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Professional bartenders prefer the two-piece shaker set to the three-piece sets. Even though it does not have a built-in strainer, a two-piece shaker set has more advantages than disadvantages.

Benefits of Using a Two-Piece Shaker Set

Faster. A two-piece shaker consists of two tin cups or glass. You can make two or three cocktails with each batch, which is helpful for busy nights or big parties. The thin material indicates when a drink has been properly chilled.

Easy to remove. Twisting or tapping can release the seal from your Boston or Parisian shaker. Just smack it, and you can get your sweet mixed drink. It’s easily removable, which can help you during long nights of mixing.

Fewer leaks. A two-piece shaker set consists of two large tin or glass cups. One glass is smaller than the other, which provides a seal for your shaker, which can prevent leaks when you mix your cocktails.

Replaceable. If you lose one tin cup, you can always replace it with a glass. Glass can fit perfectly on a two-piece shaker set, but remember that glass can become brittle over time. Exposure to extreme temperatures can weaken the material, which may lead to breaking.

Things You Can Find in a Shaker Set

Jigger. This is used for measuring ingredients before you pour them into your shaker. They consist of two cups fused, with the larger-sized cup being twice the measurement as the smaller-sized cup.

Hawthorne Strainer. This type of strainer goes well with a shaker set. The shape fits the mouth of the shaker perfectly, and you can use these for tricks and moves. The flat-top helps keep it in place when you pour drinks.

Recipe booklet. Shaker sets are made for cocktails, and most people who buy such items are either professionals or hobbyists. The recipe booklet will give you a ton of ideas to experiment with and try new recipes if you are a hobbyist.


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