we need to understand between champagne and prosecco.

First and the foremost difference is that the champagne comes from the region in France, whereas the prosecco comes from Veneto, Northern Italy. 

The origin is not the only difference between champagne and prosecco. There are lot more differences in them. We bet you haven’t known the differences yet what we are about to let you know. 

Difference in the calories

As far as the champagne is concerned, a standard pour contains 128 calories. So, you will get a reasonable number of calories by drinking a standard pour of champagne. 

On the other hand, a standard pour of prosecco contains around 121 calories. 

Difference in Taste

Another difference between champagne and prosecco is the difference in the taste. The taste of champagne tends to be drier having decidedly fine bubbles. Whereas, the taste of prosecco tends to be lot brighter. The bubbles of prosecco exist in two varieties: gently sparkling and fully sparkling. 

As far as the drinking environment is concerned, both are better to drink in the outer environment. There are lots of glass for wine available in the market you can purchase in order to enjoy this drink with your mates. 

Difference in the pairing of foods with champagne or prosecco

Because of a large difference between the taste of both of these drinks, you can pair certain foods with certain drinks. As the taste of champagne is dry and acidic, so it can be perfectly paired with shellfish, pickled vegetables and raw bar items. 

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On the other hand, the taste of prosecco is sweeter. Due to the sweet taste, you can pair it with some fruity appetizers. People love pairing prosecco with Thai noodles. 

Wine glasses are very important to wine lovers because these glasses create an environment for those who love drinking wine. Make sure to use wine glasses in order to drink your wine. 

Difference in the methods of production

There is a huge difference between the production methods of both these wines. There are particular methods that are being in practice to make wine sparkling

Champagne and Prosecco both goes under a second fermentation. In both cases, CO2 produces that makes them sparkling. 

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In case of champagne, traditional methods are more successful. In champagne, yeast is added alongside sugar to do the fermentation. 

In order to get to know about the completion of fermentation, the bottles are left tipped, neck down, so at the end of fermentation, we may collect the dead yeast in the neck. The release of dead yeast cells is known as ‘disgorgement’. 

In case of prosecco, “tank method” normally used. The second fermentation in case of prosecco takes place in the large tank. 

After that, it added yeast along with sugar, to the base wine. Tank is sealed in case of second fermentation in order to prevent CO2 from escaping. This makes prosecco fizzy. 

Best occasions for Champagne and Prosecco 

There is no particular occasion to drink champagne. Champagne is a sort of drink that you can have even in the middle of the night. There is no need of an occasion or a celebration to enjoy champagne.  

Because of the taste of Prosecco (as it has a fruity taste), it can be used for the bigger and larger parties. If you have large amount of wine and you want to drink it on Christmas, you can use Christmas wine bottle cover bags to make your occasion looks more attractive. 

Can we get different styles of each?

Yes, we can. Any sort of cava or English sparkling wine does have unique and different styles within the ranges. The styles can be Bone-dry, white, pink, single or combination of vintages. It can be one grape or the combination of grapes. 

This is the reason this sparkling wine world is amazing. You can have so many exciting and delicious tastes. As far as the styles are concerned, they are endless and you can have as many styles as you want. 

Which one is the best bubbly?

Well, there is no crystal-clear winner available as far as the difference in the bubbles is concerned. Both champagne and prosecco are available in so many flavors, tastes, and aromas. 

If you just started drinking wine, make sure to purchase bottle of every taste to get an idea about the best suited for you. Drinking different varieties of wines can enable you decide the best one according to your requirements. 

Even if you are not new, don’t be afraid of trying something new and going out of the box. Maybe you haven’t tried what’s best for you yet. Do you?

Is there a difference in the price?

Yeah, there is a significant difference between the prices of champagne and prosecco. In terms of price, the Prosecco is less costly as compare to champagne. On the other hand, due to costly production methods of champagne, its cost is on the higher side. 

You will be required to pay around $35 for a fair-level champagne. Whereas, you will need to spend $15 for a quality Prosecco. 

These are some of the significant differences you need to know about the champagne and prosecco. Next time you want to drink a glass of champagne, make sure to let your friend know the how champagne is different from prosecco.

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