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Wine - easy to sip but very difficult to make, even far difficult to preserve and retain its flavor. You might think that once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, you can just put it in your fridge until you take another glass on the next nights. While this is fine, you should know that this process will gradually impair the quality of the wine. The temperature of a normal refrigerator where you keep food and water is not constant as you open it every once in a while. And when you place the bottle of wine standing up, the cork will dry out and then shrink, allowing air to come into the bottle and ruin the wine’s taste. You never have to experience this again when you have a wine cooler or fridge. It’s a really great investment and keeps your wine at the right temperature and keeps it fresh. Keep on reading to learn more about wine coolers and fridges and choose the one that best suits you. 

Our Pick

Perhaps you’re ready to buy a wine fridge but still need some recommendation as to the best on our list. Well, look no further. Here are our best picks.

Best small wine fridge

Of all the items listed above, there is one that wins the place of best small wine fridge and that is none other than the Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Black Wine Cooler. It is the perfect choice if you’re just starting out in collecting your favorite wines and it serves as the standard should you buy a larger unit in the future. It may be tiny and can only store 6 bottles but it’s complete with all the features that any wine cooler has. Because it is a lot smaller than the other models, it makes an incredible gift for your wine lover friends or relatives. 

Quietest wine cooler

If you want to have a device that is useful and you want it to be as effective as it can be, all the other good qualities shouldn’t be compromised just because it works noisily. After all, a noisy product can be inconvenient and annoying. With this, we name the Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler as the quietest wine cooler among the list. Aside from it’s one of the best sellers in the market, it is actually known for being super quiet, thus enhancing its convenience and quality, thanks to its specially built energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, so vibration is reduced and so is noise, allowing your wine to age and settle properly, without any disturbance to the wine sediments. 

Most stylish

They say that we should go big or go home, and the same can be said with the EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler. Its double doors give the machine a sophisticated touch which can be an amazing attraction to your kitchen. If you want to impress your friends, you might as well go for the most aesthetically pleasing and one that will not disappoint. 

Most efficient 

In terms of accommodation of wine bottles, the best one is Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN, 56-Bottle due to its space-saving feature that allows you to store many of your favorite wines despite their different size and shape. 

You need more time to decide? Need more information on some options? Read on. 

What is a dual zone cooler?

A dual zone cooler is a wine cooler that looks like a small refrigerator with two compartments, each having different temperatures so you can store different types of wine in a single cooler. Different types of wine require different temperatures to store them so their aging process is at the right pace and they won’t turn brown. When wine is stored at the proper temperature, it can bring out the best of its quality including enhanced flavor, acidity and aroma. 

Why buy a dual zone wine cooler? 

If you’re someone who enjoys wine, you would want to have it when it’s in its best condition, that is properly cold or chilled and has a decadent flavor. One way to achieve this is to buy a wine cooler. You might think that this is extravagant because you can just shove your opened bottles in your fridge and call it a day. However, if you take your wine seriously, you know that a wine cooler is very advantageous as it gives the best preservation process of your reds and whites.

Compared with a single zone cooler, the dual zone cooler has an edge simply because two is better than one. This cooler has two compartments in which you can store your red and white wines separately because each compartment can be set in different temperatures suited for them. This type is obviously more versatile since you won’t have to choose which wine to store properly and which one you’ll have to sacrifice. It also has a larger storage capacity than the single zone while still being compact. 

Difference between Single Zone Vs Dual Zone

Before we delve more on the dual zone cooler, let’s talk about the other type first: the single zone cooler. As the name suggests, the single zone cooler only has one zone unit, that is , it can only be set to one temperature that is consistent throughout. Despite having only one setting, the single zone cooler can have multiple compartments, though they are smaller than the dual zone. They also come at a cheaper price. If you only stick to your favorite wine, then the single zone is perfect for you. It will keep your wine at the correct temperature, properly store it and aid its aging process. Simple it may be, you’ll find that it’s also effective. 

