Three types of wine decanters

17 Types Of Decanters That Work Best For Your Liquor Collection

Three types of wine decanters

Do you have a decanter at home? If not, you should consider purchasing one or more. A decanter adds a touch of elegance to any liquor cabinet and improves the wine or liquor's taste and appearance. 

This blog post will list the several types and styles of decanters and what works best for your liquor! Read on to know more.

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1. Wine Decanter

Wine decanter

The aeration and filtration provided by a decanter are incredibly beneficial to wine. It elevates the overall taste and experience of drinking wine.

Wine has a lot of sediment, especially if it is a low-priced wine or one that produces a lot of deposits as it ages. You may filter away the sediments using a decanter. The second and equally vital reason to decant wine is to allow it to breathe. It will expose the wine to air, allowing the flavors and aromas to surface.

An excellent wine decanter has a large surface area and a flat bottom, which helps liberate the flavors of the wine through aeration while also removing sediment.

2. Gin Decanter 

A bottle of blue gin decanter beside a plant

Gin decanters are used to store and serve gin. Gin is typically colorless. However, some have subtle golden or blue tints. Gin decanters are composed of untextured glass with a magnifying effect to emphasize these delicate colors. 

This decanter has a square shape and is made of transparent, lead-free glass. Several gin decanters include subtle cuts in the glass to enhance the look of the alcohol. 

It is usually 8.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches broad and always comes with a glass stopper. With a capacity of 26 ounces of liquor, it is an ideal gift for gin enthusiasts. It may also be customized by having your name engraved on it.

3. Vodka Decanter

Vodka decanter beside 2 shot glasses with vodka

Vodka is among the most popular spirits globally, and it can be produced anywhere. Serving high-end vodka in a customized decanter is sensible to exude this spirit's class. When choosing a vodka decanter, pay particular attention to the style and functioning of the decanter.

In terms of vodka decanters, the quality of the stopper or lid is critical in preventing the alcohol from evaporating. As a result, the cap is precisely fitted to the tip of the vodka decanter to create an airtight seal. 

Vodka decanters are also distinguished by thick glass, which aids in chilling the vodka. A thin glass will be unsuitable because it will easily crack when it becomes cold. As a result, vodka decanters feature solid walls and a flat bottom.

4. Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey decanter beside glass and barrel

A whiskey decanter is mostly just for aesthetic and storage purposes. Having the whiskey in a suitable and appropriate decanter will magnify the whiskey and allow you to view the contents better. It will also give it a more classy vibe than serving it in store-bought bottles.

This type of decanter is not made of crystal or leaded glass because this will ruin the whiskey when stored for an extended time. It also has an airtight stopper to limit oxygen exposure, but it has a smaller surface area, unlike others.

5. Tequila Decanter

Tequila decanter beside two shot glasses with lime chaser

If you're a tequila lover, you know that it has a strong flavor. Transfer it in a decanter and let it breathe to get rid of the bitterness and round out the flavor. Additionally, a decanter will provide you with a more refined design and a dedicated container for storing your liquor.

A colorless tequila should have a smooth surfaced decanter, while an amber tequila would look better on textured glass. Like most decanters, it has an airtight stopper to prevent the spirit from evaporating.

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6. Rum Decanter

Rum decanter beside glass

Aeration does not bring the same quality benefits as it does for wine, but it can help improve the flavor of rum. Rum is a liquor that runs "hot," which means that the alcohol flavor may be pretty intense when consumed. 

Allowing the spirit to breathe for a short period—exposing it to oxygen through aeration will cause it to mellow into a more neutral flavor.

A rum decanter is a lot like a whiskey decanter. It should not be made with any lead, has an airtight stopper, and doesn't have much surface area.

7. Brandy Decanter

Brandy decanter beside brandy glass

Instead of the traditional bottle, a brandy decanter will better highlight the color of your brandy. The proper decanter will bring out minor color variations in your spirit. 

A decanter with textured glass will help your spirit sparkle and exude a more refined aura, while a smooth glass will provide a more nuanced and subtle touch.

8. Barrel-Shaped Decanter

Barrel-shaped Decanter - Image by

Unlike most tall decanters, a barrel-shaped decanter has a shorter height that easily fits in shelves for more accessible storage. Its spigot also makes for an easy pour, wherever the decanter may be placed.

