Are Bamboo Straws Hygienic? All Questions Answered

Are Bamboo Straws Hygienic? All Questions Answered

Are Bamboo Straws Hygienic? All Questions Answered

By saying no to a plastic straw, you are saying no to plastic pollution. Plastic straws are one of the commonly found plastics under the sea. Since these are not biodegradable, they tend to break down into smaller particles which release chemicals that can hurt nature. The good thing though, is that most people are switching to a greener lifestyle. One of the simplest eco-friendly acts you can do is to use bamboo straws.

Bamboo straws are the only certified straws by USDA that are hygienic, safe, and 100% organic. Beautiful cut from nature, these straws are perfect for any type of drink. If you are still uncertain whether to use bamboo straws, this post contains everything you need to know before purchasing one.

How Safe And Clean Are Bamboo Straws

A common concern among consumers is whether bamboo straws are safe to use. And the answer is a resounding yes. 

The bamboo stalks used for the straws are completely natural and a gift from nature. This means that harmful chemicals such as pesticides were not used to grow the tree. Plus, the bamboo stalks contain natural antimicrobial properties which means that they are less likely to get infected with bacteria.

These reusable straws are also steamed and pressure cleaned to address any sort of unwanted dirt that may have come in contact while harvesting the stalks. Moreover, bamboo straws that are used in hot drinks will not cause any chemical reaction that may burn your mouth or worse incidents.

Are Bamboo Straws Truly Reusable?

Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are not disposable after one usage. These environment-friendly straws can last for several years with proper care. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly, keep them dry, and store them in a clean area to avoid any contamination.

You will know when your bamboo straws are already up for disposal when you see signs of wear and tear such as splitting or fraying at the ends. However, instead of throwing them in the garbage, you can compost them in your garden.

Advantages Of Using Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws have tons of benefits not just for the environment but even for ourselves too. Here are the advantages you can enjoy when you switch to these reusable straws

  • Save Mother Earth

Climate change is getting worse day by day. And it is no denying that using products made of plastic plays a huge role in this crisis. The great thing about bamboo straws is that they are natural and organic byproducts of the sustainable bamboo tree. Therefore, you can reuse them for as long as you like without adding to plastic pollution in the environment.

Save Mother Earth

  • Cost-effective 

Since bamboo straws are reusable, you do not need to purchase one every day. Just imagine the amount of money you get to save. Moreover, bamboo straws are also ideal for gatherings. If you love to host parties in your home, you can just stack bamboo straws in your kitchen and have your guests use them. 


  • Keep your teeth safe 

Bamboo straws have a smooth texture without any rough or pointy edges. This is especially necessary for those people who tend to bite hard on their straws. If you have kids, bamboo straws are also a good option to have around in case they want to sip on their drinks. 

  • Sanitary 

Bamboo straws contain a natural binding agent called Bamboo Kun. This works as natural protection against harmful chemicals or bacteria. This property makes the straw hygienic without the need to use strong cleaning agents. 

  • Decorative

These wooden tubes are the perfect stylish designs you can add to the interior of your home. You can customize its look by adding some initials or symbols. These are also perfect gifts for holidays or weddings.

How To Clean Bamboo Straws

Contrary to what some think, bamboo straws are relatively easy to clean. Here are some care tips you can apply to prolong the life of your bamboo straws:

1. Rinse your bamboo straws after every usage

Every time you use your reusable straw, make sure to rinse it with running tap water. You can also opt to clean them in dishwashing soap and warm water mixture. 

Rinse your bamboo straws after every usage

2. Use the natural coconut husk cleaning brush

Every bamboo straw you purchase also comes with a natural coconut husk cleaning brush. Use this to clean the insides of your straw especially when you consume liquids with stains (coffee, juice, tea) or those that have jelly properties. 

Use the natural coconut husk cleaning brush

3. Soak in water and vinegar mixture

Every 15 uses, you can soak your bamboo straws in a water and vinegar mixture for a couple of minutes. Do not use boiling water since this can elevate the woody taste of the straw in your drink. 

4. Dry them properly

After cleaning your bamboo straws, make sure they are completely dry before storing them. We suggest drying them in a standing position so the water will run straight to the bottom. 

Do Bamboo Straws Affect The Taste Of Your Drink?

When bamboo straws do not have a coating and are left in the hot water for a long time, it may have a grassy or woody aftertaste to your drink. However, this can be solved easily by looking for a bamboo straw that has a good quality coating to avoid any aftertaste.

Do Bamboo Straws Affect The Taste Of Your Drink?

How Are Bamboo Straws Made

Bamboo straws are byproducts of the stalks from the bamboo tree. The process involved when making these reusable straws starts by cutting the tree into the desired length and allowing it to dry in the sun for a couple of days. Once the stalks have already dried up, they will be moved to a separate location wherein they will be resized into smaller and smoother pieces. During this process, no chemicals such as pesticides are used. Therefore, you can assure that bamboo straws are safe to use.

How Are Bamboo Straws Made

You might notice that these straws can vary in size and texture. The reason behind this is that manufacturers see to it that they can use each part of the bamboo tree. And since these straws are handcrafted, the imperfection of the finished product is inevitable. 

After the straws are already at their proper length, they will get sanded, filled, and etched for a smoother and natural finish. Then, they will be cleaned thoroughly using pressurized water to get rid of any dirt that may have attached to the straws. The last phase involves drying the bamboo straws under the sun for a week. This creates the natural sun-kissed color of the straws. After everything has dried up, they will be packed and ready to be delivered. 

Which Reusable Straw Is Suitable For You: Metal or Bamboo?

Metal and Bamboo Straw

Both metal and bamboo straws are eco-friendly. However, if you are more of a stylish person, you can choose to use metal straws. This type of straw is also applicable to those who do not have allergies to metal. Meanwhile, if you are more of a classic type of person, the natural look of the bamboo straw can fit your taste. 


Every small step counts when it comes to saving Mother Earth, and one way to do this is to start converting from the usual plastic straws to bamboo. Not only will you contribute to making the environment cleaner but you can also enjoy a safe and hygienic reusable straw for your drinks. We would love to hear your thoughts about bamboo straws! Share this post or leave your comments below.


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