As mentioned previously, the dual zone cooler has basically two zones that have different temperatures. They are much larger in size, thus allowing more bottles of wine to be stored. If you’re a fan of both red and white wines, then you’ll opt to buy this kind. The upper compartment holds the red wines at 60 degrees and the lower compartment holds white wines at 50 degrees. Of course, these can be adjusted in accordance with the kind of wine you have. Since this has a specialized function, it can be a bit pricey. But, if you’re a wine enthusiast and you love to collect wine or you often have guests at home, you understand that it is a great deal because it will prevent your wine from being wasted and will actually enhance it and preserve it properly. 

How to Pick a Cooler that Suits You?

Before you make a decision to invest in something like a wine cooler, you have to think about it first. You’ll debate about the best time to get it, what kind you’re going to get and how to choose it. Here are some guidelines or factors that you can follow to choose the cooler that suits you:

Price - It’s undeniable that having a wine cooler is fancy and fancy doesn’t usually come in a cheap price. These things cost about $100 - $1000 but they’re for a good reason and depending on the kind and features. They serve a great purpose in handling wine so the price is understandable. But, if you’re on a tight budget, fret not. You can start small, perhaps by buying a single zone unit first as they are more affordable. But, if you want to invest smarter, go for the dual zone that offers a suitable price along with great quality. Bottom line, in choosing a product, make sure that you have the right budget for it and place your money in a smart investment. 

Storage Capacity - This coincides with size. When your cooler is large, it will have a larger storage capacity as well. And when it can store a lot of bottles, the price also goes up. You don’t have to choose a wine cooler that’s too big if you only have wine occasionally. But, if you’re an avid collector, go for the big one with a large storage capacity. Every wine cooler is made from different materials. In terms of the shelves, some are made from wood which create a tighter space constraint than those made from scalloped wires. Scalloped wires usually have a dip that allows proper placement of the bottle and so they are easily removed. Most wine cooler can store 30 - 60 bottles of wine, but the largest ones can store up to 300 bottles. Also note that wine bottles have different sizes and shapes so consider this as well when you’re contemplating on the storage capacity. 

Size - Wine coolers vary in size in terms of height and width. Depending on your space available, you may opt to buy a taller cooler or the wider one. May it be tall or wide, they may have the same bottle capacity so the distinguishing factor you’ll consider is the area where you plan to put your cooler. 

Type - It has already been established that there is a single zone cooler and a dual zone. But, we also have to consider the cooling mechanism and the set up of your cooler. In terms of cooling mechanism, there are two types: either thermoelectric or compressor. A thermoelectric wine cooler follows the Peltier effect, that is, an electric charge is sent through two joined pieces of metal which creates a heat flux, to which heat is transferred from one side of the device to the other. This contains small fans inside the unit that improve ventilation and evenly distribute the cool temperatures created by the node inside the unit while expelling heat outside. It is environmental - friendly since it doesn’t make use of hazardous materials in the cooling process. On the other hand, compressor-based wine coolers work the same way as your regular refrigerators at home wherein a liquid refrigerant circulates throughout a compressor system. This will then create cold air inside the unit while expelling hot air outside. In terms of set up, wine coolers can either be freestanding or built-in. A freestanding cooler can stand on its own as it has a vent of its own, whereas a built in cooler can be placed anywhere you want, perhaps under the counter or the cabinet and you still have to give it a proper ventilation so it won’t overheat. In choosing, consider other factors such as price and the available space you have at your home.

Noise Factor - While a wine cooler creates more noise than a conventional refrigerator, there are units that are less noisy than others. The noise emanates from the fans that work inside during the cooling process. If you find the humming sounds irritating, then you’ll opt to buy the thermoelectric ones rather than the compressor- based since they produce less vibrations due to a lack of compressors. 

Temperature Zone - This is perhaps the most important component of wine coolers as they are the essence. While most wine coolers have adjustable temperatures, some are limited. For dual zones, they have more temperature options as they cover two types of wines. On average, a wine cooler is set to 55 degrees Fahrenheit but they can range from 45 degrees to 60 degrees. 

Best Wine Coolers

To help you get started, here are some of the best types of wine coolers that you can choose from depending on their type. Remember to consider your resources as well so you can pick one that’ll suit you well. 