Despite its smaller look, this decanter can actually hold up to 1000ml of your spirit. Its unique theme is especially fitting for rums, with the stored liquor inside looking like waves of the ocean.

9. Standard Wine Decanter

Standard wine decanter

The regular wine decanter is excellent for both wine connoisseurs and amateurs. It has a broad circular base and a tall spout in a classic style. Some standard decanters have angled spouts, which makes for an easier pour.

Schott Zwiesel decanter, Riedel decanter, and Le Chateau wine decanter are some of the most popular standard wine decanters.

10. Globe-Shaped Decanter

Globe-shaped Decanter - Image by

This round and elegant decanter is eye-catching and is sure to be a great addition to anyone's home bar. Aside from its unique and creative form, it is also adorned with many intricate designs that are sure to amaze your friends or guests.

However, this is not just aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. It is also great for spirits like whiskey and rum. Because of its round shape, it has a relatively little surface area than other decanters. It is suitable for limiting the amount of oxygen inside.

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11. U-Shaped / Swan Wine Decanter

Swan wine decanter

This decanter is shaped like a U and is also known as a swan-shaped decanter. It features a wide and narrow spout.

The narrow side has a curved "S"-shaped spout that makes it easy to hold and allows for an easier pour. It is possible to simultaneously utilize the decanter's two ends as handles and spouts.

12. Snail-Shaped Wine Decanter

Snail-shaped wine decanter

This decanter has a round hole in the middle, which is very reminiscent of a snail. It has a slightly curved tip to avoid spilling when pouring wine into and out the decanter.

Its hollow circle also makes for an easier grip, ensuring an easy pour while holding the decanter. Aside from functionality, it also looks pleasing in the way the wine disperses when it hits the circular hole of the design.

13. Electric Wine Decanter

Electric Wine Decanter - Image by AliExpress

This technologically developed wine decanter is supported by a sturdy base that accelerates the decanting process by sending air via a tube inside the decanter.

Some electronic decanter gadgets feature mobile apps that enable you to manage the decanting of wine from your phone. The best method to clean a decanter like this is by hand.

14. Wine Breather Decanter

Wine Breather Decanter - Image by thewinekit

A wine breather decanter can be attached to the wine bottleneck. This type of wine decanter is ideal for younger wines with little sediment.

You just need to turn the bottle once it has been secured. The wine spills onto the decanter walls, accelerating the aeration process. If you couldn't finish the wine, reconnect the original bottle to the decanter breather, turn it over, and save the remaining wine in the bottle.

15. Animal-Shaped Decanter

Animal-shaped Decanter - Image by Amazon

Novelty decanters like these provide a playful and one-of-a-kind touch to your home bar. If you're an animal lover, this style will surely bring a smile to your face.

Moreover, if you're looking for a decanter that few people have seen or own, this will do the job. Common animal shapes for this decanter are dogs, horses, and bulls.

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16. Skull-Shaped Decanter

Skull-shaped decanter - Image by Amazon

Novelty decanters are typically a terrific idea! This eerie skull decanter is perfect for Halloween, but it's also stylish enough to remain in your home bar all year.

Its creative design and unusual vibe from other decanters will undoubtedly wow. The best spirit for this decanter style is rum or whiskey, which allows you to appreciate all of the features of the skull layout, but clear liquors will also look great!

17. Diamond-Shaped Decanters

Diamond-shaped Decanter - Image by PrestigeHaus

Diamond-shaped Decanter - Image by PrestigeHaus

This elegantly-designed decanter is a showstopper and is sure to be a highlight in any home bar. It is also remarkable that diamonds symbolize many positive traits like confidence and wisdom, making this diamond decanter a perfect gift.

The diamond shape allows for a smaller surface area, so this decanter works great for rum or whiskey. It limits exposure to oxygen and highlights the beautiful design of the decanter well.


Wine and other types of liquor can be savored by serving at the right temperature and through decanting. Wine decanting is a craft that can be enjoyed using the right tools, such as wine corks, carafe, and wine decanting sets. Hopefully, you learned a lot from us.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Let us know!

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