The Uses Of Bar Mop Towels You Can’t Afford To Ignore

8 Uses Of Bar Mop Towels You Can’t Afford To Ignore

The Uses Of Bar Mop Towels You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Aside from serving the best cocktails, one thing that customers always look at in a bar is its cleanliness. To keep the place spotless, bar owners always see to it that bar tools and equipment like bar towels are around. Bar mop towels are made from super-absorbent terry white cotton used to wipe off stemware, liquid spills, and food stains. But aside from this, there are numerous ways you can take advantage of this essential cleaning tool.

1. Keeps Tables and Counter Mess-Free

Keeps Tables and Counter Mess-Free

Cleaning the tables and counter in any bar is something that is always practiced every time a customer leaves. Bar mop towels do the job of taking care of any type of liquor that may have been spilled. It is essential to always wipe out any sort of stain or dirt to maintain neatness before a new customer uses the table. 

When your patrons see a dirty table, they might think that you have poor service and this will affect how they look at your bar.

2. Polishes Glassware Without Scratching

Polishes Glassware Without Scratching

Just like tables and countertops, bar mop towels can also be used to clean various glassware. This can range from wine glasses, shot glasses, or even the regular ones. Since bar mop towels have soft fibers, they will not scratch the surface of the glasses.

3. Cleans Utensils

If you don’t have a dishwasher that automatically dries up your plates, spoons, and forks, bar towels are a good addition to your home. Just wipe off any extra water that may have been left after washing the utensils. Or, if you are feeling a little sensitive to anything wet, you can double dry your utensils with the bar mop towels.

4. Acts as a Potholder

Gone were the days where a towel is only used to wipe things, now, they can even be utilized as a potholder alternative. Bar mop towels are made with high-quality cotton that is thick enough to hold any type of baking tray or cooking pots among others.

You don’t have to worry about getting sores on your fingertips since this tool can withstand the heat coming from the pots. Whether you are taking out freshly baked cinnamon rolls or draining your spaghetti noodles, bar mop towels ensure that your hands are safe from the hot temperature.

5. Serves as a Hand Towel

Serves as a Hand Towel

We are used to having a specific hand towel that is different from the one we use to clean our kitchen counter. Skip the hassle of having two different towels this time around by simply placing the bar mop towel in a strategic location in your kitchen and use it to wipe your hands or clean your counter. If this is quite unsanitary for you, you can always bring out two bar mop towels instead.

6. Brings Back the Shine on Your Plates

Brings Back the Shine on Your Plates

Bar mop towels are not only designed as a cleaning material, it can also be used to maintain the shine and “brand new” look of your plates. Polishing your plates is more than just achieving that glossy finish. This also means preventing contamination and prolonging their lifespan. 

7. Wipes Off Scraps

Cooking can be a little messy especially when you are preparing several dishes at once. Just imagine the struggle of every home cook during the holidays. Scraps of vegetables are probably sticking on the cutting board and knife. But fret not because bar mop towels are here to save the day! 

Just run your dirty knives on the bar towel for the food residue to be removed. You can also wipe your chopping board every time you prepare ingredients. Even the stubborn and sticky dirt can be cleaned because of the bar mop towel’s thick and soft fibers.

8. Removes Dust

Because of the absorbent and soft material in bar mop towels, many people have been using them to remove dust on appliances and furniture. Effectively remove dust particles in just several swipes. Not to mention, bar mop towels do not leave any scratches on your TV screen or glass tables. Use the bar towel dry first, then after getting rid of the particles, wet it for that extra clean and shine.


Bar mop towels have so many uses that they make life easier around the bar and kitchen. Got anything to add to this list? Share with us any tips on bar mop towels by leaving a comment down below.


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