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35 Women’s March Madness Party Ideas To Get You Fired Up

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Since March Madness is usually dedicated to the men’s division, a feminine touch can’t hurt, right? In celebration of international women's day and the NCAA women's basketball tournament, we prepared some exciting march madness party ideas to make this time of the year even more fun. We also included non-basketball-related activities for those who prefer an intimate day with the gals.

March Madness Watch Party

A classic March Madness watch party is an excellent way to bond with your friends. All you have to do is invite them to watch the game, get some popcorn and drinks, and have a grand old time. You can also make small bets or stuff your face with pizza.

1. Send InvitesYou're Invited To A Watch Party!

Invites are rare these days. You can print a letter and send it out or make an E-vite and email it to your friends.

2. Rearrange Your FurnitureHome movie theater

Center your furniture around the TV so all your buddies can watch the women’s March Madness games. Grab some carpet, bean bags, and blankets so everyone has a comfortable spot to watch, snack, and cheer for their team.

3. Stream OnlineWatching Online

During these times, it’s near impossible to invite everyone to your home. Why not have a March Madness watch party online using platforms like Facebook, Discord, or Zoom? Just type a schedule and stream from your device while everyone watches along from the comfort of their homes.

4.  Debate via Voice Chat

Would the March Madness results change if the players did something differently? Debate with your friends on various play styles; it’ll give you more insight into how they see the game.

5. Mingle via Text Messageswoman texting

If voice communication is not possible, you can send messages or text each other to talk about your favorite plays.

March Madness Baking Party

Making March Madness-themed baked goods is a whimsical idea, particularly for those who love to make cakes, cookies, and all sorts of sugary goodness. Just slap on some orange food coloring and get ready to draw on some black icing on your cupcakes.

6. Cupcakesbasketball themed cupcakes

You can get cupcakes from a store-bought box or make them from scratch. What matters is you use orange and black icing or any food coloring you prefer to create some basketball designs.

7. Cookiesbox with delicious oatmeal cookies

There are different types of cookies you can make for a basketball-themed baking party. There’s chocolate chip, shortbread, macron, macaroon, sugar cookies, oatmeal raisin, gingerbread, and snickerdoodle. You can design them with food coloring and some icing.

8. Cake Popscupcake pops

Perfect for women’s March Madness, cake pops are spherical and can be decorated as mini basketballs. You can use a plain cake you bought from the store or make your cake crumbles. Shape the cake crumbles and make your designs with frosting, chocolate, or even fondant.

9. Mini Pizzaswomens pizzas

Top your mini pizzas with pepperonis, bell peppers, and even cheese. Stick with the basketball theme or be creative as you can.

10. Brookies

Brownie cookies sound like a delicious treat for any sweet tooth out there. You can use box brownies and cookie mix or make them from scratch. 

All you need to do is layer your brownie mix as the base and place the cookie dough on top by ripping it to pieces and spreading them out evenly. You can cut them into any shape and decorate them with whatever team you’re rooting for.

March Madness Competitive Brackets

11. Individual Brackets


You can print out the official brackets on the NCAA website and write down your predictions. Compare it with your friends and see how all of you fair with the actual March Madness results.

12. Board Brackets

Use a blackboard or whiteboard and get some snacks ready. Have fun with your friends by betting which team would win or lose.

13. Make Your Own Lineup Photo of Women Playing Basketball

Much like fantasy football, you can make your own lineup with fantasy basketball. Use the information to see which player would make a great addition to your team.

14. Tier List

Have a discussion with your friends on which women’s March Madness team has the best stats. Make a tier list and see which group deserves to be in the high ranks.

15. MVP Debatebasketball rivals

Discuss with your buddies who should be named MVP. Talk about your favorite player and share your unforgettable March Madness moments.

March Madness Team Themed Party

You can decorate your March Madness party with the team you’re rooting for! Sprinkle your team’s color all over your home with some of the best cocktails and food that you can serve to your friends.

16. Scheduled GamesA closeup of a planner

 Since it is a team-themed party, you have to schedule it around your team's games. Check when they’re playing on the website and plan your women’s March Madness party accordingly.

17. Wear your JerseyGirl with a basketball

Ask your friends to wear their own jerseys or don their team colors. It’ll be a fun dress code and an excellent picture for your socials.

18. Paint Your Team’s Color

woman with orange and white face paint

Buy some face and body paint for you and your guests to play around with. Some people will probably go ham on the paint, so purchase plenty of them when you do.

19. Friendly Rivalry

Not all your friends are going to root for the same team. If your teams are playing against each other, invite your buddies and have a friendly competition to see which team wins.

20. Play the Video Game FREE Close-up portrait of two person nice lovely attractive charming

Compete with your friends by playing the NBA 2K21 on your gaming console. Show off your gaming skills and settle once and for all which team reigns supreme.

March Madness Basketball Themed Games

If you’re getting tired of watching the game but still like to celebrate March Madness, you can play some basketball trivia with your friends or have a basketball-themed drinking game.

21. Basketball TriviaDid you know phrase on white sticker in the shirt pocket

There are plenty of websites that feature basketball trivia games. You can go into teams and see which one can answer the most questions. Prepare a prize for the winning group to ramp up the fun.

