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Every bar is susceptible to parties; that’s why it’s always good to be prepared when it does happen. Depending on the theme of the bar, you’ll need certain supplies to match it. For example, it’s always handy to have red solo cups for beer pong if you own a college bar. It’s an easy game to set up, and all you need is some good beer and a long table.

But, if you want a more creative approach, people have made some fun drinking game toys that your guests can try. They can try a ring toss or a drinking board game. Of course, parties don’t have to be just drinking games. You also need items that can keep the party at an excellent quality, such as ice, pool floaties, and coasters.

Home Party Supplies

Beer Pong

Drinking Games

Beer Bong

Drink Coasters

Different Party Supplies You Need for a Great Party

Home Party Supplies. House parties are awesome to throw, but they can be stressful. If you don’t know what you need, it may not turn out the way you want it. If you’re throwing a pool party, having floaties ready for use can be a plus, but remember to have rules for your guests not to go swimming while drunk.

Other home party supplies you’ll need are cups and ice. Glass cups are lovely, but if your party is more on the wild side, using plastic cups may be a better idea. Remember to have an excess amount of ice, as they tend to melt over time, and warm drinks can sully a good party.

Beer Pong. It’s a two-player or two-team game where players are the opposite of each other and try to get their ping pong ball on their opponents’ cups. The cups are filled with the alcohol of their choice, preferably beer. If someone lands a shot in one of the cups, their team has to pick a person to drink from that cup.

This fun college drinking game originated at a frat party from Dartmouth College, invented by chuck Z and Grover. Originally it was supposed to be played with paddles, but it soon evolved into a game where you just use your hands to toss the ball.

Drinking Games. Beer pong is not the only drinking game people can play. People have been creative at making new types of party games to keep things interesting. Games such as tabletop ring toss and board games have made for some exciting plays.

The tabletop ring toss has a simple mechanic. Each person gets three turns, and every time the ring lands on the hook, you get one point. The person with the most points wins. Whoever loses gets punished to whatever the rules they set it out at the start of the game.

Drinking board games keeps everything interesting as certain blocks have a condition, and the player who lands on them must follow. Other games are similar, such as drunk truth or dare or drunk never have I ever.

Beer Bong. These are generally seen at big college parties and rarely found in other types of parties. But if you plan to have a beer bong at your party, remember to use the proper technique. Be sure that you’ve preemptively poured your beer into the funnel and there is no foam in it.

Drink Coasters. If you love your precious furniture such as tables, pianos, counters, or other spots where people place their drinks, coasters will help you prevent those pesky wet rings.


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