Are Glass Straws Breakable? Upkeep & Benefits of Going Glass

Are Glass Straws Breakable? Upkeep & Benefits of Going Glass

Are Glass Straws Breakable? Maintenance Tips & Benefits of Going Glass

Glass straws are made from a durable material called borosilicate, making them highly resistant to instant breakage. Although they seem like a risky buy, they are an ideal alternative to plastic straws. 

Slurping on drinks 24/7 may be a guilty pleasure that can quickly draw you to tumblers and reusable straws. However, buying a glass straw is another sensible option to consider when making a sustainable choice. Despite being quite fragile, some advantages that could fit your drinking needs are still present when using glass straws.

How do you store glass straws?

Just like any other glassware, proper care and maintenance are required for glass straws to prevent breakage. If you’re a collector of sorts, putting them all together is an ideal way to ensure they’re safe in one place. Here are some storage tips: 

  • Keep them laid down in a drawer or cutlery box.
  • You can also display them standing up in a mason jar while placed inside a cupboard or the corner of your kitchen counter. 
  • Remember to space them out properly, wherein taking them out from storage will not hit any surrounding hard objects or surfaces. 

How do you clean glass straws?

Glass straws or any reusable straw usually comes with a cleaner. A few things to consider when cleaning glass straws are as follows: 

  • Similar to a test tube cleaner, apply dishwashing soap and warm water on the brush and make sure to get rid of the cloudy appearance by gently brushing on every crevice of the glass. Let it dry, then use a dishcloth to polish to get those tubes shining.
  • A straw cleaning brush that comes in different sizes is another tip if you already have multiple dimensions of glass straws. Consider this set of eight for those keen on growing their glass straw collection.
  • Placing it in the dishwasher is another way to clean the glass straw while guaranteeing there would be no cracks or shattering afterward.
Are Glass Straws Breakable? Maintenance Tips & Benefits of Going Glass

Why consider using glass straws?

Since glass straws are composed of borosilicate, which is known for having a high durability level, breakage is unlikely because it’s made with sterner stuff, unlike regular glass. Maybe going fully straw-free or plastic-free is possible, but like everything else, good things take time. It’s best to keep in mind the advantages of buying a glass straw if you decide to purchase one for yourself.

An environmentally sound choice

With more than 500 million disposable plastic straws thrown out annually, making a switch in how you consume your drinks matter. Glass straws are portable but also re-washable and reusable, making it easy to use in school, at work, or even when you’re just lounging at home while staying hydrated. 

Free of chemicals harmful to human health and reproduction

Many consumers often take plastic containers or straws without giving them a second thought, when in reality, they’re culprits to human health and reproduction

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a toxin found in plastic that can interact with hormone receptors in the female body, eventually impacting the fetal development, energy levels, and reproduction in women. A study on men with high BPA levels revealed that they’re likely to develop a low sperm concentration and count over time. 

Keeping off the plastic and switching to glass straws are optimal for reproductive health. Since they’re made of borosilicate, they are hypo-allergenic and rid of BPA, lead, and other harmful toxins

Are Glass Straws Breakable?

What to look for in a Glass Straw

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, those who are particular with their drink accessories will have to consider other factors before making a substantial purchase. 


When it comes to quality, the backbone of a good glass straw is top-grade borosilicate. Ensure that apart from maintaining the shiny and glossy look, the material is not prone to cracking and chipping while merely using it in ceramic glass or cup.  


The next factor to consider is how well you want your glass straw to complement your tumbler. Getting the right length that suits your usual drink preference is vital since it could either make your drinking experience more enjoyable or more of a hassle. 

Maybe this reusable glass drinking straw will spark your interest if you’re used to purchasing copious amounts of coffee or juice in the morning. 


Whether you’re a juice, coffee, smoothie, or a bubble tea person, ensuring your go-to drink is easily consumable with the right glass straw is essential. Smoothies can be chunky, and bubble tea can be hard to enjoy using a regular 7 mm straw. The ideal diameter for textured drinks ranges from 12 to 15 mm. 


Style is an equally compelling factor in making a good purchase. Aside from its minimalism and transparency, glass straws also come in different colors, opaque. Some are even sold in quirky designs making every drink fun to slurp on. 

Apart from the usual straight glass straw, a bent design is another excellent option for those who wish to sip on every bit and chunk of their smoothie. 

Are Glass Straws Breakable?

Are glass straws better than metal?

While reusable straws are a cost-effective alternative to your long term spending, there are still certain types that better meet your drinking needs. Metal straws and glass straws are both reusable and re-washable. Not to mention, they both make ideal gifts for the holidays. 

While metal straws are usually the preferred option for cold beverages, glass straws are preferable for those who enjoy hot drinks. They’re proven to be safer and have better heat conduction. Since glass is clear and smooth, it is easier to see if it has been cleaned properly before reusing. 

Invest in a Sustainable Switch

By now, we have established that glass straws are more than what meets the eye. This drink accessory offers specific benefits to your health, the environment, and even improves your sustainable consumer practice. 

Overall, reusable glass straws are safe, stylish, and boast value for money, the perfect triad for a worthy purchase. Those who’ve made the switch to glass straws, let us know your drinking experience in the comments.


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