Single Zone Wine Coolers

Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Single-Zone Black Wine Cooler

    Labeled as the number one best seller, Magic Chef has a design that screams simple but elegant. It can store 6 bottles of wine which is great for a start. It utilizes thermoelectric cooling with adjustable temperatures from 46° – 64°F and it has two sculpted chrome shelves. It is delightfully small and so it can be placed on the countertop. 

    hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

    Another best seller, this wine cooler also brings out the best in wines. With its sturdy, slide scalloped wire shelves, it can store up to 18 bottles of wine. You can adjust the temperature from 54°F - 64°F and the controls are displayed outside its sophisticated glass door with a magnetic door seal to maintain the humidity. The bottles can be visible due to its interior light and glass door. It is freestanding and thanks to its versatile size, it can be placed anywhere, whether in the kitchen, living room or the bar. 

    Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red And White Wine Cooler

      With its sleek modern design, you’ll find it easy to have this machine. The Ivation 18-bottle is a freestanding, creative wine cooler that protects and preserves wine on a long term basis. Its temperature setting can be adjusted from 54° – 64°F which is ideal for either reds or whites. It has thermopane doors that are tempered smoked, maintaining humidity inside and blocks out harmful UV rays in the sunlight, thereby preventing the complex molecules from breaking. It also works in a quiet way as it uses an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor. Its interior design is complemented with five scalloped wire shelves and its exterior digital controls and LCD temp display has a soft interior lighting.


      Kalamera 50-bottle free-standing wine cooler

        A classic freestanding wine cooler that can store a whopping 50 count of bottles. It has seven wood shelves, and it uses a compressor that cools evenly throughout the unit. It is mainly made from stainless steel with tempered glass that displays the wines from the outside. Its controls are designed with a blue LED light that shows temperature from 40°F-66°F which can easily be adjusted with up and down arrow buttons. 

        Koldfront 30 Bottle Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler

          This one uses six slide out wire shelves that can store up to 30 bottles of wine. It uses a compressor-based cooler that has powerful circulation fans inside to ensure even distribution of air. You can monitor the cooling process through its digital control panel that displays both set and actual unit temperature which ranges from 40° – 65°F. Its width measures only 15 inches so it’s slim enough to fit under your counter. 

          Avanti EWC1021 Wine Cooler

            A sophisticated looking wine cooler that can store up to 12 bottles of wine. This model allows bottles to stay horizontally and vertically with it sunique rack system. It uses a thermoelectric cooling system with an automatic defrost mechanism. It has a curved glass door and it works quietly as it doesn’t have vibrations. Its controls are displayed by a blue LED light showing choices between red or white, Fahrenheit or Celsius and up and down arrows to adjust the temperature. It is also compact and slim so it can fit just under your counter or wherever you please. 

            NewAir AWR-520SB 52-bottle wine cooler

              An innovative, environmental - friendly device that helps wine preserve wines to reach their fullest flavors with a touch of a button. It uses an energy-efficient compressor that cools wine evenly. Its front ventilation system is also quiet so as to not bother anyone. You can adjust the temperature from 40° – 65°F. It has a safety lock to ensure that your kids or any unwanted guests won’t mess with your precious wines. The controls and the interior are lit with a blue LED light. It can be built in or freestanding. There are 5 adjustable wood shelves that can be easily pulled out. It is ideal if you often have guests or if you’re a budding wine enthusiast. 

              Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

                Get a load of the Whynter Wine Cooler with its black tinted mirror glass door and sleek blsck cabinet. Its 5 stainless steel scalloped wire shelves can hold up to 20 wine bottles and its control panels can be accessed with soft-touch buttons. Its temperature can be adjusted from  46°F - 65°F. Its interior is also lit with a blue LED light. 

                NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

                  An ideal item for a wine lover to have, Nutrichef boasts its thermoelectric wine cooler that can store up to 12 bottles of wine, may it be red or white. It uses high precision thermoelectric cooling technology in which you can customize the temperature from 50° – 64°F . Its sleek design and stainless steel material makes it durable and worthy to buy. Its interior is also lit by a LED light with fans inside to evenly distribute the cool air with the help of its ventilation system. It is also incredibly slim, only measuring 9.9 inches in width, one may not notice that it’s a wine cooler. It also has an ultra quiet cooling system that makes it convenient as it will not produce too much noise. It makes a great addition to your kitchen to impress your family and friends. 

