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Adult bartending gear is a cocktail set that you can use to practice bartending with. If you are an aspiring bartender, you can use this set for practicing, serving, and cocktail making. There are several skills you have to learn as a bartender.

Bartending Skills You Need To Know

  • Order Taking

Taking food and drink orders seems easy, but if you’re dealing with many customers, it can be overwhelming. Look for shortcuts to take orders, such as abbreviations, keywords and remember which person you took the order from.

If you don’t have a pourer, pouring from liquor bottles can be tricky. There are simple tricks you can use to pour liquor like a pro. You can use the twisting the bottle method, using a drip ring, or protect the bottle with a napkin.

  • Interacting With Customers

Customers come from different walks of life, and dealing with them is important. You could have a group of bachelorettes having a bridal shower or a group of office workers celebrating a birthday party. They can be rowdy or quiet, and it’s your job to assess the group to make sure everyone is satisfied.

  • Cocktail Making

As a bartender, you need to know how to make cocktails. Not all customers will drink wine, beer, or plain vodka. Some prefer cocktails as the flavor is on the sweeter or salty side.

  • ID Checking

It’s important to know when to check IDs as some teenagers may try to sneak in and order a drink. Remember that it is illegal to sell alcohol to a minor, and you may end up losing your license.

Keeping your bar clean can rack in more customers. There are specific steps to keep your restaurant or bar in pristine conditions. Always have a bar towel, mop, and cleaning supplies around when having a business that involves food and drinks.

Part of your job as a bartender is keeping an eye on your stock. If you run out of ingredients during a workday, you may end up telling customers you don’t have the cocktail they want.

  • Accepting Payments

If you’re new at business, you have to learn how to accept and punch in payments. If there are missing payments when you review your expenses, you may find yourself confused and puzzled by all the costs for the bar piling up and missing money.

  • Monitoring Intoxication Levels

Another job that you have to do is keep an eye on your customers. Some may be too drunk to drive, walk, or drink, and you could end up with accidents that you could prevent by cutting them off from drinks. Serve a glass of water and call them a taxi if they want to leave.


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