Are Metal Straws Sanitary? Get Your Facts Straight

Are Metal Straws Sanitary? Get Your Facts Straight

Are Metal Straws Sanitary? Get Your Facts Straight

From eco-bags to metal straws, you finally took the leap of faith and decided to go green and take part in saving Mother Earth. Congratulations on drinking your first beverage using a non-plastic straw! The switch was easy but there are still tons of things you need to know about these reusable straws.

One question that might be bugging you is - are metal straws sanitary? Yes, they are! We know that cleanliness means safety for you and your loved ones, so take some time to read this post and learn the proper ways on how to clean your reusable straws to keep your mind and heart at ease.

How Clean is Your Metal Straw

When we look at an object to identify whether it is clean enough to be used, what do we search for in particular? Is it the stains that may have been stuck? Maybe the color payoff? Or how new or old the thing appears to be? Whatever the factor we chose to go with, we want to make sure it is legit clean.

Are metal straws clean?

The same concept applies when using metal straws. Since you use it to sip various beverages, the tendency is that it can get dirty on the inside. It may also lose its natural metallic color when you keep on using it with hot drinks. But despite everything your stainless steel straw experiences daily, we assure you that they are clean. However, just like spoons and forks, the only way to keep your metal straws free from germs and other contamination is when you clean them thoroughly on a regular basis.

You should clean it after every use, but you probably can get away with washing it every day. If you leave it longer, there is the chance that the bacterial counts will grow. It may not lead to infection, but it could end up changing the taste, smell, and visual aesthetics of the straw,” Jason Tetro, author of The Germ Code and The Germ Files said in an interview with

How to Clean Metal Straws at Home

Metal straws are a great way to reduce plastic pollution, but even these reusable straws should be properly taken care of to avoid any unwanted health problems. Also, cleaning your stainless steel straws will ensure its long life span. Here are some simple ways you can do to clean your metal straws at home.

1. Clean with Hot Water and Dishwashing Soap

Clean with Hot Water and Dishwashing Soap

Take note, use hot water not boiling water. Since metal is a great conductor of heat, we want to lessen its exposure to super hot liquids. However, cleaning with this type of water is advisable to loosen the accumulated drink debris that may have been stuck on the insides of the straw. 

We suggest that you soak your metal straws in a container with hot water for a few minutes or hours depending on how clean you want it to be. Once done, you may see some small debris or change in the color of the water. Those are the dirt that may have been stuck inside your straw. Finish off your cleaning method by running some dishwashing soap to the interior and exterior of the straws. Do not forget to rinse it with tap water.

2. Use Straw Pipe Cleaners

Use Straw Pipe Cleaners

We cannot emphasize enough how important pipe cleaners are when taking care of your reusable straws. Pipe cleaners usually come with your metal straws in an eco-friendly pouch. They are designed to specifically clean the stubborn areas of reusable straws. These include the insides, corners, and the mouth. 

Most metal straws have bent-shaped mouths. Because of the curvature, certain particles may get stuck in there that cannot be cleaned by just running your straw with water. This is where pipe cleaners come in handy. They can go inside the tiniest opening of your metal straws and scrape off any residue from the slushie you had a few minutes ago.

3. Focus on the Insides and the Mouth

Scrubbing the exterior until it’s squeaky clean is important. Mind you, it can lose its color if you don’t clean it properly. But as much as we like our metal straws to shine the brightest every time we use them, we should also feel the same towards their insides. 

The inside and mouth of the straw are where contamination is more prone. Imagine the mixture of various liquids that goes into the insides and to the mouth of the straw. So to skip the hassle of deep cleaning or getting floating dirt on your drinks, make sure to scrub the insides of the metal straws whenever you clean them.


Old habits die hard and using metal straws is something that we are not used to. However, our small acts of going green can do so much for the planet. And just like what we discussed, metal straws are clean and it doesn’t take a lot of time to keep them that way. 

Using reusable straws is not only taking part in saving Mother Earth but allows you to enjoy your favorite drink without having to worry about health risks. What did you think about this post? Share us your thoughts below in the comment box.


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