                  Danby DWC032A2BDB 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

                  A modern looking wine cooler that comes in either black high gloss frame or a stainless steel frame and a full smoked glass. Its shelves are coated black and can store up to 36 bottles of wine which are displayed through the interior LED light it emits. Additionally, it has a reversible door with a seamless full length door handle. The interior design allows the bottles to be organized neatly whether on the shelves or at the bottom part. It can be placed anywhere you like as it is a freestanding unit. 

                  Dual Zone Wine Coolers

                  Koldfront TWR247ESS 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

                    Impress your guests by showing them that you store your wines in style. Koldfront Dual Zone wine cooler is a freestanding wine cooler that is ideal for storing both reds and whites. The interior is divided into two zones. The upper zone’ s temperature can be adjusted from 54° – 66°F and is meant for red wines. The lower zone is intended for white or sparkling wines and can be adjusted from 46° – 66°F. Both zones contain three slide out wood shelves each and each zone holds 12 bottles.of wine. Its control panel is displayed through LCD and also has a safety lock. Finally, this model uses a thermoelectric cooling system that is vibration-free and energy- efficient.

                    Whynter WC-241DS 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

                      The Whynter Dual Zone wine cooler features a stainless steel glass door with a sleek black cabinet with a recessed handle, all space saving. It has six premium stainless steel scalloped wire shelves divided by a zone divider. Each zone can hold 12 bottles and the cooling process is maintained through its interior fan-forced circulation to evenly distribute the cold air. Soft LED lighting can be seen through the on/off switch. The upper zone is adjustable from 54° – 66°F whereas the bottom zone is adjustable from 46° – 66°F through soft-touch control panels with enhanced LCD temperature display. 

                      Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding

                        One of the best dual zone wine coolers out there, Kalamera is interestingly wide and not tall so, it can be placed perfectly under the counter. It has 5 easy slide shelves made from beech wood and expertly designed to prevent bottles from falling down, which all in all, can occupy 46 bottles of wine. It also features a safety lock to prevent any unwanted guests to open the door anytime, chances are, this will ruin your wines. Its doors will also attract any guests coming by since it showcases your wine through its soft blue LED lights. The doors are also made from frost-free stainless steel. The upper zone can be customized from 40 to 50°F while the lower zone, from 50 to 66°F. It is also quiet and only has low vibration so as to not ruin the wine sediments and alter the flavor. 

                        Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

                          A freestanding wine cooler that can hold upt o 32 bottles of wine. Its upper zone has 3 chrome pull out wire shelves that can be adjusted from 54° – 66°F for the red wines. On the other hand, the lower zone has 4 pull out wire shelves and can be adjusted from 46° – 66°F for the white wines. Its control panels can be accessed through a digital touch screen. It has reflective smoked glass and Thermopane doors. It makes use of thermoelectric cooling that is silent, energy-efficient and free from CFC. Its exterior is of black metal with a stainless steel rim and it also features interior LED lighting. 

                          Ivation Premium Stainless Steel 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

                            This innovative wine cooler boasts its dual pane, smoked glass door that seals tightly to maintain the temperature, block the UV light and locks out moisture. It has four slide out wooden shelves, overall, it can store 24 bottles, 8 at the top and 16 at the bottom. Its temperature is displayed through a digital screen and can be adjusted from 46° – 64°f at the upper zone and from 54º – 64ºF in the lower zone. It also promotes quiet operation as it uses vibration-free, thermoelectric cooling system. Its exterior is made from stainless steel and has a soft interior LED lighting. This model’s temperature is properly maintained as the two zones are totally separated, so it looks like a refrigerator with a small freezer at the upper part, each having separate handles.  

                            Allavino VSWR56-2SSRN Wine Refrigerator

                              Allavino proudly presents its innovative dual zone wine cooler/ refrigerator, featuring stunning stainless steel fronts and metal shelves with wooden slats with easy slide mechanism that allows you to place your bottles of wine of any size neatly. This model is one of few that does not limit the shapes of wine bottles you want to store. Its smart design also results in a well-organized and space-saving placement of bottles. Its digital display and user-friendly push button controls enable you to customize temperatures in both upper and lower zones so your reds and whites get the cooling they deserve. It has interior LED lighting, it uses 25% less energy and curved towel bar handles. This model is really something any wine enthusiast could ask for. 

