Tequila shots and decanter

22 Mind-Blowing Gifts For The Tequila Lover In Your Life

Tequila shots and decanter

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Who doesn't love tequila? It's the best liquor to drink on a hot summer day, as it's refreshing and light. But as much as we love drinking this Mexican-style liquor, sometimes that isn't enough.

We want to find gifts for our favorite tequila drinkers to show them how much we care about their tequila addiction! In this blog post, you'll find the 22 best gifts for your tequila-lover loved ones.

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Our Top Picks

Tequila Shot Flight Board
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Best Overall - Tequila Shot Flight Board

Perfect for hosting gatherings

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist
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Most Amusing - Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Hilarious gift
Includes recipes
Features drinking games, bar nibbles, and artworks

Shot Glass Roulette
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Best for Games - Shot Glass Roulette

Ideal for parties
Fun gift
Includes 16 shot glasses, spinning roulette, and two metal balls

1. Tequila Shot Flight Board - Best Overall

Tequila Shot Flight Board

Do you want a creative and convenient way to take shots? The Tequila shot flight board is an awesome addition to your drinking paraphernalia. It has slots for 4 shot glasses, slices of lemon, and a salt glass rimmer.

2. Spanish Sugar Skull Tequila Glass Set

Spanish Sugar Skull Tequila Glass Set

Prepare your tequila in this complete luxury tequila glass box set. It includes 4 heavy-based 2-ounce shot glasses, salt tin, sugar skull engraved tiny stone cutting board, and garnish knife.

These tequila necessities come in a stunning rustic wooden ornamental box with a huge Spanish Sugar Skull motif etched on top.

All of the glassware is food-safe, lead-free premium crystal. Every time you raise and feel the heaviness of your new glasses, you will be reminded of the glassware's quality and heft. It will also benefit your top-shelf tequila and booze.

3. Glass Rimming Station

Glass Rimming Station

This gift idea is the perfect at-home bar tool for people who love hosting margarita or cocktail parties on their home bar. This glass rimming station boasts 5 swing trays. You don't have to panic about cleaning after the party because this item is dishwasher-safe.

4. Tequila Decanter Set with Agave

Tequila Decanter Set with Agave

Dazzle up your drinking counter at home with this tequila decanter set with a handcrafted agave shape on the bottom of the decanter as well as the shot glasses. 

The set already includes 6 shot glasses perfect for accommodating guests. It is also versatile as you may put other spirits to the decanter.

5. Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Pink Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

You do not have to rim your tequila shot glasses with salt anymore with these manually carved shot glasses. Each shot glass features uniqueness because they are handcrafted. The all-natural pink color makes an ideal gift for all tequila drinkers.

6. Tequila Cocktail Recipe Glass - Best for Parties

Tequila Cocktail Recipe Glass

Turn into an amazing mixologist using this tequila cocktail recipe glass. You may enjoy up to 7 delightful tequila mixed drinks. This is the ideal present for your best friends as it is also packaged in a bright gift box.

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7. Oaxaca Tequila Glass

Oaxaca Tequila Glass

Jicaras are traditionally used to serve tequila or mezcal in Mexico. These are made from a Calabash Tree fruit. The Oaxaca Tequila Glass is the modern take on the jicara, so you may enjoy the culture of Mexico while sipping tequilas in the comfort of your home.

8. Tequila Shaped Glass Bottle

Tequila Shaped Glass Bottle

If you want an amusing yet very useful present to your margarita-loving buddies, this tumbler shaped like a tequila bottle is next to add to your cart! You may put any beverage in the bottle, may it be alcoholic or not.

9. “Probably Tequila” Mug

“Probably Tequila” Mug

Sarcastically mock people with the “Probably Tequila” Mug. Ideal for when you are at home or at work. This versatile mug will have people guessing if you’re really drinking tequila or not.

10. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist - Most Amusing

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

The cocktails recipe book can be hilarious, too! Tequila Mockingbird features bar nibbles, drinking games, and quirky artwork throughout, as well as 65 excellent cocktail recipes matched with sarcastic comments on history's most popular books.

11. Shot Glass Roulette - Best for Games

Shot Glass Roulette

Level up your drinking game nights with this shot glass roulette which includes a spinning roulette wheel, two metal balls, and 16 shot glasses held on glass shot holders. Fill the shot glasses with tequila and let the fun begin. Do not forget to drink responsibly!

12. Mini Mexican Leather Boot Tequila Shot

Mini Mexican Leather Boot Tequila Shot

Pretend you are in a state in Mexico while drinking tequila with this bad boy. The Tribalera boot shot glass will make you feel like a cowboy chilling after a day of work. The perfect gift for your badass tequila aficionado friends!

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13. Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History

Tequila: A Natural and Cultural History

Learn more about the rich history and cultural roots of tequila to understand its today’s industry and development throughout the years. This read can stoke anyone's enthusiasm for the blue agave's treasure while also enhancing their knowledge of its great heritage.

14. Rustic Agave Sculpture Decor - Best Accessory

Rustic Agave Sculpture Decor

This tequila plant will provide a decorative element to any room. This agave has no foundation, making it seem like it is sprouting out of the floor. Depending on your preference, the agave plant sculpture can be placed both indoors and outdoors!

15. Blue Agave Painting

Blue Agave Painting

What better way to portray your appreciation to the exceptional spirit of tequila than to hang a painting of the plant it is made from? As a distinctive art style, this contemporary blue agave painting wall decor would be the ideal art complement on the wall.

16. Tequila Adult Coloring Book - Most Relaxing

Tequila Adult Coloring Book

Who says coloring is only for kids? Another fantastic way to destress apart from drinking is enjoying an adult coloring book. This coloring book highlights multiple tequila patterns to promote relaxation.

17. Tequila Lover Shirt

Tequila Lover Shirt

Show off your appreciation for the blue agave spirit with a shirt designed with lime and tequila! Remember also to promote responsible drinking while modeling your cute top.

18. Tequila, Tacos & Best Friends Kitchen Towel

Tequila, Tacos & Best Friends Kitchen Towel

This charming and comical dish towel will brighten up your house. The towel's tequila, tacos & best friends combo design will have you craving for a gathering with good food and smooth spirit.

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19. Vintage Lemon Home Wall Decor

Vintage Lemon Home Wall Decor

When your life gives you lemons, add tequila and salt! Motivate yourselves with this funny vintage signage that may be displayed outdoors or even indoors. This wall decor would also be a fun and interesting wood poster on commercial and home bars.

20. Margarita Cocktail Mixer Set

Margarita Cocktail Mixer Set

This present conveys that you are thinking of that special someone, no matter what the occasion! These vegan and vegetarian margarita mixers will elevate your cocktail to the fullest. They're alcohol-free and may be combined with a spirit to make the ultimate drink.

21. Tequila Socks

Tequila Socks

Chilly nights no more with the combination of tequila shots and tequila socks! These socks, with their vibrant and whimsical designs, will make sure you're out there partying and getting up to no good. These socks are suitable for both casual and formal occasions, and they make a wonderful present for anybody you care about.

22. Agave Worm Salt

Agave Worm Salt

When added to any meal, the Agave Worm Salt, prepared with authentic gusanos maguey, agave worms, may give depth of taste. This seasoned salt from Oaxaca, Mexico, goes nicely with mezcal and tequila, and it's also delicious on fresh fruit. The ideal way to consume mezcal is with orange and this agave worm salt.


Whether it's the holiday season or just another day, there is always time to show someone that you care - and what better way than by giving them a gift! The tequila drinker in your life will be so happy with any of these gifts, but they'll love you even more for thinking about them.

Did you fancy anything from the list? Share it with us!

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