22. Beer Pong BasketballYoung friends playing beer pong game in bar

It’s like the usual set-up of beer pong, with the addition of mini hoops for each cup. You can use an orange ping pong ball or a mini basketball.

23. Pictionary

You have to break into groups and make a list of March Madness teams. Each has to draw the basketball team’s logo, while the others have to guess it. You can also add sports jargon to make it more interesting.

24. Charadesfriend playing charades

Similar to Pictionary, make a list of basketball teams and sports words. But instead of drawing it on a whiteboard, you have to act out the phrases silently. Make your best interpretation and break down the words as best as you can.

25. Pool BasketballA girl in a swimsuit in a blue water pool throws a ball into a basketball

You've seen pool volleyball, but what about pool basketball? Try your hand at shooting in the water. Trust us; it’s a lot harder than regular basketball.

Good ol’ Fashioned Basketball Game

If you and your friends are on the active side, you can have your own basketball game coupled with some barbeque and a potluck.

26. Pick Your Teamsa boy and a girl playing basketball

If you ever played basketball in school, this will bring back some memories. Nominate two team leaders and let them decide who they want to pick for their team.

27. CheerleadersPompoms

For those who prefer to cheer for their teams rather than play, this activity is definitely for you! Rally up your buddies and come up with the perfect cheer. Remember to stay safe and do stunts that you’re comfortable with.

28. BarbequeBarbeque

You’ll surely work up a good appetite after playing your very own basketball tournament. So grab some sausages, steaks, burgers, and kebabs for your grill.

29. Potlucks Eating at a potluck

Potlucks are an excellent way to talk about March Madness and catch up with your friends. If you’re a large group, a potluck is a smart way to make sure everyone has food. It’s also the perfect way for you to show off your cooking skills.

30. Bring Your Own DrinkSix Pack and Beer 

If you have a budget for drinks or don’t serve alcoholic beverages at parties, telling your friends to bring their own drinks is the best way to keep everyone happy.

International Women’s Month Themed Activities

Now, if you’re not a sports person and just want to celebrate the women who helped shape history, these party ideas are what you’re looking for.

31. Book Club PartySmiling Multi Ethnic Girls Have Fun Together, Reading Book and E

Supporting women authors such as Jane Austen, Maya Angelou, and Virginia Woolf has paved the way for female authors to express themselves through stories and share their perspectives as women. Discuss and share the books you have read with your bookworm friends.

32. Watch Movieswatching movies

Watch movies by female directors like Little Women by Greta Gerwig, Wonderwoman by Patty Jenkins, A Dog’s Journey by Gail Mancuso. If you like horror, try The Babadook by Jennifer Kent.

33. Historical PhotoshootWoman dressed as Jane Austen

Have a photoshoot with your friends by dressing up as your favorite icons such as Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and many more female historical figures. Share it on social media and tell the world why you chose to dress up as her.

34. Charity Event

If you want to support women-centered charities like Future without Violence, Camfed, and Breast Cancer Awareness, you can raise money online with your friends by streaming and playing games. 

Make it fun with goals and do something crazy live like giving yourself a haircut or eating a pepper. It’s a great way to support other women and give back to the community. You don’t need a big following to make a difference.

35. Volunteer in a Women’s Shelter

It's a great way to help and connect with other women who may have faced abuse and neglect. Remember, you can’t take pictures inside the facility as many are trying to conceal their identity for security.

March Madness Food and Beverage Suggestions

If you’ve chosen what kind of party you want to have, here are some suggestions on what to serve for your March Madness celebration.


  • Nachos, Tacos and Burritos

They’re spicy and suitable for large parties. And if you have a “make your own taco or burrito station”, it would make a great additional activity for you and your friends.

  • Pizza and Buffalo Wings

It’s greasy, it’s cheesy, and it’s one of the tastiest foods you can serve at a March Madness party. You can’t go wrong with pizza; just make sure you go with the toppings that everyone likes.

  • Burgers, Sliders, Hotdogs, and Fries

Fried foods are one of the staples of any field sports game. They’re easy to make, easy to carry around, and pretty cheap. You can order or make them yourself, but homemade is always better since you can add your own flavors.

  • Popcorn and Sweets

This snack is perfect for those who have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Popcorn is definitely a game snack, but you can get yourself hyped-up for the game if you couple it with some candy.

  • Barbeque and Steaks

This one is for the grillers out there who love adding smokey foods. You can have a party outside or have guests bring their food because no barbeque is complete without a potluck.



You can never go wrong with the number one alcoholic game beverage. Beer pairs well with almost all the food that we suggested. You can even buy a keg that might bring back some memories for your college buddies.

If you don’t want to go through the alcohol route, soda is a good alternative to let your greasy snacks go down.

If you’re feeling fancy for March Madness, you can make some basketball-themed drinks. You can use a melon baller to mimic basketballs and orange-colored drinks to mix in. Make drinks like the Ginger Shandy, Bloody Bull, or The Slam Dunk.


If you’re a basketball fan or love International Women’s Day, get ready to celebrate with your girlfriends and try these March Madness party ideas. Whether you try your hand at bracketology or participate in game debates, you can always try something new. 

Which March Madness party idea did you like best? Do you think the NCAA women's basketball tournament should get as much hype as the men’s division? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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