                              NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 18-Bottle Thermoelectric Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

                                An avid wine lover will probably have all the wine accessories and to top this all, he/she must have a wine cooler to store his/her precious wines. NutriChef dual zone wine cooler features precise cooling system with adjustable temperatures of 46-64°F in the upper zone and a lower zone between 54-64°F and an airtight seal glass door to maintain the temperature inside. The controls can be accessed through LCD digital thermostat display and touch controls. The shelves are made from stainless steel and don't only allow you to place bottles horizontally but also vertically. All in all, it can store 18 bottles of wine. Its impeccable size also makes it fit under the counter and be a great accessory to your kitchen. 

                                EdgeStar TWR325ESS 32 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

                                  Unlike other wine coolers that have the same aesthetics, the EdgeStar wine cooler gives a new perspective on wine coolers. It has a magnificent double door feature that gives a sophisticated look to the machine. The French doors are made from stainless steel with tinted double paned glass to protect wine from sunlight. Both left and right zones can be adjusted from  54-64°F and the interior has LED lighting. The advantage of this model is that when you try to get a red wine, the temperature of the white wines won’t be interrupted since each zone has separate doors, thereby maintaining optimum temperature and humidity conditions. It is a freestanding cooler so you can place it anywhere you like. 

                                  NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

                                    This model also has two doors, separating the temperature zone of red and white wines. It uses a quiet and vibration free thermoelectric cooling system in which temperature can be adjusted from  46°F to 64°F while protecting wine sediment. The controls are displayed digitally with control buttons mounted on the door frame. It contains 14 adjustable wood shelves that are easy to  pull out to make for easy bottle loading. The wine bottles are also illuminated by the interior LED lighting. This model has the capacity to store 32 bottles of your favorite wines. 

                                    Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar - WC29

                                      Looking for a mini refrigerator to store your wines? Your search is over, you’ve reached the magnificence of the Koolatron dual zone wine cooler. The zones are separated, the upper zone has a smaller capacity of 10 bottles while the lower zone has the capacity to store 29 bottles, so it depends if you prefer red or white more. It has interior LED lighting with tempered glass doors to protect the wines from sunlight. This unit features a premium compressor based cooling system for high performing temperature management. It also has removable stainless steel shelves and basket so you can customize how you organize your bottles. 

                                      Built-In Wine Coolers

                                      Ivation 24 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler

                                        A fancy machine that keeps your treasured wines at their best conditions, Ivation presents its dual zone wine cooler. Its dual pane, smoked glass door has a sturdy seal to maintain the ideal temperature required for reds and whites, locks out moisture and also blocks harmful UV rays. The upper zone can be adjusted from 46º – 64ºF and can store 8 bottles while the lower zone can be adjusted from 54º – 64ºF and can store 16 bottles. It boasts an energy- efficient thermoelectric cooling system without a compressor that is free from vibration so as to not ruin the wine sediments. It is essentially a freestanding unit but it is also ideal as built in and can be placed under the counter. It measures 29.1 inches in height, 16.9 inches in width and 20.5 inches in depth. Its controls are soft to the touch and features a soft LED lighting through the on/off switch. 

                                        EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

                                          A single zone wine cooler that fits perfectly in any counter that suits your wine storage needs. Its dimensions are 34.25 inches in height, 11.625 inches in width,  22.625 inches in depth, so it’s slim and convenient enough to fit under the counter without taking too much space, one may not recognize that it’s there. It can either be built in or freestanding. It promotes a save-saving mechanism inside and out. There are 5 shelves and overall this wine cooler can store 18 bottles which are illuminated with soft LED lighting. Its door has black dot matrix protection on glass with a black cabinet and stainless steel trim which also includes carbon filter and can resist frost. It also features powerful circulation fans that ensure even distribution of cold air. Its temperature can be adjusted from 40-65º F which can be shown through digital temperature control with a blue LED display.

