Gummy Bear Shot: For the Child in You

Gummy Bear Shot: For the Child in You

Relive the child in you with this fun drink that will remind you of a carefree childhood where you thought gummy bears are the best food in the world. Well, not to mention that you thought you were entitled with all the candies your adult companions seem to eat all the time.

Treat your sweet tooth with this extra-sweet shot. Perfect for parties for millennials, celebrate youth while living a responsible life. The gummy bears

Gummy Bear Shot Ingredients

Gummy Bear Shot Preparation

  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a shaker.
  2. Serve in a shot glass.
  3. Float a gummy bear in the drink as a garnish.

Recipe variants

Not sweet enough? Here’s a version that’s closest to a jelly shot. Be careful with the gummy bears, though, you might end up eating a lot of vodka-spiked gummy bears than drinking a vodka gummy bear shot.

Do not add too many gummy bears as they soak up the alcohol. For a 1.5oz shot, add 3oz vodka and 2 gummy bears so you have enough to mix with your shot. Be sure to plan ahead if you want to serve this drink. This one takes time, at least overnight of steeping the gummy bears in vodka.

Vodka Gummy Bear Shot

Vodka Gummy Bear Shot Ingredients

  • Svedka Vodka
  • Haribo Gummy bears

Vodka Gummy Bear Shot Preparation

  1. Put the gummy bears in a bowl.
  2. Add Svedka vodka to cover the gummy bears.
  3. Cover and let soak overnight. Do not refrigerate.
  4. Remove the gummy bears using a slotted spoon.
  5. Fill the shaker with ice.
  6. Transfer the vodka used in steeping the gummy bears to a shaker.
  7. Add additional vodka into the shaker. Shake well.
  8. Serve in a shot glass. Garnish with the soaked gummy bears.

Know Your Ingredients!

Svedka vodka -

Triple sec - an orange-flavored liqueur of the Curacao family

Raspberry vodka - raspberry flavored vodka

Bar Accessories



Shot glass

The Rise in Fame

The gummy bear shot is an American drink that is fairly popular  in the states of Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio and Colorado. Other countries that showed interest are Canada and the United Kingdom.

The gummy bear shot made a brief stint in the news when a new bartender was interviewed for a article and she mentioned the shot as one of the new but popular drinks in their bar. What’s interesting in her recipe is instead of lemon-lime juice or soda, she used muddled lemon and lime for the shot. I’m sure the shot tastes better since muddling results in the release of volatile oils and bits of the fruit into the shot, giving it a more intense flavor and character.

The Perfect Pair

Vodka goes well with savory pancakes like this Cheddar and Scallion Savory Pancakes. It also works well with smoked fish such as Grilled Smoked Haddock with Spiced Potatoes and Spinach and Smoked Mackerel Fishcakes. Pickled vegetables are also paired well with the gummy bear shot. The crisp, sour vegetables balance the sweet shot.

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