24 Best Whiskey Glasses In 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Top 24 Best Whiskey Glasses

Tumbler Glasses

  1. Orrefors Intermezzo Double Old Fashioned Glass
  2. Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Glass
  3. Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whiskey Tumbler
  4. Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers
  5. Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses
  6. Final Touch On The Rock Glass with Ice Ball Maker
  7. Norlan Whiskey Glass
  8. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses
  9. Libbey Rocks Glass
  10. Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses
  11. Ornate Whiskey Glasses with Chilling Sones
  12. Mofado Curved Whiskey Glass
  13. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass
  14. Amerigo Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stones
  15. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Snifter Glasses

  1. Spiegelau Whiskey Snifter Glass
  2. Classic Snifter for Whiskey
  3. Halo Crystal Whiskey Tumbler
  4. Season Large Whiskey Snifter Glasses

Glencairn Glasses

  1. Glencairn Crystal Canadian Whiskey Glass
  2. Glencairn Crystal Official Whiskey Glass
  3. Glencairn Cut Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glass

Tulip Glasses

  1. Highland Tasting & Nosing Scotch Glass
  2. Riedel Vinum Whiskey Glass

NEAT Glass 

Of all the liquors in the world, whiskey is the most popular, eating up more than a third of the total expenditures in liquors, followed by vodka, liqueurs, cognac, rum, and tequila. No wonder the cocktail industry has tons of whiskey-based cocktails and the number of whiskey distilleries all over the world.

Like wine, whiskey has its own nuances that the glass tends to highlight. If you are drinking from a $4,800-bottle of Johnny Walker, finding the right glass is a must. 

Here were rounded up 25 whiskey glasses that not only exudes power and prestige but also highlights the characteristics of your whiskey.

How to Choose The Best Whisky Glass or Scotch Glass

Before you spend hundreds of dollars to buy a set of whiskey glasses, take a look at this review and buying guide of the best whiskey glasses for 2020. 

Whiskey Glass Structure

Usually, we are more familiar with the wide and squat whiskey glasses but there are more to just squat whiskey glasses. The shape of the glass greatly affects the release of the aroma and swirling of the whiskey. 

Glass Feel and Characteristics

Some drinkers want a textured outer surface of the glass since it gives more grip. A slightly weighted glass, achieved by the thick bottom.  

Whiskey Glass Appearance

Why drink from a bland-looking glass when you can buy a decorated glass? Especially if you are hosting a party for your colleagues or stocking up your office bar, getting a good set of beautiful glasses is a good choice. 

Whiskey Glass Type

As stated earlier, there are glass types that some of us do not know of since some of these look like cocktail glasses. But there are differences from a whiskey snifter and a wine snifter and these glasses are not interchangeable. 


Whiskey tumblers are different from ordinary tumblers. Old-fashioned, lowball, and rocks glasses belong to the tumbler category. These are squat glasses with a wide rim and heavy bottom. These are best used to serve whiskey on the rocks or whiskey cocktails such as old-fashioned and Sazerac. 


Snifters are whiskey glasses with a stem and a narrow rim to allow the drinker to experience the full aroma of the whiskey. The narrow rim directs the aromas to the nose of the drinkers while the wide bowl allows for swirling the whiskey. These are used for serving whiskey without ice. 


The Glencairn glasses are used for a whiskey tasting and are designed for swirling the whiskey to enhance the aromas. It has a stemlike bottom that allows you to hold the glass without subjecting your hand to the cold glass filled with whiskey and ice. The Glencairn glass is also best used for chilled whiskey, served without ice. 

Tulip Glass

Whiskey tulip glasses are long-stemmed with a slightly flared rim. Just as in stemmed wine glasses, it keeps the hand away from the surface of the glass itself which may affect the aromas of the whiskey since the oils or soap from the hand may be smelled by the drinker. This is best used for social drinking, allowing you to mingle with your friends. 

NEAT Glass

The NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) glass style goes against the snifter principle where the aromas are directed to the nose. These are dubbed as the “best whiskey glass ever” by critics and distillers to really taste the whiskey without the annoying ethanol vapors. The neat glass is so designed that the ethanol vapors are directed away from the drinker. The fishbowl design can be hard to use. 