                                          Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

                                            If you love to collect various types of wines, then you should check out the Kalamera 30-bottle wine cooler. Its double layered tempered glass door is rimmed with a premium stainless steel frame and the double layers maintain temperature levels intact and keeps the glass from fog. Behind the door, your collection can be illuminated through its interior blue LED lighting. Its control panels can be accessed through a soft-touch button and the temperature can be adjusted from 40-66°F. It takes just about 4.9 x 33.9 x 22.4 inches of space so it should fit perfectly under your counter but it also works as freestanding. It also boasts a smart design of removable wooden shelves that prevent bottles from falling down and you being messed up, additionally, a safety lock ensures that your kids won’t get their hands on your wines and to not harm themselves as well. 

                                            NewAir AWR-290DB Compact 29-Bottle

                                              Add a lovely addition to your home with an elegant wine cooler such as the NewAir Wine Cooler. This cooler will shed a light through LED lighting on your wine bottles which will be protected by a triple layered tempered glass to protect your wines from the harmful UV rays. It is ideal for both reds and whites as it is dual zone with the upper zone adjustable from 40-50º F and the lower zone from 50-66º F. Its dimensions are 22.5 x 14.9 x 33.8 inches so it only needs enough space to be able to fit under your counter. For consistent cooling of your wines, it uses a fan to evenly distribute the cold air and maintain humidity and it also works quietly with minimal vibration to keep your wines from being ruined. Its shelves are made from beech wood and can store about 29 bottles.  

                                              Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN, 56-Bottle

                                                Allavino is one of the finest choices for wine coolers out there. It boasts its space-saving cutting edge shelves, user-friendly push button control display that can be easily adjusted for convenience. It only measures 23.6 x 23.4 x 33.9 inches so it is perfect for either built in or freestanding, whichever is more attractive to your home.  These shelves are made of durable metal to ensure reliable stability and prevent sagging throughout the years. The attractive stainless steel fronts and wood slats that cradle your bottles will help minimize vibration thereby preserving the integrity of the wines. 

                                                Whynter 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

                                                  The Whynter wine cooler is specially designed as a built in machine, only having dimensions of 23" Long x 12" Wide x 34.5" and can store about 19 bottles of wine. Its compressor based cooling system maintains the optimum temperature your wines need that can be adjustable from 30ºF to 60ºF. The front design intended for ventilation allows for flush with cabinet undercounter installation or simply freestanding function. The exterior features include a premium stainless steel trimmed door and a heavy stainless steel L-bar handle. It also features seven removable scalloped chrome shelves that allows for maximum storage capacity.

                                                  Edgestar 53 Bottle Wine Fridge

                                                    This model boasts its storage capacity of a whopping 53 count of wine bottles. It is a single zone model that shows its control panels through LED  display temperature and is ideally designed as a built in unit, having dimensions of only 24.5 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches. The temperature can be adjusted from 40ºF to 65ºF. It features six slide-out, wood-trimmed wire shelves and internal fan to evenly circulate air and maintain humidity while being on  Auto defrost. The security lock makes sure that no unwanted guests will get their hands on your wine. Overall, your home will be greatly graced by this machine’s presence. 

                                                    Kalamera 24 Inch 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built-in and Freestanding Wine Fridge 

                                                      Aesthetically pleasing with high functionality - this is how the Kalamera 46 bottle wine cooler is described. Complete from adjustable temperatures of the upper zone, 40-50°F and the lower zone, 50-66°F, high quality beech wood shelves and convenient quiet and low vibration operation. It is great either as built in or freestanding with product measurements of 22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches. It also features a security lock, interior LED lighting and a reversible door. 

                                                      EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

                                                        Simple as it may seem, this innovative machine is actually what every wine enthusiast needs to further their love for wines. This single zone wine cooler can store up to 30 bottles and follows a reverse racking system to save space. It is lit up internally by a soft LED lighting and the door is made of reversible double-paned tempered glass with black dotted door tinting. An internal fan is responsible for an even circulation of air to maintain the optimum temperature. It measures 25.7 x 15 x 32 inches which should be perfect for either a built-in or freestanding installation. Finally, this includes a special feature of rubber bushing that absorbs vibration and noise from compressor to prevent inconvenience in the cooling process. 

