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Anyone who loves Moscow Mule will be elated with this list. Look no further since we put together some of the most loved ginger beers and ginger ales for every version of Moscow Mule you can think of plus a bevy of other cocktails that use ginger beer. You can try the Dark and Stormy, Creek Water Cocktail, Highball, and Berry Whiskey Sour.  

Though the main reason for making ginger beer back in the days is for medicinal purposes to provide relief to nausea, seasickness, and stomach ailments, over time the purpose of the ginger beer has changed. The forerunner for this change is the quintessential Moscow Mule, created by John Morgan of the Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer, John Martin of GF Heublein Brothers Inc, and Rudolph Kunett of Pierre Smirnoff. GF Heublein Brothers Inc acquired the rights to Smirnoff Vodka in 1938 and proceeded to introduce the Russian liquor to the Americans presenting it as the White Whiskey. With an oversupply of the Cock ‘n’ Bull ginger beer and wanting to strategize selling the vodka to a new market, the friends decided to throw equal parts of vodka and ginger beer and then added a squeeze of lemon. The resulting cocktail became a hit. Over the years, versions of it were made after experimenting on the spirits that work with the ginger beer so now we have Kentucky Mule, Mexican Mule, Gin-gin Mule, you name it. 

Regular Ginger Beer

For the regular guy, the regular ginger beer may have enough punch to it and many love it if judging by the number of ginger beers in the market now. Let’s not play favorites here but judging from its sales, Fever-tree may be the forerunner for regular ginger beers. 

Extra-Strength Ginger Beer

For those who want to pack more punch on their cocktails, look for extra-strength, extra spicy, or extra ginger on the labels. We got you covered if you want these particular flavors. 

Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Generally, ginger beers have a very low ABV to be considered alcoholic. But there are a few that made the exception and are considered beer in the real sense of the word, only it adheres to the spicy flavors of the ginger beer. However, because of Amazon restrictions on alcoholic drinks, we cannot cater to you in that area. 

Moscow Mule Mix

Want to control the sweetness of your Moscow Mule without missing the ginger? We got you covered there with the Moscow Mule Mix that’s available in regular and sugar-free. All you need is add a bit of soda water and your spirit of choice and you’re good to go. It’s a lot more convenient to use, especially if you have your soda water maker. 

Zero-Calorie Ginger Beer/Ale

Of course, we will not forget the weight watchers who know how to have fun. We have a few on that in this list and many more with no added sweeteners and flavorings so be sure to check them out. 

Ginger Ale

If you’re more of a soda person but still love Moscow Mule, try the ginger ale for a less spicy and sweeter version. They’re good to drink on its own so even if you’re not into cocktails, you can still enjoy this or even use it in virgin cocktails. Take your pick, we’re sure you’ll love them


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