Classic Agave Margarita Recipe

Just like a Whiskey Sour, a margarita can be made easily. Three simple flavors combined, mixed and flourished to become a great and flavorful drink. 

From the sharp texture of Tequila to the natural sweetness of agave and a zing from the citrusy lime, P. F. Chang makes sure that everyone who drinks this cocktail will surely enjoy and be enchanted by their three-ingredient drink. 

Make this drink and try the margarita with just this simple ingredients. 

Classic Agave Margarita Ingredients:

Classic Agave Margarita Preparation:

  1. In a Shaker, add tequila, lime juice and agave. 
  2. Add ice shake properly. 
  3. Transfer to a glass. 
  4. Add lime wheel for garnish. 

Know Your ingredients 

  • Tequila - alcoholic beverage made from the agave plant
  • Lime - green citrus fruit 
  • Agave - native in the South of America, known for its succulent leaves

Bar Accessories 

  • Pitcher - a container for liquid ingredients 
  • Shaker - used to mix ingredients properly 
  •  Rocks Glass - also known as an old fashioned glass 

Enjoy this simple yet flavorful and refreshing.


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