                                                        Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

                                                          If you ever feel like you lack something in your house, particularly in the kitchen, just think of a drink that you enjoy, perhaps wine, surely an idea pops to mind. A great addition to your kitchen would be an enjoyable and useful wine cooler and Antarctic offers you its model. This wine cooler can hold up to 28 bottles of wine of different sizes and it requires 14.96 x 22.75 x 34.25 inches of space, perfect to be located under the counter. The interior lighting gives a great visualization of your wines which are protected by a double-layered glass door which are also frost-free with a stainless steel frame to ensure ultimate protection. The temperature setting can be adjusted from 41℉ to 68℉. With its sliding beech wooden racks, advanced cooling system with low vibration and noise, this adds a stylish and effective function to the unit.  


                                                          Q: Should I go for a freestanding or built in wine cooler?

                                                            A: It depends on your preference if you want your wine cooler to be in a secure place then go for the built in, but if you want to display your cooler for people to see, choose the freestanding. But remember that the freestanding version is designed to evaporate  heat from the back to prevent the unit from overheating and shortening the lifespan of the machine. 

                                                            Q:Which is a better cooling system: thermoelectric or compressor-based?

                                                              A: A thermoelectric wine cooler makes use of a cooling node that has a ceramic tile in which an electrical current passes through it, allowing the tile to heat up so other side will cool down.These also feature the internal fans to even distribute the cold air inside. They also operate more quietly due to the lack of compressor. However, thermoelectric coolers are limited only to temperatures about 20°F lower than the temperature outside the unit whereas the compressor-based cooling is not limited to this. Upon buying, consider these details and also keep in mind that most freestanding units have thermoelectric cooling while built in one use compressors which can accommodate a greater quantity of wine bottles. 

                                                              Q: Should I go for a single zone or a dual zone wine cooler?

                                                                A: If you’re a casual drinker and only prefer one type of one, choose the single zone but if you’re a collector or an enthusiast, go for the dual zone to store many types of wines. 

                                                                Q: What should be the right temperature for red and white wines?

                                                                  A: Dry white wines, rosés, sparkling wines must be served at or between 40° to 50° F and stored at 45°F to ensure maximum taste. Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds are served at 50° to 60° F and stored at 55°F to maintain its aroma. Full-bodied red wines and Ports are served at 60° to 65° F and must be stored at 55°F to achieve an organic taste. 

                                                                  Q: How do I clean my wine cooler?

                                                                    A: First, unplug your cooler and remove all the components and bottles. Start cleaning the interior with a mild cleaner or a simple solution of warm water and baking soda. Finally, wash the exterior with a mild detergent solution and finish it off by wiping wet areas with a soft cloth. Remember to minimize the use of water to not damage any electronic parts. 

                                                                    Q: Can a freestanding wine cooler be built in?

                                                                      A: Yes, as long as there is enough space about 2 to 3 inches each side under the counter to allow heat to escape and observe proper ventilation.  


                                                                      Wine is one of the luscious liquids that we can consume and it’s only right that we justify and maintain its natural and pure goodness. One way to achieve this is by storing them in a wine cooler. Wine coolers have different types, features and designs but one thing they have in common is that they make our wine dreams a reality and they help in preserving, aging and making the wine better. There are still a lot of things to learn about the aging process of wine by cooling them and we can all appreciate these with the wonderful technology brought by the wine cooler. May it be dual, single, built in or standing, you are given plenty of options in choosing the best one for you. You can start browsing for items with the list above and to learn more on how to choose the perfect wine cooler for you, take a step back and review the guidelines above. Further your wine endeavors, discover more about its technology and buy your first amazing wine cooler. 

                                                                      Other Wine Accessories

                                                                      Aside from the wine cooler, there are other wine accessories that help in making wines the best that they can be. One example is the wine aerator which helps in enhancing the flavor of the wine so you can have a more tasty experience. Learn about the top 10 best wine aerators here. Furthermore, before you get to enjoy a nice glass of wine, you would have to open the bottle first. And opening a bottle of wine is no joke and can be quite a hassle especially when you’re no expert and would risk ruining the wine’s integrity. Fret not because there’s such a thing called an electric wine opener that seeks to open wine bottles in an effortless way. Check them out here.

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