Our Pick

Most Practical 

We choose the Libbey Rocks Glass as the most practical glass since it can be used in a wide range of drinks. With 12 pieces to a set, this glass set is a true steal whose design will not clash with whatever theme you have in your home bar. 

Most Intriguing

Who won’t be intrigued by this glass with a cigar holder? No need for more than just one ashtray to hold your cigar since your glass holds it for you. 

Best Splurge

We chose the Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses from Marquis by Waterford as the best splurge glass, not just because it is the most expensive in this list but because of its great design and practicality. Plus it is made of 100% lead-free crystalline so you only get good with its sip of your favorite whiskey. 

Best Value

For the amount you would pay for 2 glasses, the Amerigo Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stones gives you the best value for your money. 

Best Designed

We give the best-designed glass to the  Final Touch On the Rocks Glass as the interior bump of the glass allows the companion iceball to swirl well in the glass. It is also large enough to hold cocktails. 

Top 24 best whiskey glasses

Here are 24 of the best glasses in the market, grouped according to their type so you know where to find what you are looking for. 

Tumbler Glasses

Here is a well-curated list of whiskey tumblers to choose from. 

1. Orrefors Intermezzo Double Old Fashioned Glass

The signature blue dot in the base of this double old fashioned glass gives this glass its distinction that captured the heart of many drinkers. With worldwide sales of more than ten million glasses, this glass captures the passion, creativity, and quality that kept the Orrefors in the industry for more than 100 years. This lead-free crystal tumbler, though relatively squat at just 4 inches high, is beautifully weighted for that feeling of power and prestige. The clean lines allow you to enjoy not only the beauty of your whiskey but also is a perfect serving glass for your Sazerac, Whiskey Sour, and Caipirinha. 

2. Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Glass

Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

From the long line of Ashcroft Fine Glassware comes this twisted design glass that’s fit for any bar setting, whether it’s a professional or a home bar. This design has a decanter that you can buy to pair with it but even if you don’t this glass is a beauty all on its own. This set of 2 glasses comes with a luxury box so it’s very convenient to give as a gift for any occasion. Enjoy every ounce of your favorite whiskey or cocktails without any care in these lead-free crystal glasses. 

3. Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whiskey Tumbler

Royal Scot Crystal Scottish Thistle Whiskey Tumbler - AdvancedMixology

You can’t help but feel like royalty with the Royal Scot tumblers that exudes classic elegance. This hand-cut crystal glass comes in an opulent royal box with a gold print fit for royalty. Any whiskey lover will surely love to receive this 2-pc set as a gift. The downside of this glass is the lead content. However, the lead content is within the limits set by the EU.

4. Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers

Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers - AdvancedMixology

The Seneca glasses by Viski boasts of a faceted design that is seen also in their champagne flutes, coupe, and wine glasses. From the design to the blowing and molding of this glass, artistry and patience is a must. No wonder the resulting faceted crystal tumbler that creates an illusion of light in the glass. Truly an experience you’d want to have while drinking your favorite whiskey. 

5. Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses

Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Tumbler Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Everyone tends to be rowdy after a few drinks and glasses are bound to be toppled over, messing up the tablecloth or carpet. It’s slightly curved bottom fits well in the palm of your hand if you love cradling your drinks. The downside of this glass, though, is that it cannot be used for cocktails that should be filled to the top since there should be enough space from the liquor to the glass brim to really avoid spillage. 

6. Final Touch On The Rock Glass with Ice Ball Maker

Final Touch On The Rock Glass with Ice Ball Maker - AdvancedMixology

For those who want to keep their whiskey chilled without being watered down, this glass and ice ball maker combo is the perfect choice for you. With the signature peaked bottom design, the ice ball can move evenly in the glass when you swirl it, keeping the drinks evenly chilled. The ice ball molds can be bought separately but the glass is always a combo. 

7. Norlan Whiskey Glass

Norlan Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

Keep your hand away from the cold while keeping your drinks chilled in this double-walled glass. Made of lead-free borosilicate, you’ll enjoy your alcoholic drinks without fear of lead ingestion, making you enjoy your drinks and party better. The inner side of the glass has protrusions in it that breaks the ethanol vapors apart instead of directing it to your nose so you only get to enjoy your drinks without a grimace from the alcohol burn. What’s more, it is lightweight so enjoy your drinks without the strain in your hand even if you hold it for long.

8. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses, set of 6

This stunning set of old fashioned glasses that works well with all kinds of liquors. Each one can hold 11 ounces and is good enough to hold medium sized ice balls and cubes. It feels good on the hand and its classic design makes it good for both formal and informal setting. There are dishwasher-safe and lead-free glasses great for cocktails and whisky on the rocks.

9. Libbey Rocks Glass

Libbey Rocks Glass - AdvancedMixology

What is better than a classic whiskey glass? That’s what Libbey Rocks Glass is. Timeless design, sturdy enough to wash in the dishwasher, and weighted just right so you don’t feel the fatigue of holding your glass for long periods. Each set comes with 12 glasses, just the right size for small parties to have something around in case one of them breaks. The slight lip on the brim allows your lip to settle well, preventing spills and embarrassments. 

10. Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Markham Double Old Fashioned Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Anyone who knows Waterford knows that each of their glasses is worth a dent in your pocket. Well, not this one. Especially if you buy now, you can get a huge discount. Not only does it boast of intricate designs known of Waterford, but this is also made of lead-free crystalline that is the signature of the Marquis by Waterford line of glasses and decanters. Each set comes in 4 glasses, packed to protect it from unnecessary damage during delivery. Just the Waterford signature of customer service satisfaction for over 100 years.

11. Ornate Whiskey Glasses with Chilling Stones

If you want intricately-designed glasses without the extra cost, this glass set is a good choice. This glass has a heavy weighted base and durable wall. It is made with lead-free crystal that keeps transparent and lustrous for a long time. It can be used for serving whiskey and other spirits or cocktails, making it a very versatile glass for your home bar. This is also a great gift option for any occasion. It comes with chilling stones so your whiskey on the rocks doesn't get watered down, especially if you love nursing your drinks. 

12. Mofado Curved Whiskey Glass

Mofado Curved Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

Oversized glasses that are squat so it can be filled with oversized ice cubes to keep your drinks chilled without dilution. Weighted just right at 1 pound each, these are also made with high-quality lead-free crystal for brilliance and lasting luster so the glass is kept at the optimum quality for longer. Slightly curved wall fits well on the palm so it does not cause fatigue even with its weight. The base has a decorative design inside that reflects the liquor in the glass to add to its allure.

13. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass

Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

Made with the Godinger signature design since 1973 that provided the US and Canadian consumers with all kinds of serve ware, glassware, barware, and fixtures for the home and office. This whiskey glass was designed for whiskey and cigar lovers so your cigar stays near you while giving your whiskey that cigar aroma that you love. Handmade from lead-free crystal following the Godinger commitment to art, quality, and individuality. 

14. Amerigo Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stones

Amerigo Whiskey Glass with Chilling Stones - AdvancedMixology

Wrapping your gifts is just a breeze with the wooden box that cradles this lovely whiskey glass that also comes with whiskey stones, velvet pouch for the stones, and a free ebook entitled The Art of Whiskey. The whiskey stones have been awarded as the number 1 whiskey stones on Amazon in 2017 and 2018 because of its quality. The wooden box is lined with plush cloth to keep the whiskey tumblers safe during delivery and as good storage for the glasses and stones when not in use.

15. Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses - AdvancedMixology

The odd and decorative shape of this glass that can be used to serve spirits other than whiskey. This set of 4 glasses comes with a satin-lined box so it won’t be a problem if you decide to buy this as a gift. The thick base and wall work together to keep the drinks chilled for longer even if you have the habit of holding your drinks. These 10-ounce glasses can also be used as classy water and juice glasses. 

Snifter Glasses

With a limited number of snifter glasses, we came up with a few you can choose from. 

1. Spiegelau Whiskey Snifter Glass

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Take a sip from your whiskey snifter by Spiegelau, known as one of the best drinkware makers from Germany. Made with high-quality lead crystal glass with the signature thin rim for better drinking experience. The glass is so designed that the aromas are directed to your nose so you get the best of your whiskey. It also comes with a stylish gift box filled with 4 of these beautiful snifter glasses.

