People toasting wine glasses

Can Drinking And Studying Be Combined?

People toasting wine glasses

Students go to university because they have educational goals to follow. But let’s face it; the university is about parties, too. Do you know a student who hasn’t attended at least one wild party with countless drinks? 

Drinking is fun, and it goes along with any party theme. But we have to be honest: it’s not a regular activity you want to combine with your studies. Drinking can be combined with studying, but it takes a lot of self-control. We’ll give you the tips you need!

Tips on How to Combine Alcohol with Studying

1. Have a Plan

Do you have a monthly, weekly, and daily plan that fits all your studying activities? You have to attend classes, write coursework, engage in extracurricular, and probably cover a part-time job. 

If you spend a night drinking when you’re too busy with important tasks the next day, you’ll have a problem. But if you take a look at your schedule and notice that tomorrow is a relaxed day, you can start calling your friends for a drink

It’s also important to plan your bedtime. Students usually like to party until the early hours of the morning. That’s fun, but it doesn’t go well with your studies. 

Law students, in particular, have to be sharp and alert during morning classes. Their professors invite them for debates and present different projects. You can get professional essay writing help from online services to relieve some of that pressure. platform with online law assignment help will get your project ready while you spend the night out. But be careful; you have to be yourself when you’re about to present the slides in front of the class.

2. Drink for Fun; Not to Get Drunk

Group of friends drinking and playing beer pong

A drink or two won’t ruin the following day. It’s essential to never get drunk during the week. Yes, you’re a student, and you feel like the whole point of partying is when you don’t remember last night.

Try a different approach! Have a couple of fun cocktails with a low alcohol level. That’s enough to lighten you up and make you more sociable, but it’s not enough to make you miss a quiz or a critical class the next day.   

3. Know Your Limit!

Some people can handle several shots without any issue whatsoever. For others, two drinks are too much. You know yourself, so drink just enough to get tipsy but never drunk. 

Always keep track of your alcohol intake, and never mix drinks! You can also set a “one drink an hour” rule so that you won’t have too much in a short time. 

Tell your friends you’re trying to drink less because you have an important day tomorrow, so they won’t force you into drinking more than you plan to. 

Reasons to Be Careful with Drinking During Your Studies

Man experiencing a hangover

1. Alcohol May Impair Your Memory

    We’ve all had the experience of forgetting something that happened while we were drunk. But alcohol has the potential to impair your overall memory. 

    People who drink heavily have difficulties with acknowledgment, retention, and retrieval of information. We all know that impaired memory and studying don’t go well together.

    However, this doesn’t mean you can’t drink at all. It only means that you should do it in moderation.

    2. Hangovers are the Worst

      Research on alcohol hangover showed that there was no validated effective remedy for this condition. It causes profound health and socioeconomic consequences for many people. 

      For students, in particular, a hangover means incapacity to go through a successful day at university. When you have an important presentation or test, you can’t allow that to happen.

      You can still attend parties throughout the week.  But the only way to prevent a severe hangover is to drink in moderation.

      Be Yourself!

      As any other student, you’re going through a lot of stress. You feel pressured to pass exams and graduate on time. At the same time, you can’t waste these years of your life with no fun at all. Parties are a must, and alcohol is a significant part of them.

      If you know how to drink in moderation, you’ll use alcohol to your advantage. A drink or two can help you relax in social situations. 

      But don’t overdo it! It’s important to be yourself! You want people to meet the real you, not the drunk version that doesn’t convey your true personality. Set some limits and respect them!


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