University student girl studying and writing notes

9 Drinks That Can Stimulate Learning Skills

University student girl studying and writing notes

Learning is not always easy because sometimes the body or brain will feel too exhausted to concentrate. Some students quickly forget what they learned, and they have to keep revising before understanding concepts, formulas, or principles.

One way to help stimulate learning is to consume drinks before, during, or after studying. Some drinks help boost brain cells, alertness, memory, and others help keep the body relaxed. Below are some of the essential drinks that help promote learning skills.

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1. Berries Cocktail

Strawberry yogurt with fresh berries

Berries, specifically blueberries, and strawberries have antioxidants that help boost brain cells and prevent damage. With new neurons generated daily, students’ memory improves without getting fatigued fast.

Using online information, students can learn to make easy cocktails for a party using readily available ingredients like milk, berries, and yogurt to help improve their learning experience. 

2. Blended Beetroot Juice

Two glasses of beetroot juice on a tray

Beetroot is an excellent source of potassium, vitamins, folate, and several antioxidants. Its high nutrient value makes it helpful in lowering blood pressure and boosting strength for exercise. 

A full glass of beetroot juice in the morning can help students have an excellent study day by enhancing memory retention.

College life is short, so one must enjoy it to the maximum before joining a career after graduation. To help enjoy college life the best, some students organize a party over the weekend or in the evenings, sometimes affecting study time or homework. 

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3. Hot Cocoa or Chocolate

Homemade Dark Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa and chocolate help stimulate blood flow, increasing oxygen into the brain to keep it alert and fresh. 

These drinks also help prevent memory loss due to age since they contain neurotransmitters that make an individual feel good or excited.

4. Alcohol

Group of Friends Drinking Summer Cocktails

You might be surprised at this, but new studies have proved that consuming alcohol soon after a serious study can help boost your memory. It doesn’t only help students to remember, but also to recall the lesson many days later. 

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According to the research, alcohol helps the hippocampus to consolidate and transfer memory from short-term to long-term. So next time you use alcohol to prepare cocktails for student parties, know that they might recall their previous class lesson better the following day. 

5. Orange Juice

Orange juice

A recent study revealed that people who take vitamin C have improved memory, learn languages better, and are more attentive.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C, and one cup of the juice is enough to serve your daily intake. However, nutritionists advise against adding sugar to your orange juice because it might affect the intended benefits.

6. Almond Milk

Almond milk

Almonds contain protein that enhances cognitive skills. The nut also improves memory and helps keep brain cells active. Just chop pieces of almond, boil a glass of milk and mix it with the chopped nuts to add flavor.

7. Green Tea

Pouring green tea into a teacup

Green tea has been a favorite beverage for many centuries because of its excellent brain-boosting properties that leave the brain relaxed. 

This drink is rich in amino acids and L-theanine, whose effect on the brain is comparable to half an hour of meditation. 

8. Watermelon Juice

Fresh Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is highly concentrated with antioxidants and contains lycopene that helps suppress the loss of cognitive ability. When mixed with honey and a small amount of salt, watermelon juice can help the brain work better and stay healthy.

9. Coffee Mixed with Cinnamon

Coffee cup with cinnamon

Coffee by itself helps boost blood flow to the brain, improving your focus. But when mixed with a small amount of cinnamon, this drink adds another benefit by helping increase brain alertness and reduce anxiety.


Nearly all juices and beverages are good, but they might work differently on specific individuals. Some students might find coffee working very well, while others might do better with alcohol, berries juice, or beetroot juice. 

You might not know which drink will work best for you unless you try several ingredients until you settle on one or a few more. Studies are ongoing on the benefits of some drinks like alcohol, and researchers hope to discover more benefits soon.

Angela T. Boggs has won several awards for her hard-hitting politics and economy-related articles in famous newspapers. Other than her core job, she loves to help young students master writing skills and do their essays and research papers successfully.

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