Reusable straws made of bamboo, metal, glass, and silicone

Are Reusable Straws Safe? Everything You Need To Know

Are Reusable Straws Safe

Maybe if Mother Earth can talk, she would say “thank you, peeps”. The time has finally come when more people are making the ultimate switch to a greener option. And one significant change we are proud to see is the usage of reusable straws in households and commercial spaces.

Reusable straws are not only eco-friendly but are way safer than plastic ones. The most common type of materials used in these guilt-free straws is metal, bamboo, glass, and silicone. Since they are all reusable, they don’t pile up in our landfills and harm our queen planet. Also, they are free from harmful chemicals that may pose a threat to our health. 

To give you a clear picture and peace of mind on the safety of reusable straws, we compiled every piece of information out there.

Reasons Why Reusable Straws Are Safe To Use

Reusable straws do not contain harmful elements that can be found in plastic straws. The latter is known to be made of Bisphenol A (BHA). This industrial chemical is known to cause infertility among men and women, type-2 diabetes, heart diseases, among others. 

Another element found in plastics known as polypropylene is the by-product of petroleum. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this chemical is safe to include as material in food and drink ware when used with the right amount. However, there are pieces of evidence showing how this harmful element can seep through drinks and release compounds that may affect estrogen levels, especially when exposed to heat, acidic beverages, or UV light.

Reusable straws are also easy to clean. This is an important factor to consider when using any tool. Stubborn dirt that may have accumulated inside your reusable straws may form into bacteria and molds. When this happens, you may feel ill. The good thing though is that reusable straws can be cleaned easily using a pipe cleaner that comes along with them.

Are Metal Straws Safe To Use?

Metal straws used in cold water infused with lemon

Metal straws are made of stainless steel material either food-grade or medical-grade. Both components do not pose any harm to humans when used as a tool for drinking or eating. If you are unaware, these types of metal are the same elements used in spoons and forks. Another great feature of metal straw is its sturdy and solid structure, so you don’t have to worry about them being squished or whatnot.

Although stainless steel is safe to use, you should note that this material is a great conductor of heat. This means that temperature from hot and cold beverages can easily transfer to the straws. Having said this, it is suggested to avoid using metal straws when consuming hot drinks to avoid burns or sores in your mouth and fingers. 

Scratches, bruises, cuts, may also result when the corners of the straw hit your skin. Although extreme accidents are very rare to occur when using this straw, it is suggested to pay extra precaution when the straw is around. 

Do not allow any children to go around using or playing with a metal straw as it may accidentally scratch their eyes or face. Using metal straws while moving or driving is also not advisable as it could pierce you.

Are Bamboo Straws Safe To Use?

Bamboo straws used to drink fresh coconut juice

Bamboo straws are made directly from the bamboo trees. The tree is grown without any harmful chemicals involved such as pesticides. Also, it is known to contain natural antimicrobial properties known as Bamboo Kun which lessens the chances of the straw being infected with bacteria.

Before the bamboo straws are sold in the market, they are pressured clean to ensure that any sort of dirt that may have been stuck during the production process are removed. 

Bamboo straws are safe to use in any type of drink. Whether you want to indulge yourself with a cappuccino or frappe, the hot and cold temperature will not transfer to the straw and be felt by your fingertips. 

The smooth finish of bamboo straws makes them an ideal drinking tool to be used. If you are concerned about your kids using them, don’t be! Bamboo straws do not have any sharp edges that may hurt them. Still, just to be extra careful, always supervise your kiddos when using any type of straw.

Are Glass Straws Safe To Use?

Various colored glass straws in a glass container

Glass straws sound the fanciest and dangerous among all types of reusable straws. But this is not true. When we hear the word “glass” we always think that it is easily breakable because of its properties. However, glass straws are made from borosilicate glass. This type of element contains boron oxide and silica which makes them highly resistant to breakage. 

It is without a doubt that glass straws are quite fragile and may cause accidents when they break. But, just like all sorts of reusable straws, they can pose a threat to their users when not properly used. The key is to be extra careful all the time.

What makes glass straw a good choice when it comes to safety is how you can enjoy your hot beverages without thinking whether it will break or transfer the heat to your fingers. The high-quality material glass straws are made from makes them resistant to heat. No more burns and sores!

Are Silicone Straws Safe To Use?

Silicone straws used on different beverages such as smoothies and juices

The latest addition to the reusable straws fam is the silicone straws. These colorful and flexible straws are the closest you can get to plastic straws when it comes to their aesthetics. The only thing that sets them apart is that they don’t harm the environment.

Silicone straws are made from silicon materials that are non-harmful food-grade elements. It is pretty much safe to use as you can probably see cooking wares made out of silicon being sold everywhere. FDA approved silicon as a safe material to be used in any type of food or drink tool, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaking into your drinks while using these straws.

Also, the heat and cold resistant properties of silicone straws make them an ideal drinking tool for people who always go back and forth between hot and cold beverages.


Whatever type of reusable straw you use, we affirm that they are all safe to use. You may have your preference among the 4 eco-friendly drinking tools, but either of them is a perfect alternative to reduce plastic pollution.

Share with us what type of reusable straw you decide to go with. We’ll be happy to know the pulse of our dear readers.


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