2. Classic Snifter for Whiskey

Classic Snifter for Whiskey - AdvancedMixology

The large bowl of this 6-piece snifter glass set lets you swish your whiskey better. It can also be used to serve other spirits, beer, cocktails, desserts, and other frozen desserts. The 13-ounce capacity is generous enough for serving up to 5 ounces of whiskey and still has enough space for swirling your drinks. The curved, large bowl can rest well in your hands without fatigue.

3. Halo Crystal Whiskey Tumbler

Halo Crystal Whiskey Tumbler - AdvancedMixology

This Glencairn-inspired tumbler made from lead-free crystal has a solid base for easy holding. Each set of 2 glasses is best used to serve bourbon and whiskey allowing this design to direct the aroma to the nose but still easier to use than the stemmed snifters. Each glass is handmade and is packed in pretty gift boxes for any occasion.

4. Season Large Whiskey Snifter Glasses

Season Large Whiskey Snifter Glasses - AdvancedMixology

Limited edition snifter glasses that went through a lot before putting it into the market. Certified lead and cadmium-free for your safety, it also passed rigorous tests on temperature, drop, and dishwasher-safety. Overly large at 22 oz each, this 2-pc set glass is a steal. The thin material of the glass gives you the best experience for your whiskey, without the glass coming in the way, unlike in thick glasses. 

Glencairn Glasses

These are patented glass designs that are best for swirling your whiskey to get the most out of its delicate aroma. 

1. Glencairn Crystal Canadian Whiskey Glass

Glencairn Crystal Canadian Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

This glass was designed for Canadian whiskey with a wide bowl for easy swirling. The tapered rim directs the aroma of the whiskey to your nose while directing the alcohol vapors straight up. The thick base is slightly rounded so it is easy to hold. The downside of this glass is that it is not sturdy enough for the dishwasher. Each set has 6 glasses each. 

2. Glencairn Crystal Official Whiskey Glass

Glencairn Crystal Official Whiskey Glass - AdvancedMixology

Hailed as the “official whiskey glass” in the UK and garnering the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006, this 4-pc set is a good addition to your home bar. The design is meant to move your hands away from the body of the whiskey glass so your hand doesn’t warm the whiskey. Made of lead-free glass but is made with high-quality glass so it stays lustrous for longer.

3. Glencairn Cut Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glass

Glencairn Cut Crystal Whiskey Tasting Glass - AdvancedMixology

Another Glencairn creation that proves this company doesn’t settle for anything less. The cut design of this 2-pc set packed in an elegant presentation box adds elegance and opulence to your parties and intimate dinners. You don’t have to settle for basic when you can spare a few bucks to upgrade for a beautiful glass like this. 

Tulip Glasses

Perfect for nosing and whiskey tasting, these glasses are designed to direct the aroma to your nose much like the Glencairn. 

1. Highland Tasting & Nosing Scotch Glass

Highland Tasting & Nosing Scotch Glass - AdvancedMixology

Great for nosing, the tapered design of this tulip-shaped glass set of 2 comes packed in individual boxes for easy handling and storage. The wide bowl makes it easy for swirling the whiskey inside while the aroma is directed to the center to give it a focused release so you can get a good nose of everything. The short stem allows you to hold the glass without holding the bowl and inadvertently warm the whiskey. 

2. Riedel Vinum Whiskey Glass

Made by the world-famous Riedel company that boasts of drink-varietal designs not only for wines but for other spirits as well. As a result of years of research and testing, Riedel assures the public that each glass they put in the market is the best they can make. With just 7 ounces to it, you can control your servings to just enjoy your drinks without the hassle of a hangover the morning after. 

NEAT Glass

These are patented whiskey glasses that can also be used for other liquors like rum, brandy, cognac, vodka, or tequila. Currently, the official glass used for whiskey judging competition for the past 8 years in a total of 27 competitions, it gained the reputation of giving the best whiskey drinking experience. It is harder to use, though, since the wide and the accurately flared rim needs a lot of getting used to. However, for whiskey professionals, they prefer this glass since it removes the unpleasant alcohol vapors.


Almost everyone who drinks alcoholic drinks has drunk whiskey at once in his life. Even if whiskey is not your best choice for a drink, these glasses can also be used for cognac, Scotch, gin, and rum. Fond of using a decanter? Read this before you decide to store your whiskey in your decanters. Try these whiskey sour cocktails with your new whiskey glasses and enjoy your quiet summer nights in.

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